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Monday, April 28, 2014

This Ain't No Traveling Circus

Layne Chapman of Texas, in the area of the BLM land grab along the Red River, is a good man. There are not many who can claim that title. Now, his land is in danger of being confiscated. This is not federal land he is grazing on, it is his land. The BLM wants to claim 90,000 acres, some of it Chapman's, to "define" the border or some other bureaucratic excuse. Their "good" ideas spell pain and bankruptcy for mere citizens of this pirated nation.

Chapman would like the support of the people in the style of Bundy, but without the force. He would like to see a rally to bring heat to the issue, raise awareness, etc.

I believe Chapman to be a good man. That isn't enough.

Right now Chapman has the support of the state of Texas. The Governor and the Attorney General are on the case, but even if that were not true Chapman's vision is flawed.

The important issue, one raised at a recent meeting between a few committed patriots and myself, is of credibility. The conglomeration of viewpoints and principles we call a "movement" has finally started to gel around the idea of defending the rights of citizens. That is a cause worthy of any patriot's time, but good people like Chapman seem to think patriots are like a traveling circus.

The BLM did not back down at the Bundy Ranch because they were afraid of the snakes on the flags, or the imposing riders on horses; they backed down because they were about to expose themselves as the bloodthirsty thugs they are. They had lost the advantage of a media blackout. They had lost the advantage of having the only snipers on the ridge (or overpass). When government bureaucracies act like outlaws in a grainy Western: stealing land, stealing cattle and fencing stolen goods that is exactly who they become: outlaws. Outlaws only respond to force. A rally, without the strength and integrity of a dedicated militia and willing auxiliaries who will stand behind the principle of God-given rights with arms, is nothing; just another useless rally.

It is important for the patriot community to hold onto that concept of defenders of individual rights, but it has to be the right individual. No one is perfect. Bundy isn't perfect. The one absolute requirement of an individual is the desire for help in defending their rights, without qualification, without dictating the conditions of that support. The patriot community is not a traveling circus. It is not a hired gun. They are the defenders of individual rights against the oppression and tyranny of a criminal government. If that takes force, it has to be on the table. We know it is on the table when they encounter an unarmed citizen just trying to live his life on his own land.

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