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Lies of Omission
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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Good Luck

We are broken. This nation is a disaster area, yet to be declared. The truth of the disaster of the Obama Administration will not be revealed until there is a Republican president to take the brunt of the blame; until there is a wholly Republican government to deliver the horrible news of our predicament. The major media outlets will make sure of it.

If you are not prepping for the inevitable results of an economy in collapse, you are simply providing a market for those who are. There is the assumption that self-reliance is the antidote for government malfeasance, but there are those who will come looking for your bounty.

This is not a prophecy. The destruction of the Chinese economy, as most enlightened traders will avow, is the sign of global economic distress. The Chinese were the last viable market and now that they have had to devalue the Yuan, the gig is up. Without a healthy economy to demand the products of the rest of the recessionaire nations, there is no savior; there is nowhere to turn to maintain demand.

The clocks tick down to the inevitable, which is not to say that it will not come down during Obama's time in office, but the blame must not be his. That would not adhere to the narrative of Obama as the best president in history. Instead, the election of a Republican, even the obvious future of a Republican victory, will signal the "all-clear" for the media outlets to blame the immediate crisis on the future represented by the possibility of electing a Republican.

But, that is all politics. We need to concern ourselves with economics. The banks have not been "fixed" since the last economic crisis. Nothing has been done to deter a future banking crisis. The liability was simply shifted from banks to taxpayers, that's all, that's the only thing that happened after the last economic crisis and that's all they plan for the next one.

The people are the suckers, the marks for the global Ponzi scheme. Debt consumes every nation and without the support of a healthy China, there is no consumer of that debt, or of the products produced. The miss in the jobs report was the first shoe to drop, but it will not be the last.

So, what are you doing to prepare?

There is no longer a purpose in discussing the Constitution, that has been made irrelevant by the refusal of the Obama Administration to comply with it and the refusal of the congress to demand compliance and the refusal of the Supreme Court to rule in favor of it. The Constitution is just some document that used to mean something.

So we are lost; we are broke and we have no will to fix ourselves. As Americans, we are disassociated from our identity. We are random individuals roaming around a police state until we can be rounded up or killed.

It is time to start thinking seriously about the future. Put some cash away, protect your assets the best you can, convert some value to metals and wait for the S to hit the fan. Enjoy yourselves in this empty society as long as you can, but every day take one step in preparation for what will come. Buy things of value that can be bartered, think about what those things should be. How will you get around when gasoline is nearly impossible to be acquired? How will you produce electricity to power the few things that will matter to you?

There are a lot of great resources to consult on the web, while you still can.

The only other piece of advice I will give is to hold accountable those responsible for this mess. Do not allow them to destroy the greatest nation on earth and walk away. There will be no urge for liberty in the future, America is no longer that place. It's too hard of a sell to those invested in the concept of stuff for free, for a society of those who seek cheat codes for life. The hard work of liberty can no longer be done by the people who occupy this nation. Those few of us who still cling to that one value as the key to all of the others are dead elephants.

Vengeance and retribution are the only values that might still be embraced by this slacker society. Good luck. 


  1. Good post. Yes we must prepare so we can out last the ones who have caused this mess. There will be a time to fight back and bring the Constitution back but we must weather the initial storm and then strike when they are at their weakest.

