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Lies of Omission
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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

American Exceptionalism

There is a valid case to be made for American Exceptionalism.  In the international industrial community, which is where I have been these many months, it is understood that it takes several men of other nations to do the work Americans do every day.  This is not due to physical strength or intelligence, it is due to the work ethic bred into us by a pioneering instinct, it is an understanding that it will take a lot of work to make something out of nothing and we have the will and the persistence to get it done.  In other nations the caste system tells people who they will be from the moment of their birth, until the day of their death.  With that knowledge they lack inspiration, lack motivation and lack the individual vigor to take great feats upon themselves.  It is somewhat the same structure we abandoned when we broke from Great Britain.


Being an American is special, less so today because of our leadership, Democratic and Republican.  In fact, the flaws that present themselves in our government did not arise out of the people, who were often too busy managing their own affairs to care much about what went on in Philadelphia and later Washington. But it was the mismanagement of the politicians, their thirst for power and their desire for influence that broke the American system.  From the moment of its inception the Constitution was being undermined by those who saw in it a way to greater stature and power, ever controlling more and more of their own spheres until they encroached on everyone else’s.


It is a flawed system and whether one believes that it was designed to enslave the people or that key rulings of the Supreme Court and the excesses of certain presidential administrations caused the predicament that we find ourselves in, we are nonetheless faced with terrible choices. We must question who, in fact, we are.  Are we Americans, or not?  What does that mean when we have succumbed to the threats made against us by our government for doing nothing other than acting like Americans?


We are no longer a free nation, for without anonymity, one cannot be free in one’s pursuits, but will always have a master to administer their affairs.  The rampant and constant violations of the Fourth Amendment have robbed us of our ability to remain secure in our documents, our houses and our thoughts.  They have the taste of blood and they will not stop until they are able to imprison us for our opinions alone.


This is where we must consider who we are.  Americans would not have stood by while all of this was done to their liberty and to their privacy.  We have to come to the understanding that while we are still Americans, this is no longer America.


I have had the chance to meet some old friends and some new friends at the 7th North Carolina Patcon that I have waited so long to attend.  Those grounds are America, filled with Americans who are rightfully and dutifully upset at the quiet revolution which has taken place, not on the battlefields, but in the boardrooms of corporations and in federal committees.  The revolution has not been done by them, but to them, without a shot.  That is not to say that it was done without violence, as many will attest, but without a straight up fight like we gave the British. It was done, exactly how the Marxists do things, through courts and with sheer, brutal force.


But, I still believe that it is American exceptionalism that will win out, at some point, because of all of them gathered there.  America might be gone, as a political entity that brought us from the backwoods to the very pinnacle of world power in just a few decades, but Americans are not.


For a long time it has been accepted that Americans have excelled and exceeded because of their form of government; that the Constitution was a brilliant document that created the greatest industrial, financial, military and commercial power ever to exist.  But, the Constitution did not create Americans; Americans created it. No other people could have conceived of the form of government we call our own.


But, the nation is changing again as it has from its beginning.  Immigration is changing it; the Marxists who could not win the Cold War have vanquished every level of our society.  The power-hungry and greedy are consuming more and more of our liberty and enslaving us to pay their debts.  There are not many who remember freedom, what its benefits were and why we should desire it.  They have come from different systems or ideological perspectives and they are not us, as always, no matter how far one goes back into the history of the United States, there have always been some Americans, who truly were not.


But, for those of us who are, who hold our liberty jealously, who do not see themselves as wards of the state and ask only to have a fair chance to grow and build and produce for their families, it is a tough time.  Every adversary of freedom wants desperately to extinguish the notion of individualism, of self-sufficiency, and of determination, because, as they see it, those are the American traits that stand in the way of their socialist paradise.  They must make us give in to the power of the state.  And, they have no conscience to battle, for they have staked their claim to humanitarianism, even if they have to kill each and every one of us to prove it.


After World War II America was flush with success, they had used their ingenuity, their determination and penchant for hard work to defeat every foe on Earth.  They had, by 1945, the ability to annihilate any nation that stood against it.  A lot of other countries would have used that power to control the world, to demand homage be paid; to blackmail.  Even as we recognized that the Soviet Union would become an ardent adversary we did not use our power to destroy it. That is American and it is exceptional in the annals of history.


