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Lies of Omission
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Friday, July 17, 2015

I Will Not Go Peacefully

For the most part, I think my last post was seized upon for its anti-tax position much more than it should have been. Who cares about my particular situation? Is it relevant? My answer is no. I was asking how long will you wait to resist? Or as one person suggested: What are you doing to resist?

Trust me, the very mention of resistance caused visits from the Department of Homeland Security (an inclusion which will already invite numerous visits), the USDA, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Defense, the Naval Information boys, the Department of State, office of the Secretary and numerous state organizations all interested in what I might say about resistance to their illegal activities.

If anyone doubts that what I write costs me something, think again. I put everything on the line every time I write a syllable. It is something I have understood since 2011 when an IRS agent arrived at my place of business to intimidate me with accusations and insinuations. Ultimately, it cost me several thousand dollars and more than a year of such intimidation.

These are the actions of an oppressive government. I relate such instances to put a personal face to the intimidation and oppression. I do not speak of generalities, of hypotheticals. These things have happened to me and continue to happen to me because I speak the truth and I tell the tale of the abuses of the government. My wife hates me for it, but has now, since she has also been implicated (by association), come to recognize that NO government has the right to treat their citizens as such and still claim the authority of the PEOPLE.

We are not the people to them, we are subjects, serfs, obligated laborers, nothing more. A republic is based on the concept that the people themselves are represented by elected officials. That is not what we have today. What we have, as a government, is an oligarchy (where a group of powerful individuals decide what will happen to the rest). Can anyone argue against that analysis?

WE ARE NOT a republic. We are not a democracy. We are not a functional society. Those who have spent us into debt are demanding from us future funds at the threat of imprisonment. Those who are incapable of functioning under the constraints of a budget are demanding that we give them more and more funds with which they might be increasingly less responsible and increasingly more threatening to our freedom. It is a crude form of extortion (look up the definition of extortion and tell me that it does not apply).

Without going to extremes, tell me that any average understanding of extortion does not apply to a government as well as a criminal organization. What is the functional difference? That we vote? That who votes? Does anyone in power seem to care where the votes come from? Legal or illegal? Paid for or out of intellectual contemplation? They do not. It is their sole claim to legitimate authority and they will not investigate the validity of that vote, no matter what. They do not want to know.

A free people are not fooled by this ruse. A free people respect and require legitimate votes and voters to determine the direction of the nation and to select the leaders of the same. That is what a legitimate republic looks like, not the contrived nonsense we endure today.

The point is very simply if they do not offer us a republic as represented by the Constitution and the amendments thereof, they cannot legally, morally or ethically offer us a republic respecting only the 16th Amendment, disregarding the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th and 10th Amendments. It either works as a document and all amendments are respected or none are respected. The government has been very good at picking and choosing which amendments and rights of the people are respected and which are not, but it is not a smorgasbord. One must choose all or nothing, or it ceases to be legitimate, it ceases to embrace the rule of law and becomes a nation of exceptions, of waivers and of concessions to those with the most money, or the correct political persuasion. Is that not what we endure? Is that not what our forefathers fought to liberate us from?

We endure the illegal and impossible government of today, but we do not acquiesce, we do not accept, we do not endorse, we merely endure what we cannot, without forfeiture of life, liberty or property, change. Our opposition should not be held subject to vote, that is what the first 10 amendments were adopted to deny. Those are rights that we, as citizens of the United States, have with or without consent of the government, with or without consent of other citizens. These are individual rights endowed by God and supposedly ensured, guaranteed by the government ordained by the people for this purpose and this purpose alone. They have failed that and they have failed the people.

This is what I protest. This is what I will sacrifice all that I own or will own to secure. This is my line and they have crossed it long, long ago. So, whatever happens to me is just another fact, a statistic on the legal ledgers of a corrupt and criminal government. I do not ask for rescue, or help, or legal defense. It is what it is, but I will not go peacefully into that dark night.


  1. Beautiful-Johnny Gee

  2. When I became aware that we are considered chattel of the government of the USA to secure "loans" from the Federal Reserve I was amazed. "We the people" have become just grains of sand to the rich of the world. The government keeps us afraid and in check by unleashing the dogs of the IRS, DHS, FBI, state, local and federal police forces. The lawyers are in a big club in which we pay money into to defend ourselves often from unfounded charges. I thank you LT and other people like you for your truth and efforts to show us the truths and remind us that we are in need of continuing to fight the good fight for freedom at any cost. Thank you.

  3. Your words are the most powerful I've ever read. Thank you for reminding me where I've been, where I'm at now, and where I'm going. I too will not go quietly into the night. I do hope that the evil in government goes dragging their feet as well...they deserve nothing but disrespect and a jail term for life.

