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Lies of Omission
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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Be American

As some of you know, I have been out of the country.  Nothing gives one a sense of the quality of life in America more than traveling outside.  Beyond the quality of life, there is still the sense that America is the destination of others wishing to take advantage of the opportunities in this nation.  This is different from non-Americans seeking to take advantage of the wealth of this nation. 

There is a difference between the opportunities this nation has to offer and the wealth it possesses.

Too often, lately, the objective has been to come to America to obtain some of its wealth, through any means, preferably without effort; as "payback", maybe for transgressions of the past. I find this repulsive. 

President Obama, with his "amnesty" and with the cooperation of the Republican Party (how well did that vote go for you all?) has encouraged the wrong type of people to seek citizenship.  There are tons of Pakistanis who would love to come to this nation in search of a better life, of better pay, even of better social customs, who would work, gladly, to get the sort of opportunities being offered freely to those who DO NOT respect America, Americans or our "traditional system". These are not just manual labor emigres, but skilled emigres. Pakistanis, however, cannot come to America because of 9/11.

America is special, even to those who hate it. They hate it because it is successful, because it is largely Christian, because it is the pinnacle.  Any nation at the pinnacle of power is going to receive criticism.  Russia (prior to the plunge in oil revenues) was starting to receive the sort of criticism America has endured for centuries.

When America is criticized, it is out of envy.  That is the truth.  Britain criticizes America largely because the best of the Brits (intellectually) rebelled against the King.  Does anyone remember the names of the political figures on the British side? No, they don't.  But, everyone remembers the political figures on the American side of the conflict.  Not just Americans, but people worldwide.

People worldwide respect America, therefore, they criticize America.  It is the fact that they all know, they all point to; there is a common source of reference that they can criticize. Criticism is a part of knowlegdge. 

One cannot criticize what they do not know, therfore one might criticize what they DO know and therefore, what someone criticizes, someone knows.  Criticism, therefeore, suggests knowledge, while that may or may or not be true, it is accepted and that is the crucial misunderstanding between knowledge and knowledge.

Having been in the Middle-East, let me explain from a knowledgeable point of view that while America is still respected and admired for its abilities and accomplishments, it is also a common point of discussion.  What is the point of discussion if not to criticize?  Truly, is there some point of specific knowledge that you have that you are not quick to criticize, to demonstrate your depth of knowledge? Is it a mark of expertise that you criticize that of which you are knowledgeable? Is that not right?

So, to establish oneself as a sophisticate, one must criticize America, the leader of the world, in order to be heard amongst the rabble.

Go on America, be bold, be resistant, be AMERICAN.


  1. How well did that vote go? Don't know yet. THE NEW ONES HAVEN'T EVEN TAKEN OFFICE YET! It's like asking whether next year's apples are worth the pruning given the trees this fall. Won't know until the end of the growing season. However, it's a pretty good bet...

    1. The answer was in the actions of the current congress once they were given a majority to be seated. It should have been a time of bold action, or at least blocking legislation. The first thing they did was fund DHS and Obamacare. The election gave them the support of the people to resist Obama, not capitulate. That should tell one that the election did nothing. But, I guess it didn't tell you anything.

  2. Welcome back!

    The vote went for crap. The GOP asshats who just rolled over on the recent spending vote are going to be in charge in a few short weeks.


    TL is right, no way voting will get us out of this mess

  3. So you thing more Muslim immigration is an answer?
    If anything, that is just another problem........

    1. No, I think enforcing immigration laws is the answer. We are keeping a lot of Europeans out, a lot of Asians out, a lot of Eastern Europeans out and allowing anyone from the southern border and southern hemisphere in. The Pakistani was an example, nothing more, certainly not a recommendation.

  4. Glad to see your still around.

    Anonymous above can not read and discern.
    Bill in Florida

    1. ...or figure out that pesky 'correct usage' "thing"

  5. Welcome home, sir. You have said much, amidst a controversy of the grandest proportions, and with implications beyond what most can imagine. We indeed face the precipice, and the rabble, and this even while only taking the domestic landscape into consideration. The world certainly watches, and criticizes, as is it's right. But what shall be done of it in the coming year, and what shall be made of it, remains in doubt for all. Be well, and may God grant us the opportunity to speak further of such things in due course...

