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Lies of Omission
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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Force, Open Raw and Cruel

As Americans we have wanted the system to work. When the government and the bankers wrecked the economy and looted trillions of dollars in private IRAs, 401ks, home equity and business equity,  we waited for the economy to stabilize to where those funds would return. Instead, the government took trillions more in debt to pay off the bankers and government agencies that wrecked the economy in the first place.

When they passed Obamacare through back-door deals and open government bribes in the form of the Cornhusker Kickback and other sweetheart deals to key senators and House members, we waited for the Supreme Court to rule this monstrosity unconstitutional, as logic would dictate that it was.

When the Justice Department was caught red-handed walking guns across the border and into the hands of Mexican drug cartels (ultimately to kill one of our own law-enforcement officers),  we waited for the resignation of the Attorney General, as well we should expect.

When  Benghazi revealed that the Secretary of State had denied protection to the American Embassy prior to the attack, we waited for the resignation of the Secretary of State, as well we should expect.

When all of the scandals of the Obama Administration leaked out to the public through bloggers rather than the media, we expected the media to step up with their obligations to the public, the way they had with previous administrations.

When the NSA was caught red-handed violating the Fourth Amendment protections against invasions of privacy without warrants, we expected the resignation of the head of the NSA, as well we should expect.

When none of these things drew the ire of the media, we expected the Republican Party to draw the line and offer articles of impeachment, as well we should expect.

We have waited for the American system to work throughout all of the rampant abuses and corruption we have witnessed.

The Constitution offers remedies for the abuses of government. When the people will have waited and let the authorities pursue legal means and it becomes obvious that no remedy to the widespread violations of the public's liberty is forthcoming it is the de facto right of the people to take matters into their own hands. Any violations of law must be weighed against the reality that no legal means of redress were likely to offer relief.

If the Constitution cannot offer protection of liberty to the people, it cannot offer protection from the people.

What we have left is force, open, raw and cruel. It goes both ways.


  1. Sigh...
    After much time devoted to 'fixing it', the 'right way'... I have come to the conclusion that those who advocate that the tree must be watered, we are f*ed. Why?
    The Feds are right... we are sheep... divided... ignorant... apathetic... brainwashed... normalcy biased... cognitively dissonant... name your poison.

    If there are 3 percent of us, who will they shoot, what will they do, where will they stand... who, will go first? How do you know you're going against the Guilty without a Black List, and data of their personal info? How do we know its one of us, and not a false flag designed to draw us out into the open?

    Without an organization, at least loose and cell based, we... got.. nothin... but mouth.
    Ann Barnhardt might be right... that, we need to provoke the bastards into shooting us down, to taking off the velvet glove and reveal the iron fist...

    We do not need any repeats of the War of Northern aggression, where we are seen as 'the bad guys'. We are already seen that way by the Feds, I'm talking about OUR People...

    Show me a workable scenario, and a plan... I think Texas needs to secede, and then invite other states to join in a decentralized confederacy. Without an economic plan, for afterwards, and a new constitution... we will have anarchy, and warlords... nah... nobody wants any of that shit... I was told this by a republican leader in our area.

    There are still some good guys, there just aren't enough of 'em.
    My last attempt at 'noncivil' civil disobedience was to mass burn 1040's... was jumped on and castigated for that 'bad idea'... ok.. then grab some IRS agents, tie 'em to a pole, and light 'em up. Everybody agrees, they, are the bad guys.

    No tax collectors, no taxes... Oh wait... there's that whole 'bad guy' thing again...
    Back to square one, rinse and repeat.
    Yeah... who can make war with The Beast... indeed.

  2. “For, remark you this . . . that somewhere, somehow, and by somebody, a beginning must be made; and that the first act of resistance is always, and must be ever premature, imprudent, and dangerous.” James Fintan Lalor

  3. Benjamin Franklin said that unless the Lord raise up a nation, it will fail.

    Bad as it seems, we must wait until the Lord, by prophecy, commands us to fight.

    Meanwhile, we must pay off our debts, get education and skills,, teach our children and have a gun and ammunition that they don't know we have, hidden somewhere they can't find it.

    As our forefathers at Lexington and Concord, we might strike at the forces that come to us to disarm us.

  4. I forget where I came across this, but it applies.

    Thought For The Day: Timing Is Everything
    If you start shooting the bad guys early enough to make a difference, you'll be labeled a radical crazy person.
    If you wait until it's acceptable, you'll be 80 pounds underweight, unarmed, and being loaded into a boxcar.

  5. Now as I have been saying for years FORCE not violence is what we have always had, time to get to work. SIMPLE PHYSICS.

