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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Operation Outreach

Harry Reid says that "it's not over" at the Bundy Ranch. Truer words were never spoken, thanks for the heads-up Harry. We know how these Marxists ghouls operate: it is never about the issues up front; it is about sheer, raw force and right now little Harry feels a bit impotent and chagrined at having been caught pulling a fast one. Harry isn't used to having his dirty little deals exposed for the world to see. I suppose he got a few phone calls over the Bundy Ranch affair and feels the need to make a point, which is always the same. You heard it from J. Paul Vance in Connecticut: "I am the master." What then does that make of us...slaves?

Yes, that is exactly who we are and the government has thousands of overseers with whips and rifles to make sure we never forget it. They ride herd with all the power and all the advantages a wealthy nation can provide. To them, we are but livestock being herded through life to serve them and provide for them...and to kneel before them.

It is the greatness of the American people that they have been wealthy enough, comfortable enough to let these vermine rise from our midst, feeling always that they can not long survive the arduous journey among the good people of America. "Someone will see through them and be done with them," the people tell themselves, but no one has. Until now. As Barack Obama so famously said: "We are the ones we've been waiting for."

They are branding us all now with the moniker of "domestic terrorist" so that they might be able to go after us with great zeal and propriety. But the nation is divided, moreso than little Harry Reid can possibly fathom. He is living in a past world, oblivious that everything changed on the Bundy Ranch. People rose up and repelled an arrogant and armed force. That vision will never be extinguished, because the people finally realized the power of "the consent of the governed."

Everything evil in our nation is a result of our own consent, because there are only two options: consent and dissent. Silence is consent, noise is dissent. No matter what form they take there are only two.

It is time to right our badly listing ship and work together to overturn the usurpers in power. As I have pointed out numerous times: One cannot violate the oath of office to defend the Constitution, then willingly violate it through governmental expedience. An official in violation of the oath has given up the pretense to legitimacy and act as rogue and arbitrary rulers, without restraint. This is not the United States without obedience and fealty to the oath taken by every "representative." There are no legitimate representatives where the first act of office is a fraud.

So, the counter-revolution begins. It is time to demonstrate the reach and power of the citizens of the Constitutional United States. When Harry starts the hot war by dispatching his badged vigilantes against the Bundys it will be time to stand on one side or the other. No room for moderates in this fight. One either votes for consent or dissent. I choose dissent.

Kerodin had a very insightful piece the other day and it comes home now more than ever. Read the post and then think about how you can help Bundy from your own AO. When it goes hot, as it seems it will shortly, you can act without traveling thousands of miles to do it. Keep them busy, let them see the reach of our forces and know without a doubt that retribution for another Ruby Ridge will be swift and broad. Call it "Operation Outreach."

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