  6. Welcome back Mr Davis.

    "Go on America, be bold, be resistant, be AMERICAN." This statement truly says everything that needs be stated. To be anything other is non-American and/or traitorous.

  7. Tomorrow’s headlines today

    Feb 2015
    Around the time the Repub’s try to confront Obama on de-funding his illegal amnesty, the Democrats will suddenly do an about face and decide that terrorism and Ebola are a danger and that it’ll be the Repub’s fault for any attacks and/or outbreaks.

    Headlines from this time period will be in the following form:

    “Democrats warn that failure to fund DHS will leave the country vulnerable to terrorist attacks and Ebola outbreaks.”

    After all this bad press on the issue the Repub’s will relent and fully fund DHS – and Obama’s illegal amnesty.

    Spring 2015

    With the promise of Obama’s illegal amnesty, the flood of illegals over the border will turn into tsunami of invaders.

    With this news ringing in everyone’s ears, it will be revealed that the ‘initial’ figure of 5 million to get Obama’s illegal amnesty was way too low – and that it will really be 15 – 20 million.

    This only serves to cause untold more millions to surge across the border.

    Any attacks/crime upswings and Ebola outbreaks will be blamed on the Repub’s ‘de-funding’ of DHS.. even though that didn’t happen..

    Summer 2015

    The tsunami of illegals over the border will be cited as justification as the reason for sweeping illegal amnesty orders since this is the only way to know if the invaders are criminals or terrorists.
    [As though criminals or terrorists would turn themselves in anyway]

    A new ‘civil rights’ cry will be heard throughout the land, that the millions of illegal amnesty invaders should be granted de facto citizenship. Or at least they will be called for to be given the right to vote.

    Nov 2016
    "In a stunning landslide victory, the Democrats will be swept into office countrywide borne on the tide of millions of new invasion citizens."

    And thus the Repubs will be relegated to the dustbin of history, pushed there by the overwhelming Democrat majority.

    1. late December 2016...
      In other news, the American people; finally fed up with the nonsense and stupidity; begin to use their God given rights to take back their country. Deciding to oust the political hacks, freeloaders, and illegal invaders; and coordinated online and by word of mouth; they turn away from the ballot box and pick up the cartridge box. The exodus out of the country and back across the border to avoid persecution is almost as swift as the exodus out of Washington DC and back into private life of those who considered themselves the ruling elite...
      And now, traffic and weather...

  8. Anon@1231, that scenario is possible, but your description ASSumes that there's a difference between dem and repub and that the morass currently known as society will continue. If you, whomever you are, can't or won't see what the real end result is for the future as the Statists are planning it, then you're either blind or stupid.

    Welcome back, TL. *I think ;)*

  9. Actually, I think the free market had a lot to do with American prosperity. And people in other countries tend to be critical of the American government (and well they should be - empires are hard on people). I spent a year in France and did not experience much criticism at all, and that was due to the US government which of course I had no control of.

  10. Yeah, all the Pakistanis in the UK are turning it into a multicultural paradise. just what we need.

  11. People from other countries do not hate America because of our prosperity or out of envy, it is because we butt into their problems, kill their people and try to force our will on them. Our so called rulers are corrupted and are ruled by the rich elite class.

    This has to end, we all should strive to end this system and bring it back to what the founders intended.

    1. In the Middle-East that is true to some degree, but we have not invaded Scotland, or Finland, or Sweden, or Britain and that is where the criticism is motivated by envy. In the Middle-East it is more or less split, but it is myopic to believe that all Middle-Eastern nations feel the same. They have bigger enemies in their own region, among Muslims and look to us as an ally and a defender of last resort.

  12. We don't have enough jobs, and particularly good jobs, for the people who are BORN here. Why the hell are we allowing all these foreigners in? There was a time when this country was young and this level of immigration served a purpose-that time is long gone. We need to take care of our own not everyone else. Bring our troops home to guard our southern border. We should stay out of other countries and keep them out of ours.

    1. I agree, but our positions have not carried the day, have they? So, the reality is we should enforce our immigration laws and be more choosy about who we let in and perhaps that is no one. But, we are doing ourselves no favors by allowing this flood of immigrants from the south.


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