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Lies of Omission
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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Petrie Dish of Liberty

This nation is at a balancing point where finally the actions of the government have become so egregious that the moral scale tips. It is a psychological point where a greater degree of Americans are predisposed to believe that the government of the United States is immoral and that opposition to it is moral.

This is a dangerous demarcation line that truly no government can afford to pass. When a government passes that line, bad things happen. Most of the way through the Soviet history the population clung to the myth that Stalin was the savior of the nation, so much so that there were those who lived through it that believed it was all done behind Stalin's back.

In this country there is the myth that "our government wouldn't really do that" but there is a point where even the staunchest believers have to give up that illusion. For many that point came as a result of 9-11, when the war on terror began. This is all a little bit simplistic, but for purposes of clarity it needs to be explained this way.

Our great intelligence community is not geared to protect us from terrorism. It cannot infiltrate the ideologically motivated terrorists, because it has nothing to offer them; there is a racial difference between Arabs and whites which was not there in the Cold War; there is a language barrier also that was easier to overcome in Europe. In the Cold War there were simple requests and simple rewards. One can always be bought off in the European world view, but not so in the world of Islam.

Billions of dollars were dumped into the war on terror with no where for it to go. Yes, technological advances in surveillance and drones and smart weapons were improved with all of these funds, but that is a double-edged sword as it can be used elsewhere. So, the intelligence community turned itself inside out and began to use those resources on the American people. Since there is not really much internal terrorism, it had to create some in order for all of these people and all of these funds to be used. Anyone who understands politics and budgets gets the point I am making.

Surely the dollars spent have foiled a few actual Islamic terror attacks, at least that is a reasonable conclusion, though due to the nature of the intelligence community it would not be widely known to the average citizen. Still, the dynamic is to use funds and equipment when they are available. To that extent, there needs to be a certain justification for it  and when the governments cannot get enough justification, they have a way of producing it.

The proof of this is evident in the NSA spying; the growth in size and scope of the TSA (branching out to cover sports events); internal surveillance; goading of Second Amendment activists and Christian activists. They are, by passing illegal laws such as the ex post facto Connecticut laws and hostility toward Christian religious freedoms, pushing the buttons of domestic terrorism for which they are better geared to deal with, or so they think.

One might not agree that Connecticut is the demarcation line, maybe it is, maybe it is not, that is irrelevant. What is relevant is that it is a petrie dish; a moment of reflection; a moment for which to train. I don't pretend to be on the ground, or know the up-to-the-minute aspects of it, but if one looks at Connecticut and sees what is inevitable, then it is time to use Connecticut as common point of reference.

If indeed the State of Connecticut is serious about gun confiscation it could provide that dangerous moral division in the minds of the American people, or at least enough of them to tip the rest. So, what should be happening now?

Right now the Second Amendment activists in Connecticut should be preparing the battlefield: identifying and recruiting Oathkeepers to provide intelligence (sure some risk to employment, but if done right that is not necessary); developing some Minutemen who can remove the people and weapons that have become targets of confiscation and quickly developing an active form of resistance (think IRA political tactics). Think of it as a mini Cold War. The next few weeks are crucial.

If Connecticut means to have a war, the citizens there will not be alone, because this is a cause worthy of every patriot's attention and dedication. What is learned in Connecticut will be invaluable to training the rest of the nation no matter how it turns out. If this egregious abuse of power can be politically shut down, it will teach the community how to go about it. If it cannot be shut down politically, tactics and organization could be developed.

The trouble, now and always, is the Patriot community is so busy trying to look intelligent, clever and being ahead of the game there is no common ground. There is no strategy. There are a hundred different camps of thought so that any move one might make another will call those actions silly and uninformed. One ounce of action is better than one pound of distraction.


  1. If Connecticut means to have a war, would you suggest Patriots across the country kit-up and go to Connecticut, or kit up and walk out into their own AO and find some Evil, or some other course of action? People like you. People trust you. Give them some guidance. Like it or not, you are a member of the Officer Corps, my friend.