  4. You will probably never know me...but I wish I knew you personally sir....

    I have much to lose, even more if this path of tyranny is not blocked at all costs

    thank you sir

    I would be honored to shake your hand some day

    You are not alone sir

    a Father

  5. If it is to be victory, I'll meet you in New Yorktown, and we'll raise the new flag and toast freedom with a cold one. And if it is to be defeat, I'll stand shoulder to shoulder with you at Masada until the last defenses fall.

    -Grey Stranger

  6. "A free people respect and require legitimate votes and voters to determine the direction of the nation and to select the leaders of the same."

    That just makes no sense.

    How can you express your "freedom" through an endorsement of Collectivism?

  7. Any chance you could get names of the IRS boons that have visited you in person?

  8. I have matured, both physically and intellectually, to the point that I fully realize that my life, liberty and property (in its totality) are guaranteed to remain mine only because I am willing to use aggressive force to protect it. My God granted rights are non negotiable.

  9. I am an old lady, and I still care about my beloved country....How can the younger generation not see what is happening? They will wake up one morning and say "What happened" It is so sad. I just hope and pray that somehow there will be a miraculous turn around next year.

  10. Your words are wonderful. However I think the tree of Liberty needs to be watered and I fear that time is nigh. I took the oath many years ago, it has no expiration date.

  11. As someone seeking to follow the will of my Creator God YHWH, I have been investigating Romans 13 and 1 Peter 2:11-18 in regards to what the Creator has had written about how His followers should conduct themselves in the situation we Christian USians find ourselves in.

    After closely examining the historical facts of the United States' founding, the manner in which the Constitution was created using nothing but delegated authority from an individual, and what Scripture says about authority, I am certain that the vast majority of the actions of agents of government are outside the boundaries of Creator-defined authority, and in fact such agents are using the same "authority" as a highway robber: nothing but force.

    The specifics have been written down for critique in a journal on a tech/political/general news site:

    In short, it seems that Scripture itself demands that US Christians "not go peacefully", as if we are not slaves of man, then we have been given an extraordinarily valuable resource called liberty to safeguard and use productively. If the servant who was given a resource in the form of a single talent of gold and who managed to keep it whole and intact was called WICKED for doing only that and not putting the talent to use, how much worse will it be for American servants who stand idly by while our "talent" is brazenly stolen?

  12. Brothers and Sisters in Faith and those who need to and will soon recognize that all we have was given by God. May we remember that we are responsible for defending our faith, families and freedom. United we stand and we will defeat the tyranical government and corporate criminals. It is time for faithful, patriots to join together into teams and groups and communities prepard to reflect the Christian faith, love and determination to employ the means necessary to destroy our enemies and rebuild our fallen nation. We must and we will restore our Constitutional Republic for our children and grandchildren.

    In private or public, go to those you trust and who are Patriots and support each other, share resources. including passing on your excess weapons to young folks who have none. Train those who need training and learn from those who can teach. We are a team and sharing resource support our mission.

    Christians, remember, the Disciples carried swords to defend Jesus and themselves, as we must do. Mary, Mother of Jesus, stomped the snake and St. Michael put his spear through the dragon and we will do the same. It is time to recognize that the tyrannical government will not conceed or give us back our liberties; they intend to remove all freedom from our land and take our savings, retirement and other property so they can redistribute our resources to those who have not worked or saved or who have not prepared for the future.

    Be ready to join in the fight at whatever level you can. Share food, water, clothing, weapons, ammunition, etc., join a Patriot militia. We know the end of the story; we join up with Jesus. However, our fathers and mothers and we too created the situation we live in today by our silence and trust of evil; we are now called to stand together and defend our liberties, our faith, families and freedom.

    Help the youth to unerstand that "Do It If It Feels Good" is no way to live. Honorable, decent men and women and youth will stand and be strong. We may have given up our power to our so called representatives who lied and most have become tyrannical; however, treason has no statute of limitations and we will restore the rule of law and prosecute those who have committed treason.

    In scripture God tells us 365 times to BE NOT AFRAID. So, my fellow Patriots - Be Not Afraid. Together we can destroy the significantly smaller force and those who will only fight for personal profit. WE fight to Restore our Constitutional Republic and there is no force in the world that can defeat us and our cause. We are guided, protected and called by God to retore our liberties, including our religious liberty.

    God bless you. Long live our Restored Constitutional Republic. Peace....

  13. The time is nearing when everyone will have to make a choice,surrender your liberty or stand and fight for your freedom. I choose to stand with my brothers and sisters who still believe that this Nation can be great again. Know that our cause is just and that God is on our side and that if God is with us who can defeat us.

  14. Socially, it never was about what's right and wrong. It's about what's yours and not.

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