So, today, we face those same Marxists, even if they were born in America into long-standing capitalist fortunes, they have never been truly American. Being American is not a race, or even an ethnicity, it is an understanding that liberty is the cornerstone, the very source of fantastic achievements and innovations that propel a nation and its people into greatness.  Without it, we are just like the rest of the world, bound up and stifled by regulations and government oversight of every thought.


There is a thing such as American exceptionalism.  In liberty we are exceptional, in restraint we are not.  To save this nation from the horrors of Marxist rule we must embrace the idea that liberty itself, privacy and freedom from regulation are essential, not just to prosperity, but to survival. A weakened nation, as we currently are due to the detour we have taken from this simple understanding, cannot long avoid the attacks of overseas powers who seek our destruction, be that North Korea, Russia, China or ISIS.


We are in the unenviable position of having to do everything we can, to be exceptional Americans, to wrest control of our fates from our own government that has, through evil intent and amazing mismanagement destroyed our national strength.

Our national strength is not, as the Marxists believe, in our resources, our industry and our commerce, but in the ideological understanding that the power of the individual is the key to the success of American society.  The fact that our strength is wholly incompatible with Marxist rule seems to escape them.  It is vital that we, as Americans, understand this.  That we proceed from this moment to demand our rights as a form of national survival.  Without it, without us, this nation and all of the people in it are lost.


That is why this Patcon is important, why gathering in Meatspace is important, why participating in local groups, refining mutual defenses is important, why communications are important and why regarding our militias as integral to our survival is absolutely necessary. Every important stance against the arbitrary power of the federal government has included support from a militia.


We don’t have to agree with everyone everywhere. We are incapable of being sycophants by our very natures, but supporting the militias and local defense organizations makes the task of oppression much more difficult to hide from the vast majority of true Americans who agree with our perspective.  Refusing to be rolled over by the power of government has always been American and it has always made us exceptional.   


  1. Your thoughts are right on the money. Good to see you back.

  2. I believe that this last PATCON was the best one to date. The ideas and information put out by exceptional minds was a stark contrast to the voices calling for political solutions without any valid course of action.

    No more begging for our God given rights.

    1. Amen. David, the time has come for patriotic and God-fearing Americans to understand that what TL said is true and we must prepare to fight and fight until we win and we will. We have lost America as we have known her; however, we will restore our God-given rightful liberty and establish a nation that will not apologize for being exceptional. We will continue to give aid and support to those people around the world who intend to stand up, speak out and fight for their liberty.

      Be Not Afraid. If God is for us who can be against us. We must be prepared to battle anyone who stands in the way of our liberty.

      So, my brothers and sisters in the military and law enforcement who are and who intend to continue to be slaves to the elite and protect their masters, you have an opportunity to join the rightful liberty movement and come onto the side of liberty and justice; however, should you remain in what you think is a safe place with the power of military equipment and weapons remember that you will be up against a force of millions of God fearing Patriot many if not most with combat and military experience who will destroy you if you get in the way of restoring the Constitution and the God-given liberty that it reflects. So be warned that we will be victorious and we will hold each and every one who stands with the elitists responsible for treason and treason has no statute of limitations. Those who do not die on the battlefield will be prosecuted and sentenced to just consequences for join the tyrannical elite.

      Know this, you may feel strong in number and in weapons; however, when the war goes hot there will be no turning back and we will hunt you down and destroy your unConstitutional military and law enforcement.

      If you think the thugs on the streets of major cities recently showed their capacity to harm you, the real war will be more than you can imagine. Do not believe what your leaders tell you. They will send you in to fight and protect them. So please for your sake, the sake of your families and for the sake of our nation and join the liberty movement and become an honorable patriot, so that your children and grandchildren will be proud of you.God bless us and long live the restore Constitution and Republic. Peace, Peter ~

  3. Inspiring TL, as always. I wish that I had gone to Patcon just so I could say I had met the modern day Thomas Paine.

  4. Thank you for this magnificent piece of writing! It sums up exactly what I believe. We are the Americans!
    -Stealth Spaniel

  5. Good to finally get to meet you at the PATCON T.L. after following your writings for some time now.

  6. TL, spending a few minutes with you around the campfire was a highlight of a bumper-crop Patcon. And I think this speech of yours was exactly what our folks needed to hear.

    You're a fine example of American Exceptionalism, sir. Safe travels.

