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Lies of Omission
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Thursday, February 27, 2014

While Evils Are Sufferable

Jefferson wrote, in the Declaration of Independence:

...mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

While evils are sufferable. Are they still? How much more are a people supposed to suffer at the hands of unrestrained and lawless government? Is not every day spent wondering, dreading the next dictates from on high? Is there not a sense that there is no recourse to the unconstitutional acts of the bureaucracy? Is there not a feeling that the Supreme Court is acting against the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness inherent to every free individual?

It is clearly the intent of the Constitution to secure these rights, it is the very purpose of its construction to do so, yet time and time again the Court finds in favor of government power against the liberty of the people.

Throw out the Constitution, there is no reason to even argue the merits, or the justification within it to act as Americans against the abuses of the document. It is irrelevant. The Constitution can only be secured by the actions of the people and we have not acted. We have argued in every way shape and form that the actions of government, going back one hundred, even one hundred and sixty years that the actions of the government were not supported by the Constitution. Nothing has changed.

We have all the wisdoms of the founders at hand. Of the people in the liberty-minded community, I knew few who cannot cite from memory article after article of the Constitution as if knowledge of the document secured some magical solution to the abuses of government. It does not. Being a proponent of the Constitution only gives one knowledge that it is time to fight, nothing more.

It is time. It has been time for a long time. Instead of prepping to survive the coming unrest, one would be better off squaring their affairs; writing wills; securing statements to be presented to the court in their defense; moving retirement funds into gold and silver so that their accounts cannot be seized by the government, so they will still be obtainable by those left behind.

It would be better to prepare one's exit from the realm of the living, leaving one's family in the best possible position once the soldier has passed from the scene than to burrow deeper into a bunker easily foiled by a drone strike. Gathering about oneself their families is to consign them to death when the government gets frisky. Better to stand alone and draw fire away from the family than to attract law enforcement toward them.

Be the front-line soldier.

When the smoke does finally clear on this new battle for human dignity and liberty there will be no Constitution, there will be no reformation, there will be no new covenant to human dignity. Nothing will now stop the snowball of government overreach and abuse, we have let that window of opportunity close. Without the dedication of the Republican party, the legal opposition to the leftists, there is no legal protection of the Constitution. It must now come down to natural law, to what men will fight for and what they will defend with their blood.

When you would rather die than to wake to another round of oppression and sickening destruction of American culture, you will know what to do. I await your company.

Who is our General Vivas?


  1. Eloquent as always, and to the point.

  2. "Without the dedication of the Republican party, the legal opposition to the leftists ..."

    With all due respect to an otherwise eloquent article, that part is a pile of crap. Boehner and the vast majority of the "Republicans" are simple "leftist lights". They continue to grow the government's bureaucracy, police state and debt. Their main objection to the excesses of the left, as demonstrated by their ineffectual "resistance", is that it is not them at the controls of the leviathan.
    I wouldn't give you an ounce of dog shit for 90+%'of the "Republicans" in congress.
    The whole R/D paradigm is a shell game, designed to hoodwink the people, because, in the end, they all dance to the same piper's music.
    All they crave is power, money, and privilege.

    1. That was EXACTLY the point I was making. Keep up, sir.

    2. After I posted my comment, I read the paragraph again and it occurred to me that perhaps you meant something like "Since there is no effective resistance coming from the Republican Party ..."
      If that was your intended meaning, we're on the same page.

