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Lies of Omission
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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Blood of Patriots

Liberty is not about Cliven Bundy, it never was. The support Bundy received was in direct proportion to his request for such help. I have nowhere else seen a rancher or land owner asking for the help of the patriot/liberty community. Nowhere else have I seen an aggrieved individual requesting the help of militias to defend their liberties. We are here, we are available.

This is a necessary step in the process.

There are those who still believe in the judicial system, in the concept of fair dealing with the feds. I suppose it is, to their traditional way of thinking, right and honorable to do so. Occasionally they are right. Luck cannot be discounted. However, dealing with the feds is a one-way street. The feds own the laws, the prosecutors, the justices and therefore the fate of the people embroiled in conflicts with them. There are few, if any, examples of the feds being served with orders from the court that they did not fight tooth and nail and even, ultimately, ignored to achieve their ends. All the while making those in conflict with their dictates abide by every utterance of the "officials."

To be a law-abiding citizen is utterly stupid. Claiming to be law-abiding is to agree to oppression and tyranny; it is to accept and even endorse subjugation to arbitrary laws. It is, in this age, unconstitutional. The federal government has discarded the Constitution, ridiculed it, mocked it and labeled those abiding by the Constitution as terrorists. One senator does not say this (Harry Reid) it is said by the whole of the Senate and more Republican senators agree than disagree with Harry's assertion. That other senators disagree and counter the statement does not diminish the legal connotations of that statement.

Terrorism is clearly the method the federal government uses to demand compliance. A threat of prosecution is a threat of unequal treatment before the law, in absence of rights guaranteed under the Constitution. It is a threat of economic destruction, of alienation from family and friends. It is, to some extent, a death sentence. Perhaps, long after all money has been spent, all assets liquidated, all family members estranged, one might prove themselves in the right, but the damage has been done and the feds understand this and therefore do not need a provable case, just a ruse of one that will last long enough to create terror among citizens they have charged.

This is not a tactic to achieve "justice," it is a tactic to achieve fear by which they might pursue any and all goals unopposed. The question to the citizen is not: Are you right? It is: Can you really afford to prove you are right? Are you willing to lose everything to be right? Or, will you agree with us that you will go away, provide no resistance and maybe retain something of your life-long struggle for survival?

Any government that would ask those questions is a government too accustomed to the tactics of terror, having long since abandoned the precepts of legitimate, honorable justice.

In Africa Muslims are known to drill water wells for communities whether they are populated by Christians or Muslims, but when it comes time to drink of the well the citizens are asked similar questions as those asked by our government: Will you become a Muslim and drink from the well, or remain Christian and die of thirst or dysentery? The punishment for drinking from the well without conversion to Islam is death.

When the government of the United States more clearly resembles that of the Taliban, or Al Qaeda, there is no moral struggle left when opposing its dictates. The fact is, when such is true, there is no honor in obedience, only in resistance. There is no purpose in living the lie of freedom when the government has turned to terror.

The patriot has no fear of being labeled a racist by racists, a terrorist by terrorists, a traitor by traitors. It is all name-calling and juvenile. The proof is in acts: those taken against us and those taken against them. They have separated themselves from authority by their actions and deserve nothing less than to be met by citizens who have separated themselves from obedience.

As we saw at the Bundy Ranch, the feds only want to play when the game is fixed, when the death of the citizen is insured. It is their intent to kill citizens to protect the tortoise or to ensure political deals when the last possible resort should be the death of a citizen, yet it is the first choice of the federal government. These are the attitudes and actions of terrorists. It is this way because these bureaucracies transcend politics, are impervious to the elected official of the time. Since 1993 the BLM has been terrorizing the West. Clinton, Bush and Obama have presided over this terrorism without a word, without restraint and they all know that the BLM is doing the bidding of a terrorist government against the people and for the power and prestige of the bureaucrats.

If you are victimized by these terrorists, reach out to those willing to stand with you to deny them the blood of patriots for which they thirst.


  1. "Terrorism is clearly the method the federal government uses to demand compliance."

    Clearly. So what would a lying, thieving hypocrite like Reid say? Duh.

    "When the government of the United States more clearly resembles that of the Taliban, or Al Qaeda, there is no moral struggle left when opposing its dictates."

    Another classic line...well said. I think this parses to, "The time for judging is past." Great post.

  2. “It is interesting to hear certain kinds of people insist that the citizen cannot fight the government. This would have been news to the men of Lexington and Concord, as well as the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan. The citizen most certainly can fight the government, and usually wins when he tries. Organized national armies are useful primarily for fighting against other organized national armies. When they try to fight against the people, they find themselves at a very serious disadvantage. If you will just look around at the state of the world today, you will see that the guerillero has the upper hand. Irregulars usually defeat regulars, providing they have the will. Such fighting is horrible to contemplate, but will continue to dominate brute strength.”
    - Col. Jeff Cooper

  3. "Claiming to be law-abiding is to agree to oppression and tyranny; it is to accept and even endorse subjugation to arbitrary laws." There are an enormous amount of people in the prison system and it only functions because they all go by the rules. If every prisoner in the system decided that they would not abet in their own imprisonment the system would collapse. There is not enough man power available to force every prisoner to do what the system wants. Sans that, the burden of having to feed every inmate in their cell, having no trustees to do work etc. would collapse the system financially. Every time we abide an unjust or illegal law, we most certainly are abetting the system.

  4. Good article however until we identify our domestic enemy as the individuals committing acts of treason against us we will never get the understanding of what is happening from those who have not yet become victims. It is not the government that is acting against us it is people, so called Americans, who has chosen a path that willingly violates the rights we own in their own personal interests.
    The "government" has nothing without these willing accomplices we are needing to identify as Quislings and Traitors. Once we label them and their actions truthfully resisting these corrupt individuals becomes a matter of personal safety not failure to comply with laws or resistance to authority. It will give each citizen the self approval they require to resist with a clear conscience. The "government" is only a collection of corrupt traitors, no longer able to identify themselves as Americans.
    Sorry to preach, couldnt say it any other way.
    Yank III

  5. Freedom and Liberty fought and defended against humans only making wages to defend the power that be is only a form of Nullification of unconstitutional law..bring on the wage earner with their weapons they will always surrender to the humans willing to sacrifice for freedom and liberty. Occupy should be taking notes.

  6. If and when martial law is instituted; at that moment Patriot Law should be activated. And answer force for force and with equal authority, but guided by Just-War Criteria if we will have God on our side and an assured victory. Books on Just-War Criteria by men such as M. Walzer, T. J. Demy and J. D. Charles should be read, understood and used as a code of conduct by patriots lest good men get the reputation of being bad men in war. God will bless men at war who's cause is just and pursued justly.


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