    1. I think there has to be a minuteman sort of aspect to everything. If Connecticut is willing to provide us with the benefit of moral optics (new media speak) then we should oblige them with stiff and broad resistance, calling on reinforcements if necessary. Or volunteers to ride to the sound of the guns. Gun confiscation has to come with a resounding NO. Know full well that some will die. After all it is blood that all leftists need, they are fueled by it. Right now it is in the hands of the Connecticut legislature, but if we can back them down politically, that is just as good, though it will happen somewhere and it will be costly. The question is and always has been, how do we capitalize on their insanity? Ukraine has taught us that the truth can be disseminated without the media. It is the division that needs to be cemented, ie getting out the twitter feeds as Ukrainians have done. We are in a much better situation where that is concerned than when Ruby Ridge or Waco took place.

  2. Folks in East Coast States should ready their Bspace and take care of their AOs.


  3. Nothing is going to happen because no one has gotten killed yet and people in this country are still comfortable despite all their griping. The Connecticut authorities would have to execute a few door kicks, followed by civilians being shot before you would ever see any critical mass getting organized. Even then, I doubt if you would see any seriously organized action. Maybe a couple of fringe loons might cut loose, but that does not a revolution make. Some kind of George Washington with the charisma and backing to raise a significant insurgency would have to arise and I see nothing like that on the horizon.

  4. Nomad is right. Moreover, the propaganda arm of the Statists will paint anyone standing in the way as an insane terrorist, racist, slobbering nutcase who molests little children and grandmothers. THEY own all information channels that matter, so the masses will know the man who takes his stand solely as an evil criminal monster, even if he was a saint. Connecticut will prove to be just another slow boil of tyranny that destroys any notion of freedom there and extends the tyranny nationwide.

    1. This is where we cannot allow that meme to be forwarded. We know who they are, we know what is going down, but you are right, it will take a martyr. That is a fact of life, a fact of politics. And, THEY don't own all the information, because the people who matter, who understand their roles as soldiers, don't care what the media outlets put forth. We don't have to have everyone on our side, just the people who will do something.

    2. Gun owners especially care way too much about their much so that they will take on more restrictions just to remain these good little responsible law abiding citizen types that the NRA clamours about.

      You don't have to look far on the net to find examples of gun owners who say "can't do that, it's will make fun owners look bad". They kiss media and leftist as to be liked ... But they never will be.

      If something pops off in CT I will be very surprised. Shocked...standing beside myself. The line was crossed a long time ago and those in the gun owner community who openly declared it were thrown under the bus. Gun owners eat their own quite often.

      If they had the balls that the gays and illegals have, things would be much different.

  5. You all probably were aware of this before me. It's now clear that the powers-that-be intend to remove the 2nd Amendment one state at a time. CT is just first with NY second.

    1. That doesn't mean he right disappears. It only means the State will no longer protect that right. The State which is inimical to the Rights of its citizens, is not legitimate. You have the right to arms regardless of any act of the Legislature.

  6. TL,

    Splendid as always, your analysis is spot-on.

    I recommend we remember that Paul Revere was a member of as many as two dozen committees and alert organizations. He was the focus and locus of many. The formation of alarm musters, alert bands, radio nets, minutemen and support pax in place is helpful in this regard.

    Not only are weapons critical but so is the use of media capture devices e.g. cameras, audio, recorders and the like. Whether you love or hate them, the Islamists in the ME have made a masterful use of guerrilla media to capture the high ground of the information warfare conflict.

    Even the paid stooges like the "Master" LT who is employed to be a spokesperson is a lightning rod of incompetence and bloviation. He is an example of what not to do but that is also an indicator of the arrogance in thinking they have this covered. Let them think so.

    Thanks TL...

  7. All I know is that this stops, when we stop it. No vote will fix this.


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