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Friday, April 11, 2014

Into the Whirlwind

Now is the time to be in Nevada. It is time to push the struggle of the average American, in this case Cliven Bundy. It should not be enough to just show up and support the family. It is time to start helping Cliven Bundy get his cattle back. It is a chance to give a show of force to the feds and let it start to sink in what would happen if they attempt to impose control over a free people.

Already the feds are guilty of numerous counts of assault and assault with a deadly weapon. It is not just an accident when they use force against citizens for asking questions. It is not just an accident when citizens are hit with a moving vehicle. Those park rangers are criminals and must be held accountable for their crimes.

The patriot/liberty community must recognize the situation at hand. This is the dividing point between what the feds will do and what the people can do in response. I commend anyone who has been able to show up ready to support liberty, ready to support the right to property.

There are moments in history where the people have the upper hand, this is one. If the feds think they can come in, confiscate property and brutalize citizens for asking questions and filming officers, it is time to demand reparations. The cattle must be returned and the officers guilty of these crimes must be made to suffer the consequences of their actions. Taking that tack is important. There is a chance to show the feds for who they are and use their aggression against them.

In the hearts of many Americans who are not on the front lines of the struggle for liberation from this tyrannical government is a deep sense of dread. They are getting a good view of what they have always known, but never wanted to confront. It is a chance to drive those silent supporters into the daylight.

No, I am not there. I cannot forsake my responsibilities at present, but there is a time coming, a date certain, when I can and will be there. This whole fiasco needs to go one step further and instead of watching as the cattle are gathered, those soldiers on the ground can stop them. Passive resistance, if that is your way. It is important to put pressure on the feds to leave, without the cattle. It is important to make them give the stolen cattle back.

What it takes is a few dedicated fighters willing to take the heat and make the feds over react. In turn, it gives license to further acts and further acts until the feds are forced to come to grips with the fact that they cannot weather the storm of a hostile public. 

I praise the militias freedom fighters for standing up to the challenge. I praise the Bundy family for not wanting to just get along with the feds. I praise those who have braved the anger and aggressiveness of the federal agents and stood solid when beaten and tazed.

The dynamic is simple: forcing officers to expose their brutality is the key to success. More is done to cement a movement, a cause, by this method than any other. They are the willing contributors to their own demise, if you will let them. Film everything.

To those on the ground, I know I am but one man and my presence would mean little, but I will proudly stand next to you as soon as I can. I have to bring some bacon home, but I am on my way. I look forward to meeting those who have gone into the whirlwind ahead of me. When you have to go back and take care of business, I will spell you on the front lines. God bless.    

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