  3. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

  4. "Society does not want free men. They talk democracy and freedom, anything they want but they don't want freedom, they want conditioned men, men who can march in step." Henrie Charriere
    Dostoevsky said it this way, "Man is a creature who can get used to anything, and I believe that is the best way of defining him."
    These have not changed either, but God had plans for America. He still needs to come through and finish getting His money's worth, do you think He is done with America (?), I'm not sure He is, but these things are designed to cause us to get back to the roots and beg His help. The Country is in the grip of witchcraft and its MO is domination, intimidation and control. It's victim is isolated then curiously paralyzed into inaction. It seeks consensus to bring accusations and condemnation, it exercises illegitimate authority and is confident that "no one sees" what it is really doing. It is a spiritual reality that grips, crushes, and seeks to kill the upright. It is God's intention to liberate people who cry out to Him (has He not sent "saviors" to bring relief and restoration to our Country before(?)) but He needs to separate the good from the bad in order to judge this mess. Have no covenants with the enemy or his servants (don't have anything in common with them), purify yourselves, speak the truth, live in the Psalms, and realize that our justification before God is in His blood. Jesus purchased our freedom of speech and we are expected to act like men as we say NO to evil. The Psalms are a GOLD MINE in this regard. The devil hates character and justification, and ultimately it is God who wins the battle, all we want is to be found being faithful.
    Our Covenant with Government is the Constitution. If they shred it we still have it because these things are given to us by our Creator.

  5. -- While evils are sufferable. Are they still? --

    No, they are not. Yet some variation in the form of one's resistance remains possible. I would prefer geographical separation -- were it possible, which, sadly, it currently isn't. But Glenn Reynolds's observations about Irish Democracy remain relevant, and if widely enough adopted, might just be sufficiently potent to win the day.

    Hold on to your courage. One way or another, you're going to need it.

  6. Words of Mary, Mother of Jesus, Jan 30, 2014

    6. Power of Hope

    Do not doubt the winds of hope. They can bellow forth with great power from the hidden recesses of my heart. Tell me. Is this a time of hope? Do people speak of a hope-filled future? Do the hearts of people rejoice that so much good is taking place?
    Not at all. Fear breathes its darkness. Hatred brings about death. “What are we to hope in?” people ask. “What signs portend a brighter future?” I alone speak of hope. That word will continually be upon my lips until hope is engraved into your hearts.
    Hope does nothing rash. It quietly believes and firmly acts. Hope fills up the vacuum left by despair and bursts the balloons floated by presumption. Hope stands in God’s will and refuses to be moved to the left or to the right.
    When the time has not yet come, hope waits. When it does come, hope acts. It will not hesitate when it sees what to do. Hope protects everything from the decay of discouragement, always pushing on until gaining the goal.
    Come let me pour hope into your hearts. It carries so many blessings.

    The Milk of Hope Feb 1, 2014

    No need to wait for hope. It is always present. Take courage. Be stouthearted. Hope is always available. You can grasp it at any time, like a lifeline thrown to a drowning person.
    Do not look elsewhere for a better opportunity. Accept the ray of hope that I give you every moment. When you do, I will send more and more rays. Hope will grow and expand in your heart. Your feet will begin to walk, the paralysis overcome.
    No more will you say, “I cannot succeed. I cannot make the goal”. Hope crushes discouragement beneath its feet.
    “Where will I go?” you ask. The rays of hope will provide all the light you need. Do not walk away from them. Do not set out on your own, trying to gain what is not in your power.
    Can you not see? Hope is a seed that contains all that you need. It feeds you when you need strength, protects you when discouragement invades. Gives you light in your darkness. Stops you when you are going too far.
    I am the mother of holy hope. Come to me and I will nourish you on this saving milk.

    11. The Queen of Hope Feb 04

    Today, I have a request. I ask my children to walk only one road – my road of hope. There are many different t roads – roads of pleasure, of power, of discouragement and of hatred. There are also many roads of hope. People place hope in their own strength, or in their money, or in their position. Reject all of those roads.
    I ask you to walk only on my road of hope. In these locutions, I have revealed this road. Read them again. Let the words enter your heart. I also will enter and reign as queen of your heart.
    Choose me every day as your queen. How I love to reign. My kingdom pours out hope. Let me enter every room and crevice of your heart. Wherever I go, I fill with hope. Hope is my gift and I leave it everywhere. I will place hope so deeply into your heart, that no matter what problems besiege you, they will never capture your inner fortress. Hope conquers because it outlasts every difficulty. Even if the problems last until the moment of your death, hope will be there, always the victor. I will be there and you will have arrived at the shores of heaven.


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