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Lies of Omission
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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

That Is What They Do

You cannot miss the obvious accumulation of threats to America that have not only gone unnoticed by our champions in the government, but have been championed in order to comply with political correctness run amok.

In order to not offend, our leaders have allowed every sort of immigrant to enter and take up residence in the United States and while it is easy (too easy really) for people to call bigotry against those who only choose to have some method of discerning who should and who should not enter this country with the idea of citizenship, there are limits to throwing the gates open to anyone who would vote Democrat.

In the U.S. Constitution it states emphatically in Section 8 Clause 4: To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization..."

Nothing the president of the US has been proposing either through illegal immigration or through accepting refugees from Syria is tolerated in the Constitution. Nothing is more simple than there should be "an uniform Rule of Naturalization." This means that a rule for one is a rule for all. I know for a fact that there are hundreds, if not thousands of applicants from Europe who seek admission and an opportunity to become a citizen of the United States who are waiting for paperwork to be processed while the Administration encourages and makes deals to have other immigrants, from other nations, find access to the United States and to become citizens without the cumbersome process of the typical paperwork. To provide an expedited path to citizenship for anyone violates this clear pronouncement from the founders and for good reason. There needs to be time to evaluate the competency of the individual to be a citizen of the United States. Syrian jihadists would not normally qualify.

In this time when the Constitution has been put on hold in order to accommodate the whims of the current president of the United States, such a complication might not be well received, but it might be noted that the actions of the Obama Administration are absolutely and distinctly Unconstitutional from the very beginning to the end when it comes to Naturalization.

And, who cares? Not the Republican Party, the necessary checks and balance against a president from an opposing political party to do as they please. They are too concerned about the media's absolute devotion to a Democratic president that they are unable to fulfill their obligations to the citizens of the nation and to their constituents whom they claim to serve.

Republicans are nothing. They serve no purpose in the political process. To vote for a Republican candidate is to choose the different lining on the same suit. They are unable to fulfill any role, much less the opposition role to a Democratic president.

Immigration, other than through the normal process, is illegal, unconstitutional and morally and ethically wrong.

But, that is what they do.


  1. Bless you for your work. A pox on the R & Ds for their traitorous actions. A pox on them all.....
    Ray in Toombs

    1. nossir,a major carbuncle on their arses

  2. Opening the border and allowing a stream of illegal aliens as day laborers is treason as well. Our country has been over run and subsumed from within by allowing for illegal immigration to flourish.

  3. I think a personal examination of the founders will lead Christians to the realization that these united states (lower case intended) were created not for Christian reasons but to lead the world into one world government and religious ambiguity.

    The deception that led to the constitution was just one example that resulted from deists and agnostics leading a revolution not to usher freedom but to remove God from the head of society.

    We are not, and never were a Christian Nation, not since the pilgrims and puritans.

    While the concepts of individualism and limited government conjure romantic ideas about "restoring" this land, I argue that you cannot restore what never was.

    The "heroes" which I used to have were in fact men who hated God, poo pooed Christ and wanted Christianity blotted from the world.

    I cannot love anything they created, because apart from God nothing is good.

    My evolution as a patriot has gone from defending a satanic union of Christian (mostly) people to a simple desire to serve God and fight for the right of individuals to be free from oppression and tyranny of other men whether government or civilian.


    1. Outstanding sir and amen! Have you viewed Chris Pinto's documentary "The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers"? Most highly recommended, it can be found on youtube.

      grace and peace...

  4. What happened to Article IV Section IV ?????

  5. If your forefathers came to the US before need to get out of the US. You're a descendant of an illegal immigrant.

  6. I agree the Republican party is useless in providing resistance to a rogue government, but I also point directly to the American population, who so far, have remained silent except for complaining via blogs and on line comments. This country was born and raised by the people who had the guts to take to the streets, take up arms and force the controlling government out. Americans today deserve what they get if they don't have the courage and determination to defend themselves and their country from those who will destroy it all. For those citizens two choices exist: Either get off your a$$es and do something to fight back or stop complaining and take whatever your government dumps on you.

  7. Thank you for your efforts and commentary. It means something to more folks than you probably know.


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