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Lies of Omission
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Taste Of Crow

The gun owners of Connecticut have an opportunity to turn the clock backward on the concept of gun confiscation. The support for them is nationwide and being watched by every Second Amendment advocate across the country. Patriots are watching too and ready to support their efforts with their lives.

The legislature has overplayed their hand. They are accustomed to using law enforcement as thugs sent out to collect protection payments for their nefarious schemes. Some cops are thugs and like the role, but not all of them.

A few things the legislature might want to consider before they reap the whirlwind: the rights they intend to violate are not just those of the gun owners of Connecticut. An effective confiscation would set a precedent for every other state with the same idea, so Connecticut is poised to cross the Rubicon.

Very probably the legislators, whose addresses are known to Second Amendment advocates everywhere, have acted in a simple-minded and arrogant way. Perhaps they do not know the consequences of their actions. Call it stupidity, simplicity or arrogance, the result is the same. As soon as the first "new Ruby Ridge" takes place, they will be open to retaliation.

Typically, the concept of retaliation for passing a law would be unthinkable, but these foolish legislators, who have exploited the deaths of children to promote their careers, have failed to grasp the enormity of their actions.

Due to the current militarized nature of law enforcement, including SWAT type raids for such minor offenses as drug possession, where a presumption of firearms is used as an excuse to burst into homes unannounced shooting anything that moves, they have willingly, lustfully exposed innocents to the violence of such raids. They are doing nothing other than attempting to terrorize the gun-owning public. For what, a chance to win an election? To make a statement?

The most rational response would be to repeal this law before a lot of people get hurt. Law enforcement should encourage the legislature to back down, because it is their lives that are on the line. Of course, the police don't see it that way, because they are not considering that it will be a multi-directional firing range.

What law enforcement should be aware of is that a lot of veterans are on the other side of this issue. A lot of police officers are on the other side of this issue, some of whom might be providing intelligence on the most ardent supporters of the confiscation (probably to distinguish themselves from the others to avoid confusion when it gets hot). There are a lot of people's relatives in the state who might not restrain themselves when the enemies of liberty are so clearly defined.

It is a bad law: it is bad for Connecticut; it is bad for law enforcement; it is bad for gun owners, but where it gets bad for the legislators, is that it is bad for the families they have placed in harms way with their hubris. Sometimes the taste of crow is better than the taste of blood. Be reasonable, be responsible. Do the right thing.


  1. Here's to hoping they listen.
    Very well said, sir.
    Dan Knowles

  2. Keep it ramped up. OK is with you here in Joisey

  3. They shall reap as they have sown.

  4. Good luck with this "teachable moment".

    Old Senator Everett Dirksen used to say, "Politics is a matter of heat and light. When I feel the heat, I see the light."

    Maybe a few legislators will see the light. The rest will end up hanging by their heels.

  5. What I believe, after the first shot is fired and the first blood is spilled, all of these politicians and gun haters are going to find their names on a lot of lists. It won’t be pretty either. Joe gun owner just had his house raided. He was not there. A family member was killed in the confusion. Joe the now pissed off gun owner goes to the local politicians house with a Molotov cocktail and lights it up. He proceeds to shoot everyone that runs out.

    What I really want to see in Conn. is for the politicians to admit they were wrong and back down, repealing the Unconstitutional and unenforceable law. Of course the chances of that happening are rather slim. Politicians do not like to admit they were wrong. When each of these politicians is up for re-election, they should all be voted out of office and the people like “I’m the Master” Vance and Lawlor (sp) should be fired. Never to hold a government job again.

    This is why I had this idea. Since the politicians names and addresses have been published in multiple places, groups of 4 or 5 gun owners should get together in each district, go to their politicians home (unarmed) and knock on the door. Just a friendly visit to say “Hi” and we know where you live. Put the fear that God gave us into them and see some results.
    Of course a lot of them are demanding “protection”. If I was the CLEO in their AO, I’d tell them no, you made your bed, you lie in it. Why should a copper (that might agree with the gun owners) be put in harms way because politicians don’t have the sense to pour piss out of a boot?

  6. it's my guess that tptb in CT are sitting back, playing the waiting game... a most deadly kind of game of chicken - waiting for the good, reasonable gun owners of Ct to come to their senses about what's best for everyone... the first confiscation thug that does not "go home safe" will debunk that erroneous thought... it will be their blood on the hands of their own government as will every drop shed thereafter... tptb would do well to keep in mind that although they may have power, we, the people have rights and when pushed, will exercise them - the politicians' power be damned...

    it's past time for the illegal bill to be scraped and another approach developed which does not include violating the 2A...

  7. Connecticut "wants Malloys head on a plate"

  8. Remember: Evil exists because good men don't kill the government officials committing it.
    Thought For The Day: Timing Is Everything
    If you start shooting the bad guys early enough to make a difference, you'll be labeled a radical crazy person.
    If you wait until it's acceptable, you'll be 80 pounds underweight, unarmed, and being loaded into a boxcar.
    After the first one, they're all free. – Henry Bowman

  9. They're constrained by normalcy bias. No legislators in living memory have ever seen their lawmaking result in civil insurrection and large-scale violence. They simply can't get their head around the possibility. They assume such talk is exaggerated street theater, just hyperbole being used by gun rights advocates to buttress their position. They really don't get it. And they likely won't even get it once the violence starts. Then they'll assume gun rights people are exploiting opposition to their 'sensible' law to advance their extremist ideology. And on that assumption an even more robust militarized response will likely be used. It will seem plausible and reasonable in their eyes. I wonder how the momentum against bad laws in the past built and finally caused legislators to rescind? The Left is not known for its introspection or bipartisanship.

  10. Connecticut Lawmakers will not toss out "their victory" that they have worked for so long to create, in their minds ultimately registration and confiscation is a goal that they and their predecessors have worked for their whole life.

    They believe we are buffaloed by .gov's overwhelming technology and tactics, so far we've given them no reason to believe that there will be repercussions.

    Connecticut is a national "test case" the WHOLE NATION is watching to see how this plays out, our response will determine how they proceed across the whole country.


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