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Thursday, February 27, 2014

While Evils Are Sufferable

Jefferson wrote, in the Declaration of Independence:

...mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

While evils are sufferable. Are they still? How much more are a people supposed to suffer at the hands of unrestrained and lawless government? Is not every day spent wondering, dreading the next dictates from on high? Is there not a sense that there is no recourse to the unconstitutional acts of the bureaucracy? Is there not a feeling that the Supreme Court is acting against the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness inherent to every free individual?

It is clearly the intent of the Constitution to secure these rights, it is the very purpose of its construction to do so, yet time and time again the Court finds in favor of government power against the liberty of the people.

Throw out the Constitution, there is no reason to even argue the merits, or the justification within it to act as Americans against the abuses of the document. It is irrelevant. The Constitution can only be secured by the actions of the people and we have not acted. We have argued in every way shape and form that the actions of government, going back one hundred, even one hundred and sixty years that the actions of the government were not supported by the Constitution. Nothing has changed.

We have all the wisdoms of the founders at hand. Of the people in the liberty-minded community, I knew few who cannot cite from memory article after article of the Constitution as if knowledge of the document secured some magical solution to the abuses of government. It does not. Being a proponent of the Constitution only gives one knowledge that it is time to fight, nothing more.

It is time. It has been time for a long time. Instead of prepping to survive the coming unrest, one would be better off squaring their affairs; writing wills; securing statements to be presented to the court in their defense; moving retirement funds into gold and silver so that their accounts cannot be seized by the government, so they will still be obtainable by those left behind.

It would be better to prepare one's exit from the realm of the living, leaving one's family in the best possible position once the soldier has passed from the scene than to burrow deeper into a bunker easily foiled by a drone strike. Gathering about oneself their families is to consign them to death when the government gets frisky. Better to stand alone and draw fire away from the family than to attract law enforcement toward them.

Be the front-line soldier.

When the smoke does finally clear on this new battle for human dignity and liberty there will be no Constitution, there will be no reformation, there will be no new covenant to human dignity. Nothing will now stop the snowball of government overreach and abuse, we have let that window of opportunity close. Without the dedication of the Republican party, the legal opposition to the leftists, there is no legal protection of the Constitution. It must now come down to natural law, to what men will fight for and what they will defend with their blood.

When you would rather die than to wake to another round of oppression and sickening destruction of American culture, you will know what to do. I await your company.

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