  2. Thank you and I heard that you might be able to attend the coming PATCON.

  3. I posted this comment on 01 Sept 15 at another spot, but due to being a dangerous and grumpy ol' bastard... and willing to risk redundancy, here we go again....
       Grandpa on September 1, 2015 at 15:27
    It was said earlier, and in truth; the enemy is ‘us.’ This happened on our watch, and it is still happening. We all see it, ‘the majority’ continuing to send the same ‘career politicians’ back to state capitals and to D.C.; and because we are obviously insane, we do the same thing over and over and over again, expecting a different result… We have lost so much, and although we know what must be done – in the economy, the government, in protecting our borders, in returning the educational system to what it should be, rather than state indoctrination centers; ad infinitum… we – to this moment, anyway – have lacked the will (and stomach) to do the difficult work that must be done to spare our children and grandchildren of the fruits of our lack of labor on these issues… it is coming to a fight, and I’m sure not going to leave that to my kids… TPTB will not listen to calm, reasonable men with a different opinion, liberal progressives will not abide intellectual discourse (perhaps due to being unarmed in a battle of wits). Thus, we are oppressed from all sides by the minority in this country… minority races, minority sexual deviants, minority atheists/agnostics, minority gun haters, on and on…. and we are supposed to ‘take it’ – and we will, until we just say “no” – and mean it. We can blog and comment and debate this and that, and go on about who’s at fault; but the time for placing blame will be after we do something to put the train back on track. We can let future historians debate “how” we got here, and “who” brought us here. We simply need to realize WE ARE HERE, and then begin the difficult, noisy, brutal work of returning the country to the people. As I’ve read, and said; it sucks – but sometimes the duty falls to you. And I. And I’m not getting any younger, neither are you.
    We know we’ve got a fight coming. Let’s win.

    To that original message, I will simply add, brother TL, thank you for your honesty and inspiration over time. And I concur... we all need to use what time we have left to prepare for the coming excitement - whatever we discern that to be, and however and in such fashion as the Lord directs us. At this point, His will shall be done. And it would be the height of American arrogance to expect escape from His wrath - since for too many years to recall, we have been 'asking for it'. May God have mercy on us, should He choose to do so.

    1. Anon writes... "May God have mercy on us, should He choose to do so."

      God has made a formal declaration of grace, peace and mercy on the human race some 2,000 years ago. Asking God to "have mercy" is a direct and complete admission to the fact that you (and so too the world at large) do not understand the will of God in this dispensation of His free grace. Gods will for mankind today can be summed up in two verses:

      1 Tim 2:3-4... "For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth."

      God wants all men to be saved and then to come unto the knowledge of His truth. His truth (for English speaking people) can be found in the King James Bible. His truth for people today can be found in the epistles of Paul to whom God revealed Christ crucified for ALL men.

      God "wills" NOTHING for America nor any other nation in this dispensation of free grace. The Lord is not "directing" Americans (or any other people) to do anything but to see men saved and then to come unto the knowledge of His truth as written in His Word.

      His will only, WILL eventually be done, even in the face of the free will He has graciously granted to mankind. Any man can escape His wrath if that man chooses salvation in His Son.

      Romans 5:8... "But God commendeth His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."

      We Americans, it seems to this American, exemplify the height of national (and personal) arrogance in nearly everything we do and think. To even consider that God pays more attention to us than to any other nation simply because we somehow believe we were founded upon "Christian" principals (we were not) is to replace the people He chose (the nation Israel, whom He has temporarily dissociated Himself from - Hosea 1:9-10) with ourselves. This is the height of arrogance itself.

      God today is not dealing with any nation in terms of the wrath He will eventually pour out (Gal 3:28). He has declared a period of grace and peace to all mankind regardless of national identity. Today, He is dealing with individual people on an individual level.

      2 Cor 5:19... "To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation."

      God the Father, through the death, burial and resurrection of His Son, has reconciled the world (and everyone in it) back to Himself. His wrath is temporarily postponed in favor of grace.

      2 Cor 5:20... "Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God."

      As an individual you must make the decision to reconcile yourself back to the God who has already forgiven the totality of mankind's sin.

      2 Cor 5:21... "For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him."

      God HAS had mercy on us. He HAS chosen to do so. This took place in the past. It is finished. Have you reconciled yourself to this ultimate fact? The stakes of the situation may soon change.

      WE ARE HERE. So what? Anyone who honestly reads scripture could have told you this was coming. What's happening in the world today happened in Genesis 11. God postponed the inevitable then by confounding humanity's ability to communicate with itself. The same tower is being built today to near completion (ye too shall be as gods - Gen 3:5) as that is the "collective" will of man under the god of this world. Always has been. Our circumstance, no matter how frightening, should come as NO surprise whatsoever. As God provided Noah an Ark, so too does He provide for people today. Salvation, escape, is believing and trusting that Christ died for YOUR sin. He took YOUR place on the cross; and was raised again for YOUR justification. Amen.

