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Friday, April 11, 2014

Blood Is The Game

The Bundy Ranch issue is not about grazing fees. It is not about court orders. It is not about grazing rights. When the feds came in and confiscated cattle it became about ownership, not of cattle, of people.

This happens every day in America and lone, silent victims have to take it or die trying to resist. From what authority do the feds draw their ability to confiscate anyone's possessions? A court order to steal? There is only one authority any government has over the people and their possessions and that is the authority of force. That authority can go both ways.

The best way to show the authority of the people is to take the cattle back. If it is known where they are, there is nothing to stop the people from retrieving them. It might cost some blood, but blood is the game when dealing with the government. They only understand force, political and physical.

This issue is before the eyes of America. Those waiting for something to happen have waited long enough, this is it. It doesn't matter what side issues are present. The question is simply: does the government have the right to take someone's property or not? Are we a free people or not? Standing up, right now, in Nevada can begin the long road back to justice, but not without sacrifice.

Get the cattle back. Wherever they are. Whatever you have to do.

UPDATE: Rumors of gun confiscations near Bundy Ranch.

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