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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fabricated Nonsense

Travis Gettys begins his story with the title: Anti-Muslim militia warns against refugee invasion at Idaho statehouse. I say "story" because that is what it is, a story, not an article or any sort of honest reporting. It is a liberal shock story, replete with as many inaccuracies and conspiracy theories as it can pack between the lines. The title itself states that these are Anti-Muslims, unless the author suggests that all Muslims are Jihadists, the title intentionally misidentifies the purpose of the protest. The protestors were not militia, they were III Percenters. Militias are self-identified as such and make no apologies for their organizations. III Percenters might be of similar politics or ideology, but they are not militias.
The protestors were concerned with Jihadists being relocated into their communities, a consequence of misguided government, or worse, malevolent government action with the intent to stir civil unrest, the logical outcome being the perceived need for more government.

To Travis Gettys and RawStory, who apparently take their marching orders from Hatewatch, an outgrowth of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the III Percenters are not citizens interested in the integrity of US Immigration law, or the safety of their community threatened by imported Jihadists. They are described as: "about 100 anti-government activists, many wearing flak jackets and other armor, waved American flags and banners promoting their pro-gun militia group" 

This despite the fact that it is commonly known that Syrian refugees are infused with a certain percentage of Jihadists. There are stories, even from mainstream news outlets, that have documented the inability of the government to completely vet those who arrive from Syria and that some extremists might be among the refugees being resettled across the nation.

Later in the story, Travis gets in another inaccurate insinuation against as many imagined enemies as he can when he writes: The III% movement was co-founded by pro-gun, anti-government activist Mike Vanderboegh, who promotes the idea that the Second Amendment allows unsatisfactory election results to be overturned by armed revolt.

First, the III Percent movement might have been co-founded by Mike Vanderboegh, I don't know, but I do know that there is no III Percent national organization to which every III Percenter looks to for guidance from Mike Vanderboegh, or anyone else. That Travis injects Vanderboegh into the issue is for one purpose only, in his mind anyway, to discredit and somehow link III Percent Idaho with SPLC's greatest boogieman, Vanderboegh. To push the point as far as he can Travis writes: group members take pains to describe themselves as a mainstream conservative group — although their rhetoric frequently overlaps with other far-right “patriot” groups and even white supremacist groups.

He just had to get that shot in about "white supremacists," because anyone who cares about the direction of the nation, or the Constitutional integrity of the government must be a "white supremacist." In the same way, Travis makes it quite clear that anyone who is concerned about the 300 Syrian refugees being settled in Idaho must be Anti-Muslim, because the accurate portrayal of the protest as a protest against the release of these refugees because the government has admitted that it CANNOT properly vet these refugees to ensure that no Islamic extremist jihadists are released into their communities, would just not fit the narrative, would it?

The one thing Travis Gettys does not bother to illuminate for the reader is the obvious irony of his narrative where he describes the III Percenters as "anti-government" activists who wave American flags and threaten violence over violations of the Constitution. How does that work, Travis? I mean, even in your own mind. Unless you have already recognized that the government is disengaged from the value of the American flag and the legitimacy of the Constitution.

This is the trouble with the media, and I do not for a moment consider Travis Gettys a journalist or a member of the media, but he does represent the private views of those in the media. They cannot disengage themselves from their views when they report. They cannot see the III Percent movement for what it is. It is a red flag among the populace that there is something wrong with the government. Instead, they see their own private boogiemen and try desperately to link anyone they disagree with, with them.

Mike Vanderboegh is just such a boogieman and has long been a thorn in SPLC's side, because he has not backed down from their harassment and vilification, but has stood up to Morris Dees, a sin that must not go unpunished. The fact that the media cannot see that SPLC is as much a hate group and leftists extremists themselves tells everything about their point of view. I have never been in contact with Mike Vanderboegh, but I respect him and have helped him to expose the Gunwalker Scandal now referred to as Fast and Furious, but I did not help him because I took orders from him. I helped him, without his consent, because he was right and the facts needed to be brought to the fore. In any other world, where the media operated as an agent against government abuses, Vanderboegh would have been hailed as a hero to the public. Not here and not now.

I would not have bothered with this story by Travis Gettys had it not appeared on the Drudge Report as a legitimate article. Had it not been for that, I would have discounted any such story as just that, fabricated nonsense from the extreme leftist point of view.

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