    2. I thank you for sharing your insight, and your knowledge of Scripture and depth of understanding. But "in all thy getting, get understanding". You've missed the point here. I well understand the Lord's provision, and His will shall be accomplished - His Word will not return void. But far too many people today in this country are of the belief that they will be 'spared'; and although we share the assurance of salvation; I do not believe that we shall escape His reckoning.... and I'm not certain that this is exactly the forum for our apologetics discussion. Grandpa

    3. Prominent Leftists are already framing the past 6 years as the best Presidency ever, & the problems as a case of PSED (pre- stress economic disorder) ... Everything will be blamed on the anticipated GOP Congress & President, & on the previous, leaving Obama as the one sane voice surrounded by right wing extremists. The Democratic narrative always seems to prevail, so even the coming collapse will be defined that way. In Europe too it'll be framed as not enough socialism & multiculturalism. Nothing will change for the better until the Left is utterly destroyed.

    4. You are welcome brother. This is a Christian forum and we are Christians so I'll presume to take the chance and with TL's patience will try to clarify my position further. You write...

      "But far too many people today in this country are of the belief that they will be 'spared'; and although we share the assurance of salvation; I do not believe that we shall escape His reckoning...."

      The question then becomes what might we be "spared" from? I am under no false pretenses that things could get very squirrely very quickly around here and the globe over and am preparing as I am able. The edges of many cliffs seems to be fast approaching all at once. I do not believe that at any time a Christian will necessarily be spared this worlds horrors. The days are evil (Eph 5:16). Take the world wars as examples. We may have another brewing as we write. Christians were not spared. This world is full of horror and it is all our fault. It is we which brought sin and death into Gods perfect creation. Adam chose satan over God and so too do most men all day every day here today.

      What I absolutely know, by way of rightly divided scripture, is that we have already been spared from the future wrath God the Father will pour out on this fallen world. Here is why:

      Romans 5:9... "Much more then, being NOW justified by His blood, we shall be saved from wrath through Him."

      As the wages of sin is death (Rom 5:14), AND as God made Christ to be sin for us (2 Cor 5:21); Gods just wrath has already been poured out upon His Son on the cross on our behalf. The price is paid for all who are in Christ. We blood bought saints have already escaped Gods "reckoning" as that reckoning was the cross.

      Galatians 2:20... "I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave Himself for me."

      Romans 3:26... "To declare, I say, at this time HIS righteousness: that He might be just, AND the justifier of him which believeth in Jesus.

      Our justification is current, present tense. Those not in Christ have yet to choose who will ultimately pay the price for their fallen condition. Themselves, which payment is unacceptable to a Just and Holy Creator, or Christ who gave it all on mans behalf.

      Spared from this evil world? No. Spared from Gods just wrath. Absolutely.


    5. I have no difference with what you say. Perhaps I am better understood by saying, yes, as believers we are spared His wrath. That is His promise. Which is my I attempted to clarify by saying in my response "reckoning". I believe too many today believe because they view themselves as basically."good" or "moral"; they will somehow escape the coming trouble. And they err in that belief... thats all

  4. Well the one thing we can do that will benefit us now and in the long term is to be forming like minded communities that will be able to survive and thrive when the collapse happens...Problem is hardly anyone wants to do that so instead they sit isolated waiting to be rounded up...Hey but at least they had food, weapons, and Band-Aids that will go to all the refugees coming over here...I think everyone still thinks that it will all be OK because if they truly believed a collapse was coming they would be doing everything in their power to be living somewhere where they would be safe... Everyone is still to comfortable...

  5. Every day another bank or credit union fires their tellers and puts in interactive teller machines, like an ATM with a video conferenced teller, they seek to remove access to cash and will have it covered real soon.

    1. Uncle Sugar will never eliminate cash. In fact, Imperial FedGov *thrives* off the illegal drug market, and has every intention to allow its continuance. Allowing black markets to thrive gives TPTB 3 big advantages they will not willingly give up. 1) Drugs opiate a percentage of the population that is much easier to control when they are high. 2) Allows narco-terrorists to keep a portion of law-abiding citizens' attention away from other FedGov machinations. 3) Keeps the prison-industrial complex (which is a subsidiary of FedGov run by States, Counties, and a handful of select *connected* private firms) operating at full employment/capacity.

