Lies of Omission

Lies of Omission
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Friday, May 2, 2014

Bunkerville Remains The Flash Point

Bunkerville represents the first action of the people's resistance against an unconstitutional governmental bureaucracy turned paramilitary unit. We are likely to see more as time goes on, because there is not a bureaucracy that has not been turned into a paramilitary unit.

The principle lost in all of this militarization of bureaucrats is that they generally interact with citizens, not enemy combatants or criminals; they are not headed by someone who can be voted out of office, like a sheriff, or held to account by a city council who can be voted out of office. We are not capable of voting out of office the Director of Homeland Security and impeaching a president is something the corrupted officials will not consider in today's oligarchy. These are highly armed bureaucrats already infamous for their hostility toward the general public primarily because they are impervious to public opinion.

When the patriot speaks of tyranny, this is exactly the definition that comes to mind: roving bands of highly-armed bureaucrats enforcing "regulations" crafted by the bureaucracy (without votes, without oversight, without due process) at the point of a gun. I have largely refrained from making correlations between either Nazi's or Stalinists with these bureaucrats, but it is becoming much too relevant to be ignored.

Bunkerville remains the flash point as indicative of the war on civilians the government has engaged in over the past several decades. They deal harshly with corporations, using these same bureaucracies to harm and ultimately destroy whole industries, displacing workers whose fortunes are dependent upon them. These actions of the federal government on behalf of special interest environmentalists  can no longer be disguised as actions in the public interest. They are destructive of the public interest which is wide and varied, not merely focused on a largely discredited "global warming" agenda as are the special interests they use as excuses for their belligerence.

It is not criminal to demand the protections of the Constitution against the abuses of the government. It is the right of the citizen to demand these protections and in a civil society the government is honor bound to address them according to law, recognizing the tendency of any power structure toward abuse. What is taking place across the nation now is the abandonment of these principles and this understanding of the nature of government toward abuse is being discounted and even exacerbated by the methods of enforcement of "regulations" by bureaucratic military units.

Since the government has refused to look inward, to investigate itself with any dedication to republican principles of restraint and correction, the abuses must continue and to grow more and more hostile to the forces dedicated to their legal limitations. Those legal limitations remain, however, and must be enforced by the citizens themselves.

The creation of resistance is wholly the making of the federal government and its bureaucracies and its dissolution is also possible within their power if properly administered through restraint and internal investigation. Since this tack has been dismissed with the arrogance of sheer force, there can be no other conclusion than the fact that the federal government is intent on operating outside the law against its own citizenry.

Citizens seeking lawful redress of grievances have been labeled "domestic terrorists" and given, therefore, criminal intent in preparation for wholesale slaughter or internment, thus creating armies of individuals recognizing the inherent evil of the corrupted government and reacting appropriately to counter these abuses.

When legality becomes a ruse, illegality becomes legitimate.


  1. Each of us has a natural right, from God, to defend his person, his liberty, and his property.

    Frederic Bastiat

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  2. If anarchy is living without Law, then that's what we hve right now. Everyone was so worried about it. Just because the largest gangs happen to have their historical roots as governments, doesn't change what they are. Okay, so at a certain size it's called Tyranny instead of bangin' in the 'hood, but it's still the same thing. Even some lawyers will finally admit, "It's the rackets, plain and simple."

    So however you handle one, is how you handle the other.

    1. Anarchy is not without law. Anarchy is without rulers. What we have now is statism.

  3. That is a morale patch I would wear on my militia uniform.

    "Domestic Terrorist"


  4. Those guys are nuts, if they think they can go to war with the US government.
    I wish them lots of luck, they're going to need it

    1. You're a fool to think the U.S. Government is not at war with you.

    2. If you have ever seen a demonstration of the firepower of a modern infantry squad or company in the attack, it is obvious that poorly armed, ill-trained casual resistance fighters do not stand a chance against mortars, rockets,weapons launching air drones plus individual weapons, SAWS and God Forbit - 105mm artillary. They may be at war with us but stand up face to face encounters are going to be losers. The only chance is for Guerrila Raids, ambushes, etc.

