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Lies of Omission
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Indomitable Spirit of An Armed Citizenry

It is painful to watch the last spasms of America playing out as clearly as if reading it from history. America is not just a place, it is a set of ideals so successful that it is easy to let one or two slide in the interest of peace. While the true ideal of liberty might be able to take a body blow now and then, it is always with the understanding that there will be a counter-punch that will set things right.

The clear decline of America is that it has stopped counter-punching and is just lying on the ropes being pummeled by a merciless federal government. The government has been so focused on landing one blow after another that it has become confident of a knockout. It will succeed in stripping every last vestige of liberty from the people once and for all. But, that changes the game.

When there is no hope of recovery, when each person looks at life as an endless string of abuses heaped on it by the rulers (who have long since ceased to be representatives) the only thing left to the individual is to fight.

The lessons being learned now in Connecticut and perhaps New Jersey and New York is that once the veil of legitimacy falls from the rulers and they are exposed as mere tyrants there is nothing of the state left to protect them. Passing laws is now and always has been with the consent of the governed. This is not an American truth, it is a universal truth.

Americans don't like to think of themselves as giving consent to all of the laws they detest, but the power is always within them to defy those laws. There is the illusion of voting that generally keeps the majority mollified and tolerant of the actions of elected representatives, but when that illusion fades and it becomes obvious that anyone who holds office will act in the same manner as those just put out of office, the reality of the corruption becomes inescapable.

When it comes to the violation of rights, there is no law that is legal and there is no protection from the voting booth that will allow it. When it comes to the Second Amendment, there can be no room for tolerance, because the Second Amendment is the only right capable of securing the others. This is why the stand must be made and why now the crucial test of legitimacy is being played out in Connecticut, New Jersey and New York.

The question in Connecticut is no less than the question of the republic. Does it stand, or does it fall? Do rights mean something, or nothing? Are we slaves, or free? Are the people the final arbiter of their rights, or are they serfs bound to the dictates of political judges paid by the federal government?

No human being is without these inalienable rights, it is just a matter of enforcement. Policemen are just that, police. They like to be called law enforcement now, but they are not law enforcement, the people are the enforcers of the law. They enforce it with compliance, or they enforce their rights with disobedience. They have been silent for all these past decades and their silence has led to this confrontation.

There are much greater issues at hand in Connecticut than some might understand. If America can be disarmed, it will not only remove the deterrent of the government to act as it will, it will also encourage foreign invasion. The federal government is weak, in debt, unreliable and ripe for concessions to foreign powers. Without the indomitable spirit of an armed citizenry, the people cannot long depend on liberty or the security of the United States.


  1. As usual you are spot on, If one falls we all fall.

    1. Perhaps.

      And perhaps one will serve as the contact unit that reveals where and who the enemy is.

      That is another possibility.

  2. Bravo Sir! This is, without a doubt, the BEST response to the tyranny in Connecticut that I have read. It should be read by all Patriots. I am so tired of sheeple whining "But it's the law now!". Who cares what illegal and immoral laws that the overlords pass? We did not obey them in 1776 and we will not obey them now. Stand and count for some damned thing, some ONE thing, and go to Heaven with dirty hands and a clean heart. -Stealth Spaniel

  3. TL,
    With this on going assault on our Constitution and Rights according to Natural Law, ie; God's Law, in conjunction with the increased militarization of what used to be police officers, we are now faced with the same thing our forefathers faced 200 + years ago. If a fire fight breaks out in Connecticut as I suspect it will, then it is the duty of ALL patriots to come to the aid of those citizens that are being assaulted and murdered by that states goon squads. From there it will be on to NJ, and NY to finish the job.

  4. You don't run from a fire on a ship, you run to it.

  5. Well said. Thank you.


  6. All true except the last paragraph. Any tyranny in this country will be thoroughly home-grown.

    Surrendering weapons is the same as saying, "Here is my gun. Now else do you want to do to me?" It's a gold-engraved invitation to abuse.

  7. A well-armed and trained militia (populace), being necessary to the security of a FREE STATE (state of freedom/liberty), the of the ability of the people to kill the usurpers of their liberties shall not be denied.

    Or something like that.


  8. Words of Mary, Mother of Jesus: March 15, 2014

    There is a leader whom I hold in my heart and whose ascendency to office I want to bring about. I have given him all the qualifications needed to lead the free world. I have advanced him according to my plan and he, himself, is willing to make the sacrifices needed to seek election.

    I ask of him only one thing. He must protect human life, all human life, no matter how it is conceived. He must stand clear and firm that human life begins at the moment of conception. Let him put his name to the Life At Conception Act. Let him not fear. This is the step I want him to take. If he commits himself to protect every unborn life, I will protect him in his bid for the highest office.

    To all world leaders I say clearly that there can be no compromise in this matter. None of you are allowed to sacrifice the unborn for the sake of your political lives. God cannot bless America while America kills its unborn. This is the cause of your decline, a decline that will happen even more quickly if you do not change your laws.


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    What are the requirements for membership in the Lord's church?


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