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Friday, March 21, 2014

The Liberty To Disobey

There are only three types of people in America: the good, the evil and the zombies. While the Zombie theme is big in Hollywood and video games, it escapes me. Yet, how else to describe all of those people who, in these incredibly interesting times (for good or bad) are oblivious; who are focused on their own petty lives rather than the dramatic evolution going on around them?

The world teeters on the brink of World War III, because Putin will never stop now. Whatever chance there was to limit Putin's desire for an empire, it is gone. How long before he invests in an effort to get California to hold a secession vote? I know there are more communists in California than dedicated patriots.

But then, it is getting to be a bit of a curious dilemma for those of us who lived through the Cold War and always associated the Soviet Union with Communism. What is Russia? They hold elections and it would be difficult to consider that Putin is not actually popular enough to win those elections. At the same time, this great nation has turned its back on everything that made it different from the Soviet Union. We live now through looking glass.

Which brings me back to the first point: the good, the evil and the zombies.

The Good: those of us who believe in the principles of the Constitution; that our rights are God-given and our nation's most important documents were drafted with securing these rights as the primary goal. Now, lest one think me simple-minded, it might very well have been a bunch of rich, white men who drafted the documents they did to protect their own assets and encouraged a bunch of backward yokels to put down their lives to secure those riches to themselves. If that's how one chooses to see our history, it tells me so much more about them than it does about the founders.

The fact is, I don't care what their motivations were or what they were trying to accomplish by drafting the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The point so many cynics miss is that it doesn't matter. A true patriot feels the deep gash of tyranny from their first encounter. The lovers of liberty recall that moment the state became bigger than anyone else, bigger than their parents or teachers.

What the founders brought to us, intentionally or unwittingly, is the vital concept that individual human beings were greater than the state. By having God-given rights we are more powerful than the state and that when the state interferes and denies us our rights we have the right and the obligation to do away with it. We have the duty to overthrow that dangerous and abusive state and recreate one that will be better designed to secure those rights.

The Evil: those who would deny anyone God's gift of liberty. Evil can only describe a person or a thing dedicated to the enslavement of the masses, discarding the great and noble principle of individual liberty. In the book of Genesis God created Adam from the earth and Eve from his rib. But, if you read the text and think about it, the first thing God gave to Man was liberty to choose whether or not to eat of the tree of knowledge. While Adam and Eve abused their liberty and disobeyed God, if it were not for the liberty to do so, they would have been mere drones of God to do as he instructed. And so, those who have chosen to so construct society to force, through corrupt laws and a corrupt system, to honor themselves as God are truly an evil to be engaged and conquered.

The Zombies: those who blindly follow evil, binding themselves and others to the construct of society to deny rights to the individual in favor of a better good. The Zombies have no mind of their own, but are fed on the enslavement of others. They only feel whole when in total compliance with the dictates of degenerate leaders.


Understanding the state of this nation, then, leaves one with only one course of action: outright rebellion. Good must vanquish evil. It is too late to vote. It is too late to protest. The society that has shaken off the concept of individual power over the state must be destroyed, utterly, and replaced with a renewed dedication to that principle. If God gave man the liberty to disobey, it is only right that we do so to preserve His gift to man. And, just so we get this straight, the vast amount of zombies do not matter.

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