    3. No kidding? You think this is a stand up, face to face fight? Do you really think that they will even know who their enemy is until their vehicle explodes? Are you sure that they are even going to trust each other when they start to get turned by their own conscience and or friends or relatives? Do you know how difficult it is for our troops to identify enemies who look like all the other Afghanis on the street, how much more difficult when they look like one's little brother or sister? You have not thought out this conflict.

    4. We're not going up against the conventional military. Why do you think Obongo is emasculating the military and giving all their toys to "law enforcement"... he's afraid the majority of them aren't going to play ball. Modern LEOs are for the most part conditioned to think that Joe Sixpack is already the enemy, and have no problem doing blitzkrieg at 0300 against him.
      The problem is that LEOs are even more outnumbered than the military, and their "tactics" are laughable against an armed opponent that has any idea what he or she is doing. The "thin blue line" is going to be their undoing when they have nobody to turn to in the general population.

    5. T.L. Davis- NAILED IT. They will never have enough tanks, or more likely tank drivers when those tanks are tasked with rolling over Americans.

    6. "If you have ever seen a demonstration of the firepower of a modern infantry squad or company in the attack, it is obvious that poorly armed, ill-trained casual resistance fighters do not stand a chance..."

      You'd have been a hoot in the 1770s. Or even the 1870s. "Horseless carriages? C'mon, no way."

      Only one thing stands between here and Liberty, and it's that the vast majority of people still don't want it. The firepower of Govco pales in comparison to that deciding factor.

      They'll eventually want Liberty alright, but maybe a day too late. It's up to freedomistas to keep pounding the evidence home, until it's just too overwhelming to deny. IMO the assumption should be that the will to survive will take over, once it's understood that the alternative is certain death. OTOH sheeple are mighty hard to predict and logic isn't their strong suit. Oh well, one mind at a time.

    7. We've been locked in a ten year struggle against men that ride camels and carry AK's and improvised weapons. Now we're going hat in hand to those men begging for peace.

    8. Just stay home and watch your reality tv. You are an abject coward!



  5. Thought others might find these two links of interest. I thought Mike V. had a good assessment of the ranch situation:
    Also, thought this was a really good short video of a town meeting that just happened:

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Here's the real deal:

    1. Agree. A huge Thorium deposit plus the "missing" mineral maps is the key to this. Chinese build solar plant while mining vein, so public knows nothing. Chinese gain billions in Thorium to run their reactors while appearing to research "solar" plant. When finished, they fill in mine shaft mouth and dismantle solar plant as failure. The only people screwed are the Americans. Really Beautiful Sen. Reid. So glad you are representing the USA to the world.

  8. We learned to chose our battles wisely. Bundy wasn't the best choice.
    The government, at least most of it, learned to tread lightly. The BLM learned that a grandstanding show of force will have consequences.

    1. "Bundy wasn't the best choice."

      Why not? Tyranny is tyranny is tyranny. If anything, the fine ambiguities about the moral and/or legal issues might help...they left the focus where it properly was: "No more Wacos."

      "The government, at least most of it, learned to tread lightly."

      Unsolicited advice---don't take that to the bank.

    2. Ann Elizabeth: your cloister is calling

  9. Descendant of Cave PaintersMay 4, 2014 at 2:35 PM

    There is only one way this present mess will terminate. That is in a big and nasty dustup. Two political parties and a voting booth are just a distraction for ostriches.

