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Friday, March 28, 2014

Treacherous Path To Oblivion

The conflict between the government and the people over the Second Amendment is being misunderstood. Those in possession of firearms are not asking the several governments if it is legal for them to have such weapons, they are telling these governments that they are legal and any attempt to confiscate them will be forcefully resisted. This is a conflict that supporters of Constitutional rights across the nation are watching with great interest, because it affects every citizen of every state. If Connecticut officials think they are only going to be dealing with citizens of their own state, they are mistaken. Everyone has a stake in Constitutional rights.

The police departments, legislators and governors appear to be under the misconception that they, or the courts are in charge of deciding what rights the people have. The truth is much more stark: the people decide that by deciding which rights they will defend with their lives. Once blood is shed by the government, that decision comes much easier to make. The governments can come to grips with that in their own time, or they can push the issue and find out what little power they actually possess.

They have not thought it through. Like most government agencies they are too accustomed to handing down orders and people scrambling to comply, because no one wants to go to jail. But, there is a point where society has been so devastated by this approach that every new order will be enforced at the cost of lives.

That realization is coming to the forefront in Connecticut, but it is a realization that will be coming to many other government agencies in the next few months as each state takes a swing at oppression. Second Amendment activists are not the only Americans who feel this way. There are Fourth Amendment activists who are just waiting for the festivities to begin. There are First Amendment (religious freedom) advocates who are also watching the confrontation in Connecticut, wondering if this is the chance they have been waiting for to push their agenda. Once it starts, there are all sorts of special interests who will take the opportunity to press their case.

The dangerous militarization of police departments has raised alarms among numerous citizen groups who have watched the police deal lethally with the homeless, the mentally handicapped and innocent citizens who found themselves the victims of mistaken identity. This is not isolated to any state and it is not going unnoticed. This video has been making the rounds and should be taken seriously as it is a response to the abuses that have already taken place and a sign that citizens are starting to wake up to the fact that they can no longer trust the government, especially the police departments.

Initially the governments who have always encountered a compliant citizenry, will be confident they can put down the resistance. They think they know what they are doing, but they have not seen  American resistance for a very long time. Americans are inventive and in positions to cause all manner of havoc in ways that don't even occur to those in government agencies, yet. Anyone could be an agent of the patriot; anyone could be an informant to the patriot; anyone could be a saboteur. No one even knows how infiltrated the police departments are at this point.

There are many orders that will be given by politicians desperate to exert their control as it begins to slip that will put the lives of officers in harms way. At some point the officer starts to question those orders when he has witnessed the deaths of his fellow officers and had to look their families in the face and admit that their partner died serving a questionable warrant.

No, I don't expect police officers to come to the rescue and refuse the orders, not while they feel like they are going to win. The problem comes when they realize that they are going to lose; that they are already losing and then the question becomes whether their lives are worth protecting the politicians who consider them nothing but rabid dogs to be sicced on the enemy, i.e. their neighbors. At that point the smarter ones have to recognize the price being paid is not worth the benefit.

Unfortunately for these government stooges, there is no way for them to back down. It is not in their DNA. They are bullies and have relied too long on deadly force to get their way. They are busily making the case and providing cover for any action Constitutional rights groups might take against them, because they are slowly alienating the average citizen.

Anonymous (in the video above) is not even a Second Amendment group. Who knows who they are, except they are just one of millions of disaffected citizens who feel the government is out of control. When a government frees itself from restraint it embarks on a treacherous path to oblivion. Sadly, there is a lot of blood that will serve as paving.

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