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Lies of Omission
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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hypocrites of the Worst Sort

The hardest thing for a rational person to understand about the left is its inherent hypocrisy. It is not just the average bit of hypocrisy that all people have simply by being human, it is an intentional type of hypocrisy that allows them impossible political positions. It goes beyond mere justification, or a shrug of the shoulders at some incongruity of opinion, it is an evil sort of ideological hypocrisy that revels in the cleverness of the lie.

One example of this was the Monica Lewinsky affair with Bill Clinton. The most powerful man in the world, charismatic and a champion of sexual harassment legislation; a supporter of the feminist movement which helped to author sexual harassment laws suggesting that there was no such thing as a "consensual" relationship between a supervisor and an underling. That there was always an aspect of rape to any sexual relationship between a boss and a worker. Somehow, when it came to Bill Clinton, a Democrat President of the United States, a liberal who had some form of sex with an intern; not even a part of the staff; barely even an adult, it was just sex and the left justified it, against all of their previous statements, against the very strength of the argument by members of NOW that stated that such a relationship constituted rape.

A rational person would think this sort of issue would pit the National Organization for Women against a popular president, even one of their own. That in order to remain faithful to their own principles that NOW would have to call for his impeachment, that they would hold up signs and march day and night until the scoundrel was hounded out of office. Silence. Nothing. Hypocrisy.

History repeats itself. Today Barack Obama is free to bring the heat against anyone, any state that does not support the gay agenda. He engages Uganda on passing an anti-gay law and threatens them with the loss of financial support, which will not hurt Uganda itself so much as it will hurt the poor people of Uganda. In order to pander to the gay community, Barack Obama will punish the poor of Uganda and that is fine with leftists, even though they claim defense of the poor as one of their issues. Yes, Barack Obama is the champion of gay rights the same way Bill Clinton was the champion of women's rights.

Given this, how is it possible that Barack Obama supports every Muslim nation, is tight with the Muslim Brotherhood, sends them billions of dollars in support knowing full well that gays are treated worse in Islamic nations than anywhere else in the world? Any nation that uses Sharia as the basis for its laws holds homosexuality out as a sin punishable by death. Where is the outrage by the gay community over his support for these regimes? Silence from the homosexual community in America. Nothing. Hypocrisy.

This is why it is virtually impossible to have a rational discussion with a leftist, because there are no principles at play. There is no hard line that they will not yield for one of their own. Yet, time and time again conservatives cling to their principles and turn on politicians and church leaders who are found not to uphold the values they preach. As soon as one pins down a leftist on such hypocrisy they jump and jerk around and point fingers back at something else, some other claim. They never answer the questions put to them, but find some other argument to distract the discussion from the fact that they are hypocrites of the worst sort, ideological and evil.


  1. The Left's target has never been individuals but the one specific group as a whole. When viewed from the perspective that their only real goal is to eradicate that group by what ever means possible it begins to make more sense.

    I can see their point of view. Band together and get rid of the most dangerous dog in the fight then once it is dealt with go at each other.

  2. Gay rights is nothing more than legal male anal sex..nothing less.
    You are pro-gay if you condone it..
    and you are anti-gay if you condemn it.
    Simple,isn't it? Or am I missing something??

  3. The Marxists have always been disgusting hypocrites! Their rabid support and active promotion of homo/lezo perverts is sickening. These are the dogs that want to completely tear down the Judaeo-Christian way of life including (even especially?) the nuclear or elementary family. These people must be resisted at every step but that is just what is NOT happening. I have no doubt that there's disaster ahead for mankind as the deviates continue unchecked. Forget climate change...these individuals are the greatest threat humanity faces at this time.


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