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Lies of Omission
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Same Pig, Different Lipstick

The very essence of what has happened to America is being played out in the Nevada desert near Bunkerville. Cliven Bundy and his family have grazed cattle on federal land since before the formation of the BLM, well over 100 years. His family moved out to settle the wilderness with nothing more than a homestead of 160 acres.

In exchange for braving a very unforgiving environment, ranchers were allowed to graze their cattle on the remaining unsold land. This is not an absentee business, ranching. It requires riding herd, protecting the cattle from predators, calving, moving cattle, managing the range, digging wells for water and a million other chores required to survive the desert.

This is how ranching was done. The federal government didn't care that the cattle were there. Back then, when this was still a free land, the federal government was just happy there was someone there, anyone, who might be able to help their troops who patrolled the West, securing the land for settlement. When Bundy's family settled the land, there was no such thing as Las Vegas, or the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). They were alone, isolated with only the help of neighbors to fight through the worst the desert had to offer.

It was tough and it bred men like Cliven Bundy, who has stood up and refused to be pushed around by bureaucrats and environmentalists. The desert tortoise is nothing but a ruse conjured up by the alliance of a federal government unconcerned for the rights of citizens and environmentalists who think all of humanity is a curse to their precious god: Gaia. Environmental fascism and bureaucratic brute force have been brought together to destroy another American family.

Armed forces of the FBI, BLM and Park Rangers have been sent out to steal his cattle, to harass his family and destroy the ranch. It is the final act in a long-running confrontation between Bundy and the feds. This is how the federal government deals with the little guy, the pioneer, the average joe. If Bundy's name were Chase, or JP Morgan, or General Motors the $300,000 the government says Bundy owes in back grazing fees would be nothing, a mere accounting error, not even a decent bonus to the Wall Street Bankers this government bailed out just a few years ago. But since the family name is Bundy, a person not unlike any of us, except, perhaps more courageous, he suffers the full wrath of the federal government, complete with "First Amendment Areas" snipers on the surrounding hills and helicopters buzzing the ranch.

The reasons behind the conflict are irrelevant, because it is the tactics, the severity of treatment the people receive at the hands of their government that reveals its open hostility toward freedom and independence. Bundy is the enemy. Whatever actions Bundy took that set the government on this vendetta could easily have been reasoned out, discussed, but that's not how the feds deal with little guys.

Those in the patriot/liberty community have been seeking a point where a stand must be made. They wonder who will be the one to stand up to these tyrants. Look no further. Cliven Bundy has long made his sentiments known, has for decades argued for the right to do as his family has done for over 100 years. If he will stand, the forces for liberty should stand with him. Run the barricades, video the abuses, label the tyrants for who they are. It doesn't matter how this turns out, it should be the line that we no longer let slip beneath our feet as we shake our heads.

Rob Mrowka at the Center for Biological Diversity and Terri Robertson of Friends of Sloan Canyon are two of the environmentalists pushing the federal government to take these actions.

Don't let them put Bunkerville beside the names of Ruby Ridge and Waco. Trumped up, overzealousness ruled the day back then, too. This is the same pig with different lipstick.


  1. My (best) guess is, if 'they' get away with their move against this person in NV, it will happen here in New Mexico (in the out of the way places which were established before statehood). This (IMHO) is another push by Team Fed against anyone who resists their dictates. Time (again IMHO) to push back and hard.

    1. the Bundy daughter has stated in public comments that UTah is next.

      no wonder the regime won't speak poorly of putin, they are cut of the same cloth.

  2. Don't forget what they did to Kit Laney.

  3. BINGO!

    He was one of their test cases, and they got away with it. After the feds disappeared him, he wasn't seen nor heard from again until he turned up in a courtroom in El Paso weeks later.

  4. There is also Steve Lindsey in Southern Arizona. His ranch is deeded property, passed down from previous generations. The Feds are persecuting him because he has a (supposedly) rare weed on his property.

    This is all part of Agenda 21 and the Wildlands Project. Ranchers are the largest landowners in these swaths of land the wackos want to get people out of.

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