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Lies of Omission
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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Gun Confiscation: Organized, Sanctioned Terrorism

The State of Connecticut is writing checks its police forces cannot cash. The backlash from Officer Joe Peterson's tirade against a gun owner, culminating in his statement that he couldn't wait to get the order to kick in John Cinque's door (because Cinque openly refuses to obey the ban) grew to such proportions that the police chief sat down with John Cinque to see how to diffuse the threats coming into the Branford Police Department, not just Joe Peterson, either.

While I strongly disagree with Cinque's proposal to quiet the storm, it shows that when the people decide that the government is out of line, their resistance will bring even the typically arrogant police department to a point of desperation. It is instructive.

In my opinion, Cinque's response to the overture of peace should simply have been to tell the police chief: "Reassure the public that your officers will not enforce this illegal law. Openly and publicly  inform the legislature of the same."

The dynamic is simple: it is impossible for the police to enforce a gun law if gun owners are serious about refusing to comply. This is personal, they need to understand that simple fact. When cops threaten to invade one's home, placing a person's family in harm's way it is terrorism. It might be organized and sanctioned terrorism, but it is terrorism nonetheless.

Couple all of this with the reality that our economy is teetering on meltdown, the absence of a weapon in the home is reckless. While liberals are incapable of admitting that fact, they will soon get a first-class course in the intransigence of reality. They will be willing to sell their Prius for guns in the coming days, but those who have guns don't need a Prius.

When every inner-city cesspool looks like New Orleans in the wake of Katrina, a lot of things will change.


  1. Outstanding article. I agree 100%. And I'm a cop.

    1. Thank you, we always welcome our allies on the force. We want to believe in cops, but it is time to stand up, not necessarily openly, but to feed information to patriots. I hope you will.

    2. I agree also--and I am not a cop--but, my Scoutmaster was a Sgt. on my hometown police force and on some occasions he would let me ride on his night patrols--loved it and he was also a WWII Marine--semper fi!

      U.S. Navy Vet---

    3. Do you participate in DUI Stops? Do you hand out speeding tickets? Are you operating under the Emergency War Powers Act? Are you paid in Federal Reserve Notes? Think about who your master is.

  2. I'm not a cop and I didn't play one t-v. Hats off to honest and fair officers.At one point in history this was ? gov. of the people, for the people , by the people, Along the line we make the mistake of allowing some clowns change our laws, force their will and agendas on us and operate clueless as to the inevitable out come of their actions. Keep it going citizens of Connecticut. this is the way if need be to be heard around the world with out firing a shot.

  3. the Bolsheviks must be done away with either way. They want you dead. So the war has just begun.

    1. All manner of collectivists are like this. If you are not part of the hive, you must be neutralized and your children occupied if not replaced entirely.

      This war has been simmering and smoldering for 120 years. There are no new solutions, but the old ones still work.

      Best wishes.

  4. when it all comes apart, the leo,s out there best get rid of any outward appearance or attitude they learned while being a cop.
    that little badge will become "THE" target.
    I do not wish to see this.
    Never the less...leo's have brought it on themselves with the way "civilians" are treated by their kind.
    Today, 95% or better leo's are nothing more then scared little boys who found a way to be the bully on the block. They were treated poorly growin up so now its their turn to give back what they had to take as kids.
    If a real psych test was run on leo's in general, I feel one would find nearly "ALL" the leo's on the job today have serious mental issues and should not be allowed on the street. Period!
    If not....hehehhe....why is it they can not determine the oath they swore when they took the job indicates one primary "Protect...." etc., they seem to forget
    the oath was sworn to up-hold the constitution...if the "order" does not walk hand in hand with the constitution the "order" is null and void. Regardless of where the order came from!
    "Common sense"...interesting wording. You can be sure the leo's left this one slip[ outta there bag of goodies years ago.
    I do have the right to talk the way I do. You see, I also was a leo. Many years ago in TN.
    My son was a leo as well.
    Was. both of us.
    He seen what I said was going on. He got out as fast as he could.
    My son went by 2 things to keep him and those around him alive.
    The constitution and common sense.
    Like myself...we both worked in some rough areas. We never had to draw our weapon. Not once!
    Today, its the first thing they do.
    Scared little boys with PTSD from a mean ol daddy or the wimp on the block. Regardless...most leo's should not even be allowed to put a badge on.

    1. I just retired and I both agree and disagree with you. I got into the game late in life and my attitude on the street was markedly different from those who were cops since the age of 21.
      Politeness was the order of the day (unless it wasn't working and we needed to go to the next level, which thank God wasn't all that often.) many of the younger ones had big mouths and it got them into trouble at one point, or another. I always made sure I was nowhere near them. what scared the shit out of me - and got me into trouble with a boss - was when thr whole talk of outlawing/confiscation of guns began to make the rounds. This one supervisor - who recentely had gone through law school - made a statement about "Tea Party" types protesting the new gun laws in the aftermath of Sandy Hook. Quothe he: "Do these idiots really believe they are going to take on government forces if we get the order to start going door to door?" I asked him if he was serious and he said, "Oh what, your going to side with these people? That's good to know." I asked him if he was taught the constitution in law school and then he began to get testy and asked me what I "really" knew about the constituiton and he got downright pissed when I told him that unlike his family, mine was not only around for the fight to secure original liberty, but also helped draft the founding document and as a result, I have a much deeper appreciation/respect for what it means. I was told by him, "I can't believe you passed the psych test and they allowed you to wear a badge." I rejoined by saying, "I can't believe the Marines let you put on their uniform." Then he lost his mind. Fortunately for me this exchange went on in front of a number of other people including two of his superiors, who immediately made it clear that they thought he was out of line, I got gigged also (They couldn't allow the appearance of insubordiantion to remain unchecked. I understood why, but wasn't happy about it.) but it made me feel good to know that he was in the minority and he lost a great deal of respect from his fellow officers ( I heard the musings in the locker room after the tour was over with.) For all of you out there who have bad vibes about LE regarding this subject - we hate this group (Current regime) more than you do. As for the guys in that photo walking around with weapons drawn.........What the hell guys? Really?

