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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Intemperate Frauds

There are two divided nations known as the United States. The best known is the United States of America. This is the one we all believed in, fought to defend and continue to fight to restore. The other one is the Constitutional United States, where states claim their authority over the federal government. This is the one worth fighting for today.

Perhaps, something new will take the place of the once powerful United States of America, perhaps a few other things. What is known is that the current government, actually the employees of the United States of America, no longer faithfully execute their offices. They are frauds, using our funds, pursuing the oppression of the very sustenance of their power.

The first skirmish in the ultimate undoing of this currently established nation has taken place at Bunkerville, Nevada on the Bundy Ranch. This is no longer a cohesive society. Those in power are not representatives of the people, they have other masters those big donors, those influence peddlers and money laundering experts. The true fact is simple: powerful people give big money to politicians (not representatives of the people) who become elected to official office, take an oath and immediately violate the oath and use their position to push the campaign contributions back to the powerful donors. It is a way of cycling the money through the U.S. Treasury, returning many times the amount of the contribution. Nowhere in this scheme is the role of the citizen other than to cast ballots. Sure, a road might get paved, a bridge built but by who? The companies headed by those big donors, of course.

So, let's drop the pretense. When it comes to individuals like Bundy, there is no one in the federal government who will help. They have too many donors to repay to take up a cause that goes counter to their private promises with the exchange of the envelope.

Forget Mark Levin, forget Glenn Beck's handwringing. If Glenn Beck had ever been sincere about his desire to see a re-constituted nation based on liberty and the rule of law, he missed it on the day he had several hundred thousand patriots on the mall in Washington D.C. If he had suggested anything, had any plan to put in place, we all would have taken his lead, but, as usual, he just wanted to talk.

On the other hand, we have Cliven Bundy, a man who stood up to the federal government goons long before any of us knew his name. He did it, because he was right and because he has a backbone. Of course he did it to keep things the way they were; to live and die on the ranch founded by his family. As half-owner of a small ranch in Colorado, I will tell you that the first person who tries to take it from me will never make it past the gate. That goes for bankers and deputies doing their dirty work.

No, I am not like Cliven Bundy. That is not a comparison I care to make, but we do have some similar experiences with the government and some similar attitudes about land and cattle. I will support Cliven Bundy, not because of our similar backgrounds, but because of our similar visions of federal intrusion and the criminal enterprise taking place on our nation's hallowed ground. In a few days I will have the time to show my support in person, if it is required and they are still in need of physical support.

Anyone who goes to Nevada will have to do so accepting that it may be a one-way trip. That is a difficult proposition and one that should not be made in haste, but with reason and with bows tied around the issues at home.

Everything has changed in America. The criminals in Washington have been exposed and their minions sent out to deal with obstacles to their ambition are seen for the thugs that they are. Of course, on the other side of the political spectrum, the collectivist traitors willing to deny their oath, who wear badges and think about retirement with no reservations about killing supporters of Bundy from behind Kevlar and armored vehicles. Every criminal organization needs its enforcers.

This is why the war will take place, because criminal organizations do not back down, they can't. Everything they have built in the last hundred years has been built with that threat of violence. If they don't have that, they are like a mafia don with no one to make collections, no one to break legs, no one to execute their enemies. In order to enforce their will they would need integrity built by their dedication to principle and honest dealing. They would have to be respected and that veil dropped long ago.

So, the conflict is defined: Constitutional government vs government of intemperate frauds just cycling cash through the system and skimming off the top.

This unconstitutional nation now bears no resemblance to that agreed to under the United States charter. It is bogus, a thing Bundy understands and has been willing to expose as illegitimate.

It is natural for any government to become the tyrant. The founders understood that and instituted certain rights, codified our natural rights by declaring clearly the rights to free speech, a free press and the right to arms as a last resort. We are at the point of last resort, not just Bundy, but everyone who has suffered under the weight of these tyrants.

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