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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Domestic Cold War

Somehow, when it is the agreements the U.S. Government officials are counting on, words are important, they have definitions and purpose. It is amusing to watch them invoke every argument of the Constitutionalists to justify whatever actions they might have to take in the Ukrainian crisis.

Is Hillary Clinton talking about the issue of gun confiscation in Connecticut?

“Now if this sounds familiar, it’s what Hitler did back in the 30s,” Clinton said.

No, she was talking about Russia using Russian citizens in Crimea as an excuse to enter the territory, but the rhetoric the leftists use sound eerily familiar to that used by Constitutionalists to put their point across. When American citizens invoke this rhetoric, however, the government(s) have a way of dismissing it.

John Kerry recently invoked the Helsinki Final Act as justification for the United States to seek sanctions against Russia. Is he trying to say that a document means something? Is he using the violation of an agreement as a pretext to action? This can't be, not from an Administration that finds no agreement, or simple piece of paper like the Constitution to have any meaning whatsoever.

I'm not sure how an ally of the United States can hang their hat on anything the Obama Administration promises. Not that this Administration is any different from any other in that respect. There is no legitimate government in the United States. Any government that frees itself from the bondage of law is no longer a government, but an occupying force.

The American patriot can just as legitimately claim that whatever actions he takes is in defense of the original agreement: the Constitution.

Make no mistake, America has been occupied by hostile forces from within. This is a conclusion that many Americans feel deep in their bones, without official declarations to the fact, or the honesty of Vladimir Putin.

As far as Ukraine goes, it is easy to see that due to the Budapest Memorandum the United States is obligated to come to its defense, not because the memorandum demands it, but out of a sense of honor for the intent of the agreement. I doubt that this will actually happen, because we are cursed with an Administration who sees no agreement through any other lens than one of a self-serving nature.

If Obama thought he could divert attention from the failure of Obamacare ahead of the 2014 elections, which might save him the Senate, he would put boots on the ground. If playing peace-maker helps his image he will do that, regardless of the blood spilled not only in Ukraine, but anywhere else Putin seeks to reassert authority. Regardless of the tack that Obama finally takes, it will be heralded as the greatest bit of statesmanship in history by the propagandist media.

The one take-away for the patriot out of the whole Ukrainian crisis is to understand the similarity between an occupied Ukraine and an occupied America. One half of American citizens are routinely belittled and denigrated by the occupying forces in the cities and towns all across America. Police units gear up and seek to punish Constitutionalists for their beliefs, religious or political. Whole agencies of the federal government have targeted and routinely spy on these people. They are confronted by their "masters" in Connecticut with force.

Every day the black heart of our "masters" around the nation demonstrate their hostility to their "servants." For instance, because it illuminates so many of the wrongs in our society today: in Massachusetts, George Thompson openly filmed Officer Thomas Barboza who was engaged in a loud and profane conversation on his cell phone in a quiet neighborhood. When Barboza realized that he was being filmed he charged Thompson and entered his property with the intent to arrest him for illegally "wiretapping." Thompson was arrested and charged with illegally wiretapping and resisting arrest. Anyone who is surprised by the "resisting arrest" charge knows nothing about police interaction with citizens today. It is almost obligatory should one assert their rights or claim to be doing nothing illegal.

Now, here comes the interesting part and why I included this in the post. When asked about the case Fall River Police Chief Daniel Racine defended the officer saying: "I think we all have our basic rights and I think people should not record others surreptitiously or secretively.” The police officer suddenly has rights! No citizen has rights, any NSA goon will tell you that.

Next in this informative case we find that the video Thompson shot on the cell phone disappeared while the phone was in police custody. It disappeared. A citizen would immediately be charged with destruction of evidence, but of course Racine won't recognize that crime at all. Read the whole nasty business here.

That is still just an example of the arrogance of our captors; of our ideological invaders; our occupiers. We are in a domestic Cold War.

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