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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Obama's Terrorists Are America's Freedom Fighters

The point at which America ceased to be the United States of America as designed by the Constitution is debatable. Some say it was the case of Marbury v. Madison where the Supreme Court decided it was the sole arbiter on constitutionality, making it, in effect, law-givers. Some say it was during the Civil War, the War Between the States or the War of Northern Aggression, whichever you prefer. Some say it was the Progressive Era beginning in earnest during the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt.  Regardless of the point at which the revolution took place, it did take place.

This is not a Constitutional republic, otherwise the words in the Constitution would mean something; they would have weight of conscious by those who have sworn an oath to defend it. Without fidelity to the oath, there is no legal representation even if the individual receives enough votes to occupy the office, they are still duty-bound. The vote indicates the expectation that the representative of the people (being representative, senator or president) will defend the Constitution as the oath demands. To go forward as the people's representative without the determination to uphold the Constitution is a fraud. It is a fraud committed by all federal employees who actively violate the Constitution. To even participate in the legislature with the knowledge of others willfully engaging in unconstitutional acts is treason.

In America, the one originally designed, the Supreme Court would only be able to rule on individual cases in their original jurisdiction or appellate role. They would not be able to define words and use stare decisis to perpetuate their flawed logic and convenient redefinition of common words. They would have to undertake the arduous task of simply ruling on each individual case that came to them, not to set precedent for eternity or creating "settled" law that has allowed them such flawed rulings as Dredd Scott and Roe v. Wade (which created privacy rights for pregnant women alone) that they have made throughout history and denied lawful rights to generations of citizens before some future court finally got around to justice.

Should there be some place where certain issues are decided forever? Sure, but it would not be Constitutional. The Constitution says what it is in plain language given the normal use of words at the time. Let lawyers rely on the writings of the founders to prove their case, not the ramblings of nine social engineers (which the court has become since Marbury).

We now have a form of government foreign to the people of the United States. A revolution has taken place.

Those who believe they have the right to say anything they want; the right to decide what religion they will claim and the right to freely exercise their religious beliefs; the right to bear arms; the right to be free of federal troops occupying their home to spy on other citizens; the right to be free from government searches and seizures without sworn warrant; the right to  life, liberty and property unless due process of law has given reason that the person should forfeit those rights; the right to a jury trial of one's peers; the right to be free of cruel or unusual punishment; the rights to do many other things other than what are specified in the Bill of Rights; the rights of the states to do whatever has not been specifically given to congress under the Constitution are terrorists.

In order to reclaim these rights, they must fight for their freedom. Obama's terrorists have become America's Freedom fighters.

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