  10. Unfortunately we are beyond politics.

  11. “It is interesting to hear certain kinds of people insist that the citizen cannot fight the government. This would have been news to the men of Lexington and Concord, as well as the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan. The citizen most certainly can fight the government, and usually wins when he tries. Organized national armies are useful primarily for fighting against other organized national armies. When they try to fight against the people, they find themselves at a very serious disadvantage. If you will just look around at the state of the world today, you will see that the guerillero has the upper hand. Irregulars usually defeat regulars, providing they have the will. Such fighting is horrible to contemplate, but will continue to dominate brute strength.”
    - Col. Jeff Cooper

  12. The other point to remember is that the jingoism of the modern corporate state has produced large numbers of veterans--many quite young-- who have experienced multi-level warfare in the streets of Fallujah and the hills of Kandahar; they are now undertaking the sisyphaen task of reintegration in to ambivalent society ("we went to war while the rest of America went to the mall,") while seeking the medical and psychological assistance they earned and deserve from an overextended and frankly dysfunctional corporate government. There is a reason vet e rand are seen as threats to the status quo because they are capable of bringing the warfighting skills needed to the home front, all thanks to the time, money and training of Uncle Sugar. Remember, in the corporate mentality the system self-canabalizes.

  13. We all have skills to use in the upcoming fight. Mine is to write the songs of revolution. Here's one I have titled - It's a welfare warfare state. The link is to a video of me reciting the song to a beat but if you just want to read the lyrics they are below. If you like please share if not, then just ignore I guess.

    It’s a Welfare Warfare State
    They demand that the people be disarmed,
    All the while surrounded by armed guards,
    They get rich from insider info,
    Do what they do and off to jail you'd go,
    They say gold is a barbarous relic,
    Don't look now - but I think the Euro's sick,
    They plan our lives down to the smallest fraction,
    But forget about the force of human action.

    It's a welfare-warfare state, with a populace sedate,
    But I have hope I have to say,
    cause more awaken every day,
    so get off your boredom binge,
    and come join the lunatic fringe.
    The hypocrisy of authority,
    Such a sight to see, what futility!
    The super successful societies,
    Have always been the ones with Liberty.

    They turn truths into conspiracies,
    I call them facts, but they call them theories,
    Their plans may hurt or they may be so tame,
    throughout it all, you know the planners remain the same,
    They want control they want to watch our every move,
    Get out of line, you'll have your innocence to prove,
    They get their votes through handouts and deceit,
    They'll come undone by their own fatal conceit.

    Ok one more:

    This ones called destruction and democracy...

    Welcome to the narcissistic nanny state
    It's a bureaucratic feudalistic magistrate.
    It's got an ego powered artificial mad mandate,
    If you're full of self importance than you think it's great
    If you love to control others then you can relate
    But the only thing a government can ever create
    is a central banking system a destructive tax rate,
    and a craving for power they can never satiate.
    Governments and bureaucrats,
    Monopolies and manipulated stats
    Bureaucracies and men in black,
    Well help you fund your coup de’tat.

    They'll offer you destruction and democracy,
    They'll give you money if you follow policy,
    They'll never let you know it's all a fallacy
    They'll even let you pretend that you're truly free
    As long as you don't ever go and disagree
    Then they won't shock and awe you very viciously.

    We're regulated by fickle fabulous fools,
    Who love to dominate you with their government rules.
    They're in it for the power and perhaps the glory,
    Manipulate the media to sell their story

    The military industrial complex,
    Enforces all their orders regardless if they wreck,
    The lives of ordinary people by mistake,
    To get your vote they'll give but they prefer to take.
    To offer up a little bit of clarity,
    You just can't print prosperity.
    I just want a government that's sensible,
    And follows a non aggression principle,
    But every day leviathan increases in size,
    Truth is treason in an empire of lies.

    If you want to hear more here's my youtube channel -

    1. Nice, but you got one thing backwards. It's the guy with the WEAK ego who seeks to rule others. Duh, that's how he pretends that he matters. The one with the STRONG ego recognizes that his own life is worth it, and so would never belittle himself by pretending to rule over others, whose souls he knows are their own..

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