    2. Good on ya man, I've butted heads with PD supervisors a few times like that over similar stuff. You might win the point but the bastards never forget. Bet they will be the first ones hiding their uniforms when "The Men in Blue" become the target.

  5. Um, I own a Prius and guns! the money I save on gas goes towards bullets! just saying!

  6. Armed police are military occupation troops.

    The word "Polic" means occupation force on a conquered land.

    The government organized out of Washington D.C. is a military government.

    The people of the several states organized a treaty of mutual protection under the Articles of Confederation, a perpetual union.

    A constitutor is one who takes on the debts of another.

    A constitution is a memorandum of debt to a creditor.

    A bank is a party who holds title to certain property.

    A court is a bank, exercising the right of ownership known as jurisdiction.

    The United States is held in a state of emergency and has been so held for over a hundred years.

    The purpose of occupation and primary directive is to protect the people and preserve their natural resources from plunder by foreign interests.

    The party issuing the money, which is a draw on the property of the bank, is the owner of the bank.

    Every court dealing in federal reserve notes is owned by the Federal Reserve.

    The Federal Reserve is a private bank owned by foreign nationals.

    Only the people can issue lawful Writs. Corporate courts cannot. Corporate courts can only issue administrative orders to officers of the court.

    You can't tax what you don't have title to. You only have jurisdiction over what you own.

    The Provost-Marshall in every military district is charged with the duty of executing all lawful writs within the district.

    Any 25 people can make up a grand jury, sign a bill of indictment accusing any one of these thugs operating at odds with the people and violating property rights, and the foreman of the grand jury can issue it to the Provost Marshall for execution.

    You have a lot of research to do, and then a lot of work, but you can turn things around lawfully.

  7. Is it me, or do a lot of these comments read like their authors learned English from Boris & Natasha? What about Moose???

    1. If you can't contribute anything useful, go back to your hole.

    2. You're asking people to actually get off their ass and read. They don't want to know the bad news that they have been taken by foreign entities and their supposed government co-conspired to relieve them of their birth right. Perhaps if you put the information into a comic strip based on 4th grade reading you might get a few.

  8. Can't agree with you more TL and I have served as a police officer at the Federal, State and Local level most of my life. Our Second Amendment rights protect all the
    others. As one who has witnessed first-hand Communist destabilizing operations in America and all over the world, I know for fact one of their first efforts is to turn civilians populations against their police and government. For that reason, I have been highly suspicious of writers and bloggers who constantly beat the "All Cops Are Evil" drum. I do not think you fall into that category. You are closer to being a modern day Thomas Paine. I hope readers of these blogs will learn to discern between Communist agitation, Police State PatCon Ops, warped personalities who just hate all cops and patriotic Americans with legitimate concerns.

  9. Hey all you self-proclaimed good cops; I do believe you're there, but it would do us all a great service to stand up about now.
    Dan Knowles

  10. I always try to separate "police" from "law enforcement" . Silly me figured police, POLICE the laws while law enforcement ENFORCE the law. Enforcing the law use to be by the courts; it seems that we skipped that step lately and now Law Enforcement does it..

  11. I want to re-emphasize a point you make. This is an INDIVIDUAL decision, what to do or not do. Individual cops, individual citizens are going to choose their own course. Doesn't matter what the governor, legislature, courts, NRA or any other group says.

    I will also say, particularly for older folks, that the fitting end for a useful life is a useful death, and that there is no more useful death than one met while fighting tyranny. Take as many of the bastards with you as you can, when the time comes.

    1. I will be 60 in 2 weeks. Believe me, if the SHTF, many of them will go down before this ole boy does. I am guaranteeing that.

    2. Anon 2,
      Glad to know that there are those who were born in the mid 1950's that have the same attitude and conviction as those who came before us. I am also glad I live in the deep southeast with a conservative gun owning governor. If this tyranny that is taking place in CT starts here with rogue cops, then there will be hell to pay for their transgression. So in that regard, stay frosty by practicing regularly.

  12. Increasing crime rate really be a serious problem in our life as we don’t know when any incident can happen with our children and our family. Government should take serious step for controlling Gun violence.
    MA Firearms Safety Course.

  13. There are a lot of Police, LEOs on the beat or in command that side on gun rights. Many have publicly stated that they can not and will not enforce "illegal" gun control laws. This site has highlighted that many of you will stand and fight, in court or on the corner to protect this vital right. 20 years in the military and now close to 60, I too can still stand for me and my family to ensure that our right to arms remain. I just hope that my tongue prevails so I do not have to use a scope.

  14. Since I'm a firearms safety trainer, I know how important gun laws are for people who own gun(s) for their protection. Unfortunately, it is because of the complexity of these gun laws, many Americans have been dropping the idea of owning firearms.

    Scott Edvin


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