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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Good Luck

We are broken. This nation is a disaster area, yet to be declared. The truth of the disaster of the Obama Administration will not be revealed until there is a Republican president to take the brunt of the blame; until there is a wholly Republican government to deliver the horrible news of our predicament. The major media outlets will make sure of it.

If you are not prepping for the inevitable results of an economy in collapse, you are simply providing a market for those who are. There is the assumption that self-reliance is the antidote for government malfeasance, but there are those who will come looking for your bounty.

This is not a prophecy. The destruction of the Chinese economy, as most enlightened traders will avow, is the sign of global economic distress. The Chinese were the last viable market and now that they have had to devalue the Yuan, the gig is up. Without a healthy economy to demand the products of the rest of the recessionaire nations, there is no savior; there is nowhere to turn to maintain demand.

The clocks tick down to the inevitable, which is not to say that it will not come down during Obama's time in office, but the blame must not be his. That would not adhere to the narrative of Obama as the best president in history. Instead, the election of a Republican, even the obvious future of a Republican victory, will signal the "all-clear" for the media outlets to blame the immediate crisis on the future represented by the possibility of electing a Republican.

But, that is all politics. We need to concern ourselves with economics. The banks have not been "fixed" since the last economic crisis. Nothing has been done to deter a future banking crisis. The liability was simply shifted from banks to taxpayers, that's all, that's the only thing that happened after the last economic crisis and that's all they plan for the next one.

The people are the suckers, the marks for the global Ponzi scheme. Debt consumes every nation and without the support of a healthy China, there is no consumer of that debt, or of the products produced. The miss in the jobs report was the first shoe to drop, but it will not be the last.

So, what are you doing to prepare?

There is no longer a purpose in discussing the Constitution, that has been made irrelevant by the refusal of the Obama Administration to comply with it and the refusal of the congress to demand compliance and the refusal of the Supreme Court to rule in favor of it. The Constitution is just some document that used to mean something.

So we are lost; we are broke and we have no will to fix ourselves. As Americans, we are disassociated from our identity. We are random individuals roaming around a police state until we can be rounded up or killed.

It is time to start thinking seriously about the future. Put some cash away, protect your assets the best you can, convert some value to metals and wait for the S to hit the fan. Enjoy yourselves in this empty society as long as you can, but every day take one step in preparation for what will come. Buy things of value that can be bartered, think about what those things should be. How will you get around when gasoline is nearly impossible to be acquired? How will you produce electricity to power the few things that will matter to you?

There are a lot of great resources to consult on the web, while you still can.

The only other piece of advice I will give is to hold accountable those responsible for this mess. Do not allow them to destroy the greatest nation on earth and walk away. There will be no urge for liberty in the future, America is no longer that place. It's too hard of a sell to those invested in the concept of stuff for free, for a society of those who seek cheat codes for life. The hard work of liberty can no longer be done by the people who occupy this nation. Those few of us who still cling to that one value as the key to all of the others are dead elephants.

Vengeance and retribution are the only values that might still be embraced by this slacker society. Good luck. 

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