    Violence is Raw force with out the Governing control of LOGIC .

    Logic is what we need to start implementing using force now not raw emotions.
    Our forefathers gave it to us use and protect all.

    DUTY and RIGHT!

    Never enjoy how bloody it can get, but remember, no Extreme is any good unless pure LOGIC brings us there.

    PS :
    I told you this a while ago sorry it took you so long to wake up GOD BLESS and GOOD Luck.

  6. “We sleep safely at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those who would harm us.”

    ― Winston Churchill

  7. The first stage should be covertly, quietly, methodically, over a period of months, possibly years, just waiting for opportunities to be alone with a federal worker, and just kill that person, despite that individual likely being innocent. Working for the bureaucracy that supports the regime makes such individuals legitimate targets. Imagine if a hundred or a thousand Constitution vigilantes just start sniping and strangling and killing federal workers once a month. We're in the foothills of a war and this is how you take your country BACK. It's beyond obvious now that regime forces won't ever stop until there's nothing left to protect. It's likely patriots have waited too long as it is. I've found watching the 'Sons of Anarchy' series instructive. Just start killing, it's the only way now.

  8. Our biggest problem is Whites have not secured their racial and ethnic identity as absolute. There is a moral delusion among Whites, the delusion of "Universalism", that tells us we're all equal and we need to help all non-whites but never ourselves. From this mass non-white immigration where every White is a beleaguered, hated minority in every country on earth.
    South Africa was the testing ground to destroy a white, Christian nation. The problem with Christianity is it lacks any explicit sense of white European ethnic history. Since there's a lack of explicit history there's also a lack of explicit identity. Whites, therefore, were led to believe they owe the world and it is their "moral duty" to "give everyone a chance" and to never put your family, ethnicity, and race before all others. That’s the morals of suicide. Once Apartheid ended South Africa was utterly destroyed. Nearly every white still believes Apartheid was evil, and screams “racism” whenever reality is approached. A white’s moral outrage exists only for non-whites, we call this ethno-masochism.
    Throughout the West it's illegal, both de jure and de facto, for Whites to have an exclusive group, explicit identity and especially to work in our collective self-interests. Some of you may think this bout of Leftism and White Christian ethno-masochism is a new thing. It's not. John Brown and Harper's Ferry wasn't the first incidence either. Nor was Exeter Hall’s support of the Jamaican insurrection, which caused the outrage of Charles Dickens. White Protestants and Catholics have been selling out Whites slowly and steadily for the past 500 years. Now the ethno-masochists are in charge and every white is morally paralyzed. Now we can only act whenever we have "generic" interests rather than legitimate ethnic and racial interests, which is why killing will not change this. Heck, we don't have to really fire a shot. What will change this is White Moral Unity.


    1. Duck Dynasty, Chick-Fil-A, Hobby Lobby, Paula Deen, those were all implicit examples of White Moral Unity and we won without firing a shot. Once you realize the reason we have this problem is our Churches are not for us but they're "for everybody" you realize our problem is a spiritual sickness that leads to economic, legislative, and judicial sickness. Whites allow non-Whites to form ethnic-networks yet scream "racism" when whites attempt the same. That's the problem. Whites reserve all moral outrage only to save non-whites and only ever direct it at Whites. Whites built this nation from the ground up fighting against savage, illiterate tribals who were killing, raping, and robbing everyone. Whites didn't do this because we believed in "equality", "Diversity" or "Multiculturalism." We did this because we believed in ourselves and our sacred right to be exclusive and homogeneous is our greatest means of survival.
      Either our churches hold our history, identity, and ethnicity as sacred or they continue to send all of our money to Haiti or Africa or China, while praising Diversity as we become a "Camp of Saints" (read that book). White flight occurs because Whites are paralyzed morally. We cannot gather anymore because churches will attack us. Poverty is embodied in non-whites, and the black is the poverty messiah. That's the new religion. When Whites cannot voice a moral concern or mobilize in collective self-interest then it doesn't matter if there are a hundred whites because each one stands alone. When this happens, each White abandons their neighborhood and now their nation to non-whites, Muslims, and whatever else happens along. So we can pretend to talk about "Black Robe Regiments" but those are worthless now because we cannot talk about the "Naturalization Act of 1790." The same people the formed the "Black Robes" wrote the latter. If we can't talk about both and understand both then shooting people doesn't matter because we’re not shooting for us. We’re shooting for more “Diversity.”

      Everything I said will terrify most whites, but it's not simply about being morally correct, it's about survival and our ability to thrive every as distinct peoples with a unified identity.


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