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Lies of Omission
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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lighting Fuses

In the previous post it appeared to many readers that I was encouraging like actions as those taken by the Millers. That was not my intent, but we are on a dangerous road as the police departments get more militarized, begin to see civilians as targets and with a Presidential administration that is bent on pursuing this theme of "domestic terrorists" as an evil with which it must deal. You understand that many police officers fall into that category by virtue of being veterans, Christians and believers in the Constitution. Just, please God, consider that for a moment. You, as well as I, might be considered enemies of the United States for believing stridently in the founding document of the United States. Your turn will come after you are ordered to shoot as many people like me as you can.

Perhaps you have enough cover on the force that they would never come after you, but they will come after people like me, who will not blanch in the face of pressure. My beliefs in God and the Constitution are solid, that will never change and if those things make me a target, well I will have to deal with it, but you are looking at yourself as an individual suddenly targeted by psychotics and feel uncomfortable. Trust me, it is a much different feeling when you see some of those psychotics driving around in police cruisers, with the weapons, law and society on theirs side. Not all, surely, but enough. Did you know that a police officer is 137 times more likely to be guilty of misconduct severe enough to warrant a news story than of being killed in the line of duty? That is one in five. Now, what are my chances of encountering a cop who is willing to commit misconduct severe enough to warrant a news story? 1 in 5. I think I have a lot more to worry about than you. I mean, in my line of work, I put my life on the line every day as well. I can't even begin to count the close calls, not of mere disfigurement, but death. I accept that and I assume you have as well.

Of course there are no absolutes, but I don't know which one will turn their eye on me on behalf of a police department owning many thousands of gifts to the current administration in the form of military-style vehicles and weapons including snipers and night vision goggles.

No, I am not cowering inside my home for having written the previous post, I wouldn't give them the satisfaction, but it is nearing the time when you will have to decide whether you are on your employer's side, or the side of liberty.

I risk a lot writing this blog, but I consider it a duty to express the frustration and outright illegality going on as commonplace in the world of government. I have suffered the wrath of the government already in my journey of patriotism, so I am not confused as to whether I have been targeted or not. I don't care, because my right to free speech is as dear as the right to bear arms. Put me in jail if you must, kill me if you think it will get you a promotion, but do not mistake your role in the affair.

Don't take my word for it, the bad cops are running loose in society with guns and badges we gave them, go here. It is, at best, an epidemic. There were seven convictions in May alone and we have to figure in that these were just the ones to get caught, run through the process and eventually convicted. How many get away? How many criminals get away rather than convicted? How much harder is it to get a conviction against a cop?

Having said that, the police officers and deputies that frequent this blog are like all who consider themselves defenders of personal rights, good, decent, hard-working people. I don't mean to besmirch them all, but the odds are not good. These are truths that must be faced in order to begin a restoration of the proper order of things. It will take a critical look at the facts and make some judgments and maybe take action against it.

At some point the good cops have to take some responsibility. Yes, the link above shows that the system can work, but my point is the system must work or it breeds people like the Millers. I daresay that it is breeding them much faster than is imagined. An escalation of force can do nothing other than make martyrs and breed resistance. It is hard for cops to recognize that while they might have all of the armor, the tanks, the SWAT teams it wants, a few motivated people who feel the injustice of the system can do unprecedented damage to society as a whole.

My advice is to back off, reassess the trajectory of militarization of your forces and the message it sends to everyone who values their rights. If you light enough fuses a few bombs are liable to go off.


  1. Thank you for the clarification.

    I agree that law enforcement is approaching a cross roads. I have known for sometime where my line in the sand is and that has not changed. If that line is ever crossed I will be working at Burger King I guess.

    What must be remembered is theses are the type of things that are used to further divide us into smaller groups. Black vs White, Republican vs Democrat, North vs South Cop vs Citizen.
    If we can all just sit our personal pride to the side we can see that we agree on most issues.

    God bless


      Good GOD you have a fraudulent regime trying to wipe out Christianity.
      Spreading Chaos and Islam at will.

      Too many evils and the longer we wait the more will die.

  2. Law enforcement of all flavors, "regulatory bodies" and every government swinging d*ck has absolutely no problem or hesitation gunning down innocent people including families, babies and young children using the bullsh*t line "I feared for my life". Oh but how they weep and cry when it's one of theirs. My dad had a saying when I got in trouble growing up. "You made you bed now lay in it". Well Mr. Law enforcement "You made your bed"... You've made the common man "fear for his life" so now you have hell to pay. I would venture to say "You aint seen nothing yet".

  3. David, I read your writings and enjoy their content. I agree with you regarding the police departments being full of scary officers. There are some with a conscience but the marching orders come from above. How many would be willing to quit their good job on the police force and cut off the check for the family? Some of the cops get off on the power and the control. Remember the first thing for the cops to do is "take control of the situation". We now have them being trained by the military and under the umbrella of DHS. The sheepel listen to who ever tells them what to do.
    Please don't quit now. It is people like you that keep us, the aware, the defiant, the Patriotic informed. Remember that while you are not "backing off" you are historically in good company. Those you are keeping company with are T.L. Davis, Christ's disciples, signers of the Constitution, the 300 Spartans and those Patriots at the Lexington Green. You have already lit some fuses don't quit we like the smell of burning gun powder.

  4. Damage855,
    We see a Seattle LEO organization filling a lawsuit because they believe their Constitutional Rights are being diminished because they can't use excessive force, We see an Albuquerque Mentally disabled surrendering get flash-banged and K9ed to be shot to death (including the back). Then an infant flash-banged in GA. We hear the Police Chiefs defend them, never fire them let alone prosecute them. What we don't see is one damn LEO or organization of LEO's calling a press conference to say they stand out against this ruthlessness and believe me I've looked.
    Tell you what I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you are as much patriot as any of us. I'll travel to a destination of your convenience, I'll call a press conference and stand by your side as a III%, with you in uniform and we will call out these corrupt politicians and LEO's and tell them this will no longer be tolerated and "we" are coming for them.
    Damage855,cowboy up and put your money where your mouth is, or don't snivel about being a potential target, you my friend need a paradigm shift.


  5. TL, I look at the emerging situation with LEO's, much like the National Socialist looked at the Jewish Question in the 1930's. Just as in the good ol USA, where today 85% of Jews vote democrat (i.e. communist), 85% of Jewry in 1930's Germany supported Stalin and communism. Like our patriots, the Germans did not have time or resouces to sort the 15% of 'good' Jews from the 85% of collectivist Jews. Similarly, we will not have the time nor resources to sort the 'good' cops from the thugs. So, current 'good' LEO's that do not self segregate from the mass of thugs do stand to be lumped in with the 85% of thugees and dealt with accordingly:

  6. TL PLS review and pass on if possible

  7. Your insights are sorely missed.

  8. I hope you are alive and well.
    Bill in Fla

  9. Prayers being said for you and your family that all is well. As stated above, your perspective as pertains to the tyranny in our Country is greatly appreciated and sorely missed.

  10. TL,
    I'm sure others besides me would like to know you are OK. Just a brief, "I'm fine" so that we aren't thinking you ran afoul of NDAA or the IRS. Godspeed.


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