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Lies of Omission
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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hostile Bureaucratic Armies

For most of the patriot/liberty community the Constitution is really of no importance any longer. The federal government has tossed that document over long ago. To whatever degree they bandy about the Constitution, it is always in context of violating its meaning by re-defining the words to arrive at a position where the Constitution permits the violation of rights guaranteed within the Constitution. If that sounds contradictory and vague, it is intended to be. That is the purpose of the federal government at this stage in our devolution to traditional dictatorship/monarchy/oligarchy rule of a once free nation.

The Constitution, like individual rights, is as relevant as the people demand. For a hundred years the people have asked nothing of the Constitution. To them, it seemed to be working as advertised. It is only within the past forty years or so that the federal government has come to exert its power over the states and the people to a degree that the people find intolerable. The "spotted owl" decimated the Northwest production of lumber and paper. The land grab continues with bureaucrats at the head of large federal militias in the form of BLM and National Park Service agents. This is a standing army amongst us, dedicated to the destruction of private property and confiscation of large swaths of state land.

The struggle for liberty is against these forces. The militias of citizens and the militias of bureaucrats are now facing off against one another. This is not law enforcement versus citizen. If this struggle is properly understood by the states, it is a struggle for the land itself which makes up the greater part of the states. Since, constitutionally it is only with the consent of the state that the federal government might erect and establish "needful buildings" the state has every right to prevent the bureaucratic militias access to any of the land itself and force them back into their buildings, or vote to rescind permission to own anything at all within the boundaries of the state.

I suggest that these states: Texas, Oklahoma, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, New Mexico and Arizona, or any of them individually recognize that the bureaucractic militias have become abusive to their hosts, hostile to their citizens and illegally promoting conflict and a breach of peace within these states specifically.

If the states will not represent their people in this action, it might well be left to the people themselves to arrange for their defense from federally sponsored conflict in these states. While these states have endured federal ownership in the past recent violations of the Constitution have proven that they are no longer acceptable residents and must be held accountable to the states that hold the ultimate lease upon these lands: occupation.

Either way, it is clear now that the bureaucracies are dangerous to liberty and are acting as military units within the states with hostile intent toward the state's citizens and their rights.


  1. Our system is most frequently characterized as a dictatorship or, more precisely, as the dictatorship of a political bureaucracy over a society which has undergone economic and social leveling. I am afraid that the term "dictatorship," regardless of how intelligible it may otherwise be, tends to obscure rather than clarify the real nature of power in this system. . . Even though our dictatorship has long since alienated itself completely from the social movements that give birth to it, the authenticity of these movements (and I am thinking of the proletarian and socialist movements of the nineteenth century) gives it undeniable historicity. These origins provided a solid foundation of sorts on which it could build until it became the utterly new social and political reality it is today, which has become so inextricably a part of the structure of the modern world. . . . It commands an incomparably more precise, logically structured, generally comprehensible and, in essence, extremely flexible ideology that, in its elaborateness and completeness, is almost a secularized religion. It offers a ready answer to any question whatsoever; it can scarcely be accepted only in part, and accepting it has profound implications for human life. In an era when metaphysical and existential certainties are in a state of crisis, when people are being uprooted and alienated and are losing their sense of what this world means, this ideology inevitably has a certain hypnotic charm. . . . Vaclav Havel, The power of the powerless

  2. We have but one question to ask ourselves. Which is more important: the Constitution or the union? The Constitution represents Liberty, our Judeo/Christian foundation, the rule of law and the sovereignty of the individual states. The federal government in Washington represents the union. Or more succinctly, tyranny.

  3. Lysander Spooner pointed out that either the Constitution allows the government we have, or was unable to prevent it. The Constitution is not self-executing. We the people need to enforce it against the government that is continually trying to break out of the bounds established by the Constitution.

  4. "I suggest that these states: Texas, Oklahoma, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, New Mexico and Arizona, or any of them individually recognize that the bureaucractic militias have become abusive to their hosts,"

    Good luck with that. The bureaucrats are in power there too. That's why I don't look to state governments to do much about federal government excesses. Anyway whatever they manage to accomplish, will be done to enhance their own power. A state BLM is not a heck of a lot better than a federal one (although it is a little better).

    Bureaucracies are filled with people who, like us, act in their own interest. About the only difference is that their moral character is worse than average (they live off stolen loot) and they have power over us. The thing to do is challenge and obliterate that power. The opportunity will come when the economy collapses as a results of bureaucratic activities.

  5. Having worked in the construction industry for over 35 years I can attest that a bureaucrat is a bureaucrat regardless of whether they are city, county, township, state or federal. They are all power mad little pests at best and downright dangerous at worst. The fraud waste and abuse of authority, resources and money I've seen is infuriating.


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