  7. All this biding of time means is that we get older, they get stronger. Must change the game.

  8. God will hold us accountable brother. This experiment has ended in ruin on our watch. What can we do to recapture our Americanism? There is only one way I am afraid, and while it has been discussed until nothing more can be said, we simply wait.

    God willing, my health will be better and I will be at Brock's in the fall. Until then my friend. -55six

  9. It was good to meet you at the PATCON. What you said there and what you wrote here is an inspiration. Thank you.
    Rich H

  10. downeast hillbillyMay 12, 2015 at 5:13 PM

    I have attended all but the first PatCon. Your words, and the words of the young man just home from India, were the most encouraging I've heard yet. I saw spines straightened and fires stoked in the belly. I walked away believing in my soul that

    1- We ARE stronger than we know.
    2- With will and persistence, we CAN win out.
    3- Where WE are, IS America.

    We have all taken the first step down that long hard road already.

  11. Came to this website on a link from WRSA. I will be back. Extremely well written. Thank you.

  12. Honored to meet you at Brock's last week. Well spoken, well written, well received. Thank you for all that you do.


  13. Mary, The Mother of Jesus speaks
    May 1st, 2015

    A Divided America

    The beginning chapters have already begun and all can see that there is a growing frailty of bonds that unite. Divisions appear everywhere. These seem small at first but Satan does not lose any opportunity to shatter unity and peace. Even America, which felt it had healed its racial wounds, is experiencing new and surprising divisions. Where is this coming from? Whose hand is guiding this turmoil? This is the mystery I will address.

    The Civil Rights Movement was deeply religious, rooted in the churches and supported by people of faith. Many were the religious hymns that encouraged the marchers and gained for them adherents from all religious backgrounds. This faith and these hymns kept everything peaceful. Respect led to great changes which have shaped America for 50 years.

    Now, that faith has waned, on both sides. Where are the hymns? Where are the religious voices? Where is the mutual respect? Without the peace that only religious faith can bring, inevitably there is rhetoric and clashes.

    I return constantly to this theme. Because America is uprooted from its faith, it is vulnerable to so many evils. These divisions will not go away and they cannot be solved by human leaders, who speak about “addressing the problems”.

    America, I will address your problems. Lack of faith is your problem. Setting aside your religious fervor is your problem. Excluding religion from public life is your problem. By my words I am addressing your real problems. Continue to abandon your faith and only darkness awaits you. Faith was the great light that led you through two world wars and placed you at the height of your powers. Because you have abandoned what led you, you now grope in darkness.

  14. " Because you have abandoned what led you, you now grope in darkness." Agree that is what the present reality is but WE, the descendants of the Founders, haven't abandoned anything. We are simply being flooded with other cultures who do not share our centuries-old beliefs and values while those already here of lower morals and reason are being bought with crumbs from the democrat/socialist/communist/satanic hand. It is a war between Satan and God and we know whose side we are on.

  15. Conscience is the most sacred of all property in which our contemporary government of criminals aspires to plunder from our compatriots by the means of unconstitutional surveillance. - LibertasIntel

  16. 112 years of Fed Res controlling the money monopoly. A few private bankers OWN
    us all by their century old trickery. Free money for the party in power and free money for the bankers. We get to watch as the USA burns itself to the ground.
    NO nation in the history of the world has EVER survived the toxic printing of money at the levels we are at today. World reserve currency, New world order
    Same, Same. Stop printing money and the whole thing will fix itself.

  17. The spirit of this post is accurate, but there is a detail, an omission more than an error, that should be discussed by patriots... Americans - in particular the founders - are not exceptional because they are (were) Americans. Indeed, many of our founders were recent immigrants.

    What makes American exceptional is that we codified into law that our rights come from God, not from man. With that as a backdrop, men became free to live unencumbered by the chains of government. It is the freedom granted by God that allows (allowed) Americans to thrive.

    The people who happen to live here are no better than people who live in, say, Germany. But what makes (made) Americans the exception is that we publicly declared that we are all born free under God. Without government constraint we can be free to excel in any field of human endeavor.

    1. You say the following: "Without government constraint we can be free to excel in any field of human endeavor." What do you mean by "human endeavor"? Kindly explain. In addition, you are welcome to understand the real meaning and significance of "american exceptionalism": american exceptionalism essay


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