      Restrict cash for law-abiding citizens? You bet. Remove cash completely? Never.

    2. The part that so few understand---those decisions aren't up to them. They're up to you and all of us. Understand that, understand the defense of a choice, and everything else falls into place. Let 'em have all the money; it's the wealth that counts.

      From above---"But far too many people today in this country are of the belief that they will be 'spared'..."

      True, but not the relevant question, which is...why care? Seems to me that we each have more than enough to care about, without that. Anyone who doesn't is probably doing something wrong.

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    3. Guess Roja is telling us that all that will be left to will be to fornicate under the consent of the king... just a look accross the pond shows that is all folks do in third world countires... oh, and kill each other at a rather high rate. Of course, this is after all of our supplies are exhausted...

  7. I would agree that those responsible should be held accountable. That being said how would you go about putting names and faces on those, what I call pronoun, people?

  8. I've been saying this for a few years to family and friends. Obvious that a Repub was going to win. the question was what? Then who would want to inherit this mess and what could they do with it. Most of us here have been prepping for more than a year or two. Didn't really matter why. Beans ,bullets and band aids, who new? lot's of us did. Alternative fuels, ie: moonshine, good for laughs and generators.

  9. Thanks TL it's another dinger for you.
    It IS just a matter of time before it all collapses. As I have said before we (the USA) has had it's day in the sunshine. So did the Medes, Persians, Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, English, Spanish and other great nations. We have had ours and we too will be missed in history.
    I just feel sorry for the kids that will question their parents why and say, I'm hungry.

  10. The ones who destroyed our nation must and will be rounded up and hanged for treason, every political whore leader, every judge, every senator and congressman and everyone in the bureaucracy who broke every law in the book. As for the Cia that entire group of lawbreakers and whores will be closed and everyone hanged for subversive actions against the nation. this has to be the only way that is left open for us, if not the nation will fall into complete and utter communism.

  11. Dry toilet paper will be the new gold. Do you western civilized people want to use crunched up and "softened" phonebook paper to wipe your ass? Me neither. Get 20 roll packs, get shrink cellophane, and stack week after week until you can not practically fit anymore. That stuff will be gold to barter with along with having the ability to stay clean in rough times. Sure plumbing might not be operational after some time when S hits, but if you crap in the ground, at least it will disintegrate quickly.

    Get an .22 air rifle. Sure it's good to have a real firearm for when things are sporty but do you really want to waste ammo on easily available varmints and rabbits?
    Ammo for .22 air rifles come in a round tin generally with 200+ shots. Get a few cans of those and you're golden as far as having ammo to shoot with for food. Granted it won't take down a whitetail.. will sure take out a nice fat squirrel.

    For coms, Amazon (use them while you can) has transceiver ham radios. I found one Baofeng GT-3 for $49. There are others that will work too for around that price.

    Get rice and keep it dry. Great for acting as a filler for food, and drying out equipment if it gets wet.

    Solar chargers will be golden too. Gas won't always be available. Electricity is needed to pump it out of the tanks in the ground unless you take the wel cover off. Solar chargers can trickle charge a few 12v car batteries. If you have enough panels, you can charge more than one battery.

    Find LED strips online at stores like or even again - amazon and ebay too. Many strips are 12v ready so you only need to hardwire it to a battery and you have light that won't chew through your batteries. If you have a dimmer switch, you can lessen the discharge to preserve your battery.

    try to learn how to do some medical shit. Patriot nurse has some good videos for that purpose.

    widissident on wordpress.

    1. Get rice

      Yes, but white, not brown. Thanks.

    2. True, brown rice will go rancid, white rice in 2L soda bottles and a 100cc O2 absorber will last a LONG time. I have 100lbs put up like this. Plan to do more. -55six

  12. Obama is the weakest president of the USA for years... Just look what is happening now in Europe, immigrants are Muslims, which is a result of the overthrow of dictators...


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