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Lies of Omission
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Monday, April 14, 2014

At Your Disposal

We are the new media, bloggers, news aggregators (like Drudge), columnists, etc. We have seen David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh break one of the biggest scandals in American history, a devastating scandal that would have brought down any lesser-protected president than Barack Obama. Nationally known alternative media (Info Wars, The Blaze, etc) are capable of reaching millions and millions of like-minded citizens and bringing information and inspiration to the masses.

Through years of defamation by the major media outlets, the militias have survived to now present a positive image to patriots across the land as a result of their actions in the Bundy Ranch affair. Though, it was also the actions of those citizens who rallied to the cause, willing to stand their ground and put up a fight that led to, at least, a moral victory.

The most important aspect to victory is a person on whose behalf these weapons can be deployed. That is vital. If these resources are brought to bear only to have the victim go queasy and give in to government extortion, it demoralizes the troops and damages the effort, causing those who would support it see it as a useless sacrifice of their time resources. With Bundy, the operation worked because he and his family had the backbone to stand behind those who came to his aid and demand the appropriate concessions from the government.

But, all of this depends on communication, even when the particular government agency blocks normal modes such as the Internet, phone service and even electric power.

As the Cold War turns hot these are some important issues to keep in mind. Developing the avenues of communication and distribution are key. Being trained in tactics, supporting militias, supporting average citizens engaged in the action are important. Intelligence info from the front is something that needs to be better worked out.

The trouble with communication is that the federal government is in control of it, or can exert its influence over it. We have seen this in the way the Obama Administration has kept the Bundy Ranch affair out of the major news networks, how they dictate the message they want to get out through the major media outlets. This is a less and less important factor as the major media is suffering a debilitating credibility deficit. But, that only exposes the fact that there, right now, is no effective means of getting news from the front lines to the broader public with confidence in the quality and integrity of that message.

Perhaps, I just don't know about it. My question to the militia organizations out there is: Is there a way to use radio to radio communication back to a viable outlet to supporters around the nation? I realize that any attempt to arrive at common portal only makes it easy for the feds to focus on it. These are logistical issues that need some attention.

The war is hot. We need to start (should have a long time ago) get these resources in place and in use. I would love to work on this project with whomever might be interested, or at least point me in the right direction.

Bundy is not the only Bundy out there. This will come into play in Connecticut, in Utah, in Colorado, in Texas anywhere any government agency acting against the Constitution, using tyrannical and deadly force against citizens seeking to exert their God-given rights is present. Retribution for those actions should cause more mobilization, we have to be able to manage it.

In this war of restoration of these rights all are participants, either in support or in opposition. Getting our act together is a duty I take seriously.

I am at your disposal.


  1. Sparks31 is working on something as well.

    LMK how I can help.


  2. We are clearly in the same position our American founders were in when they fought back. Therefore, if the internet, cellphones etc are shut down, put your video, photos, interviews and such onto to flash drives or dvds and drive them out of the area.
    No doubt all the patriots who participated in the Bundy rebellion are being investigated; vehicles, plates and people. There’s nothing to stop that. Have one or more of those vehicles drive to and well past a drop spot where the media folks can pick up said drives and dvds and upload them.
    Better late than never.

    1. Bingo! Can also encrypt if the receiver of said drive has a key.

  3. The problem seems to be centralization vs decentralization. Centralization is far more efficient, but far less secure and trustworthy. I doubt any happy medium will prove to be the answer, but maybe something creative will be. Sounds like a good challenge for a linux hacker.

  4. The Frontiermen are encouraging members to get their HAM radio licenses. the 10-meter band has some serious range when the conditions are right. Additional resources are HAM TV and data transmissions.

    Communications are a key element of networking and tribe. Everyone in the Patriot movement should be using TOR and the as well.

    As always, thanks for your work TL.

  5. I would encourage all Amateur Radio Operators and those that are going to be, to seriously check out this site:

    We need to work together with our comms, no mater where in the country we live.


  6. 40-meters is the best medium for this imho. We need to follow what MARS was doing in the cold war and conduct regular scheduled nets so that regions check in. We don't have much of an organization so the question is who will the local radio operators inform about the message traffic? No one at first. It's up to individuals to make the initiative to develop these capabilities so you can offer them to war fighters in your respective AOs after this gets busy. "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country" NM Patriot

  7. Mobil upload sites positioned just outside the AO (and cell blackout area). Fake social sites on FB, Twitter, Etc... (Think some fictional boring gardening site, or model train enthusiast site) previously set up to be activated during these times to immediatlely diseminate raw photos and intel before the coverup can implemented. Sites to be monitored by and only known by personal contact with those who can then get the story out with the widest distribution on alternative news sites. Good old fashioned dead drops of easily concealed and sheilded USB/SD cards to off site collection points.

    1. Small r/c aircraft or even slingshots to get the card/drive past a barricade/roadblock or even between buildings that have been cordoned off in urban settings.


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