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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Gun Confiscation: Organized, Sanctioned Terrorism

The State of Connecticut is writing checks its police forces cannot cash. The backlash from Officer Joe Peterson's tirade against a gun owner, culminating in his statement that he couldn't wait to get the order to kick in John Cinque's door (because Cinque openly refuses to obey the ban) grew to such proportions that the police chief sat down with John Cinque to see how to diffuse the threats coming into the Branford Police Department, not just Joe Peterson, either.

While I strongly disagree with Cinque's proposal to quiet the storm, it shows that when the people decide that the government is out of line, their resistance will bring even the typically arrogant police department to a point of desperation. It is instructive.

In my opinion, Cinque's response to the overture of peace should simply have been to tell the police chief: "Reassure the public that your officers will not enforce this illegal law. Openly and publicly  inform the legislature of the same."

The dynamic is simple: it is impossible for the police to enforce a gun law if gun owners are serious about refusing to comply. This is personal, they need to understand that simple fact. When cops threaten to invade one's home, placing a person's family in harm's way it is terrorism. It might be organized and sanctioned terrorism, but it is terrorism nonetheless.

Couple all of this with the reality that our economy is teetering on meltdown, the absence of a weapon in the home is reckless. While liberals are incapable of admitting that fact, they will soon get a first-class course in the intransigence of reality. They will be willing to sell their Prius for guns in the coming days, but those who have guns don't need a Prius.

When every inner-city cesspool looks like New Orleans in the wake of Katrina, a lot of things will change.

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