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Lies of Omission
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Monday, May 5, 2014

Consider This, Mr. Federal Agent

America has been on the brink of implosion for several years, even decades. Only those who were active during the Ruby Ridge and Waco actions of the federal government against the lives and liberties of their targets know how close America was to outright rebellion in the 1990's.

Bunkerville will go down as another event in the counter-revolution. Yes, of course, the revolution has already taken place overthrowing the U.S. Constitution in favor of judicial dictate: a cooperation of high political office and the judiciary has sanctioned the overthrow. It is now an oligarchy where a few high offices and corporate leaders steer the nation toward control and away from individual liberty.

Federal agents believe in force. Their jobs require force. They have put their faith in a system they don't even understand, because if they did, they would realize they are on the wrong side and cannot possibly win. That's hard for them to imagine. They look out at their weapons and tactics, the training they have done and the tanks and helicopters at their disposal and imagine all of these assets being brought to bear on those silly citizens with rifles and pistols. Admittedly, it seems as if they have all the advantages, just like the British, just like Santa Ana.

The problem the federal agents have today is one of perception. The people have lived under an increasingly totalitarian state for more than a decade since the passage of the Patriot Act. They have watched the Department of Homeland Security thread its way into every aspect of American life with more to come. Similarities of the federal government of today and that of the Soviet Union are so close that many citizens have trouble figuring out what it was about communism that was worth fighting against that is not now true of the U.S. Government. What is it exactly?

The Supreme Court has lost credibility. To many, it has long since lost credibility, but to some that is something new that they have come to embrace since Fourth Amendment violations are typical; since Second Amendment violations are typical; since First Amendment violations are typical. It seems, by recent rulings that there is nothing outside the power of government through either the Commerce Clause, or the "necessary and proper" clause. If that is true, what would be the need of so many words in the Constitution? Would it not have been more efficient to have spelled out, from the git-go, that the federal government is supreme in all things and that citizens of the United States and individual states are bound to obey the laws passed by the federal government? What would be the need of so many words with the suggestion of a limitation of powers and amendments spelling out specific rights of the citizens and the states?

The fact is: the Supreme Court has done little else than support its own power of law-making since the ruling in Marbury v. Madison when it drew upon itself the power to define the words and intent of the founders. Where it suited the court, i.e. it could exert its power over the Executive and Legislative, it found with the concept of individual rights, when the people came to rely on those rights, it cleverly found with the powers of the government; always with the intent to ensure that it maintained the power to guide society on the path it found most pleasing.

The economic system has been racked by debt in vast excess of the means to repay it. The banking system and the treasury are interlocked to a point where the individual citizen has been sacrificed to avoid default. More of this is to come, because nothing has been fixed since the initial shock took place in 2008 and in fact the debt has grown exponentially since the federal government has turned to outright payoffs to low income people (they don't even have to be citizens to receive cash or to vote) to secure the power structure. What better way to secure power than to bribe a majority of the people with money supplied by the minority? But, that doesn't square any accounts, it just ensures power for a few more years until it all comes undone. By then, they hope to have the police state securely in place. That both objectives are close to being achieved explains where we are as a society and why rebellion is close at hand.

The military has been decimated with fighting two largely unfunded wars, drawing on a smaller and smaller number of soldiers fighting tour after tour without rest or recovery. Yes, the military has lots of nice toys, but it has abused those expected to operate them to the point of near destruction. Meanwhile, it has been invested in the idea of recruiting new soldiers with completely different concepts of warfare and including warfare against "internal threats" more so than external threats. Either way, the military is largely degraded with many of its more competent soldiers rotating out of the service and into the ranks of the "internal threats" and ensuring that they are targeted and/or disarmed, ironically, because they were "damaged" fighting the previously mentioned unfunded wars.

Viewed from an objective and foreign perspective, America looks like an inviting target. It has lost its economic power, at least without the support of foreign governments to purchase its debt. It has lost its military power through attrition. It has lost its patriotic fervor through its abuses to its own citizens.

Consider, just for a moment and this is not a prophesy, or a conspiracy theory, it is merely a suggestion that has been troubling me for a while. It is a "what if" scenario for all of those federal agents who think they know how this all goes down. What if this battle against patriots or "domestic terrorists" as they have been trained to view patriots, is just the insurance of the last piece of the puzzle, the "loss of patriotic fervor" piece before the next shoe drops?

