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Lies of Omission
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

In the Hearts of Patriots

An astounding article written by a reporter for ThinkProgress, a liberal rag, put the general issues of the Bundy Ranch in a fairly neutral light. It was a good piece. Better yet, the comments section were instructive. Kerodin brought this to my attention and it serves its purpose.

Many of the commenters said that the founders would be ashamed of us, that we had not read the founders, or we would not support resistance to the federal government. Wasn't Bundy a freeloader? A fee cheat?

Fortunately for the patriot/liberty movement these sorts of drones don't matter in the larger view of things. Lost on these individuals (can't really call them Americans if they don't know, believe or will stand for those things that makes one a citizen of the United States) is the events at the Bundy Ranch were exactly what the founders would have initiated. We know this, because they did initiate the Revolutionary War over it, over arms they were not supposed to have, a violation of law, I imagine as serious as grazing cattle.

They either don't know, or are willfully ignorant of the fact that Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 states:
"...and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings"

The purpose, obviously, was to provide for defense of the numerous states, allowing the state legislatures to vote on whether to allow the feds to own land so they could build fortifications to the defense of the nation. Nothing more. Nothing is said about owning land because it is beautiful, or houses endangered species. It doesn't even say they are allowed to own the land, only to build upon the land their "needful buildings."

This is where it all comes down to oppression, tyranny and theft. As I have said a million times, we have only those rights we are willing to die to preserve. Yes, if one is dead, one cannot enjoy their rights, but in the act one secures that right for one's posterity.

On reading the comments in the article it becomes clear that the two Americas can no longer exist in one nation. Those who swear fidelity to the state cannot bear the temerity of those who swear fidelity to the Constitution. Those ships are too far distant to make contact.

In all the rhetoric, the main theme is lost. A family faced the loss of their livelihood due to the presence of a tortoise. The government sought to deprive Bundy of his property by shutting off his time-honored rights to graze the land held illegally by the federal government. To enforce the will of the government a private army was sent out to intimidate him into compliance with a demand to pay an authority that has lost its right to obedience by abandoning that which gives it credibility. Without the "lawless" militia, the government snipers might have pulled a Ruby Ridge.

How any American can look at that situation and come up with the belief that Bundy was in the wrong, shows that they are no longer Americans at all, but some sort of drone serving at their masters call. That is not the spirit that broke the British government, it is not the spirit that forged a new land from wilderness, it is not the spirit of that drafted one of the most important documents in human history.

Those on the side of Bundy exemplified everything the founders thought they were preserving with the drafting of the Constitution. That America is still alive in the hearts of patriots regardless of the popular opinions of slaves.


  1. The comments at that article were more than I could stomach.

    The videogame proletarians have accepted their chains. I hope they suffocate in them.

    There is no talking to them, and there is no going back. The Rubicon has been crossed. God save us all.


    1. Correct on all accounts. As for trying to reason with those of willful ignorance or just plain stupidity, that is a lesson in futility that enters the realm of insanity. The time for that kind of illogically endeavor has past. They wanted a war with the Patriots of America and now these tyrants shall pay the price for their collective stupidity. We the people have had enough of this tyrannically government. It is long past time for these bastards to be tried, convicted, and hung. And that includes these badged jack-booted thugs Harry Reid and company have employed. Reid and his hired thugs have committed countless violations of the Constitution including High Treason during wartime. Time for him to pay for his crimes.

  2. An instructive point from the ThinkProgress article comments: the common refrain of bewilderment that the Bundys and their supporters can operate independent of government support. Many call for "sanctions" on the ranch, e.g. shutting off water, electricity, etc, without understanding that much of that is already provided by the ranch and the militias.

    These are the same idiots who think Putin gives a shit that we blocked access to his NetFlix account. The way to reach these people is through counter-sanctions. Show them how dependent they are and thus how much they stand to lose if things go hot.

  3. "Those ships are too far distant to make contact."

    No, but we are just about at the perfect range for a full broadside of canon.


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