What if that "next shoe" is aggressive military action by Russia and China in Eastern Europe and Asia respectively? What if they destroy the U.S. economy with refusal to purchase debt and start seeking to get out of the U.S. debt business?

Well, nuclear war, right? There is no way America can fight a war against both Russia and China, especially with a devastated economy and no way to borrow funds to crank up a war machine. What if instead of nuclear war, Barack Obama, as President of the United States, surrenders with the agreement that he maintain political control over the North American province?

The suggestion is that it is possible, as are nearly a thousand other scenarios, but, Mr. Federal Agent, you have just become a "domestic terrorist" because you have claimed the whole time that you defend the Constitution and support the United States Government. As such, you are either a POW, or an enemy combatant. Either way, you should learn how to kneel at the edge of a pit.

An interesting video by Matt Bracken et al. Sent via FROST



  1. Great thought filled article. I was surprised by the outrage over cattle in Nevada . So the implosion you write about must be just under the surface .
    Somebody must write about the 100 millionth firearm sold under the Obama Regime . This milestone is coming up in June or July and it shows much broader angst than what the Liberal media wants us to see.

  2. Love the works. keep up the excellent writing

  3. Another great sitrep. Naturally I might suggest that perhaps the Constitution is a distraction itself, especially considering its history, but this ain't the time.

    That outrage wasn't about cattle. IMO what it was about, is precisely the goal that should be focused upon. That's quite enough, duh. Eliminate Tyranny--by eliminating Tyrants if necessary--and surely the rest will follow. If you think about it carefully, that's the founding principle for each of us anyway...that we want to live and build, however we see fit. AND THAT WE CAN AND WILL.

    All things cognitive are hierarchical. IMO this would be a piss-poor time to invert important hierarchies of values. If Jefferson's Rightful Liberty doesn't cover the foundation, at least socially, then someone needs to come up with a better principle.

    Regarding foreign invasion, I don't know what could be better in that scenario, than an active FREEFOR. I can hardly wait to hear how the Talking Heads explain how that's wrong. Hey, you gotta laugh too.


  5. In my opinion, Russia and China are the least of our worries. Remember, they view us as the aggressors against them and they have a (slightly) better reason to think so, given the history of the past 100 years.
    BTW, you mentioned Waco and Ruby Ridge. I think RR was a wakeup call for a few people, Waco was a huge alarm. But, you forget the Klamath Basin Crisis. I highly recommend that you read the following book for many insights about what happens when farmers fight back with intelligence and luck. One thing the farmers did was talk to the armed Feds guarding the headgates (read the book):
    The crisis stopped (it continues to this day) on 9/11/2001. Yes, just before the Patriot Act was adopted.

  6. Very thought provoking article. Mr. Federal agent needs to make damn sure his life insurance is up to date when he steps across the wire.

  7. Some scary stuff.

    Just as a side note, those 100 million guns sold all have form 4473 attached to each transaction.

    As of now there is still no 4473 requirement for private sales. Just thinking outside the box.

  8. Like they have the logistics to round up 100 million guns, HA!

  9. That is the core of the problem. Our debt may mean little to us or as a number of politicians like to say "it doesn't matter". Sure the government can assure there is always a demand for dollars by making us pay our taxes in dollars BUT the matter of the debt has and will continue to come and bite them. We are not in the Ukraine right now because of the debt threat. No matter how big the military, the politicians have sold the country into debt slavery and when they revolt and the foreign interests cut em off then all the little public tyrants will know the meaning of the word penniless.

    The amount of money spent by this government comes out to more in dollar value than the world actually has resources. No way it's going to last.

  10. Not all firearms sold have 4473 only dealers not private sales. They have been reducing liberty since 1933NFA, 1968, 1994 etc...

  11. Excellent. Precise and to the point.

  12. Excellent article. There are perhaps millions of us who will answer the call for freedom.
    We don't all have to be Rambo types, either. If every Patriot was able to shoot only one tyrant each, that would amount to millions of dead tyrants. This is what they fear the most.

  13. If the feds believe in force why did they back down at Bundy's?

    Since the stated goal is to stop cattle from grazing on the land all they have to do now is wait for the furor to die down and then go back and shoot any cattle on the disputed land (that area is much too large to be patrolled by Bundy & his family).

    From the feds perspective: problem solved, without having to worry about any potential confrontations - by the time any supporters arrive all that will be left is a bunch of dead cattle.


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