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Monday, November 9, 2015

Sanity In A Schizophrenic Society

The phenomenon of self-destruction of the United States continues apace, but this is not normal, it is not the same as societal upheaval. Societal upheaval is fairly common; it is always accompanied by technological advancements. From Greece and Egypt to the United States, whatever technology advances a society ultimately rips it apart. It is somewhat of a maturation.

Societal upheaval is inevitable. It has happened several times in the United States as technology progressed. A good example of this exists in the transformation of farming. Technology turned farming from a labor-intensive occupation to an equipment-intensive industry. This development was accompanied by the societal upheaval of the abolition of slavery, the repercussions of which continue today.

A farm big enough to be successful in the pre-industrial revolution required manual labor at the lowest cost to production. This is not a statement of conscience, it is a simple economic fact that enabled slavery. To abolish slavery was to destroy the South's primary source of economic strength, farming plantations, and it is why this was not a decision of conscience for most of those who engaged in slavery, it was a system necessary to their survival.

Unlike the societal upheaval of the abolition of slavery, the current phenomenon of self-destruction is, to a large degree, schizophrenic.

Government officials are engaged in more than self-serving power grabs and domination over the people, they are actively seeking the destruction of their own legitimacy, as if to force a confrontation with...themselves.

This effort is enabled and even cheered on by a media openly hostile to the concept of freedom of the press. Their willingness to limit and even regulate the media in order to ensure the monopoly of message is, frankly, startling.

Self-hatred seems to be the order of the day; the common motivating factor society-wide. The Christian church has turned on itself, openly rejecting principles hard-wired into their formation. They reject concepts of freedom of religion. They seek persecution as a means of self-flagellation for some perceived sin of defending Christian values.

The military has given up the concept of superior firepower and readiness, opting instead for social experimentation at the risk of national defense. National defense is no longer their mandate. They are unwilling to identify enemies, preferring to ensure that all members of society are welcome within their ranks including and especially elements dedicated to the destruction of the military.

There is not one traditional pillar of society that is not engaged in some form of self-destruction. They have all turned on their own stated principles in search of acceptance by some equally schizophrenic element of this emerging society.

If all of this were to no consequence it would simply be curious, like the "free love" movement of the 1960's, but it does have consequences. A church unable to teach and respect the word of God, has rendered itself useless. A media unwilling to tell the truth in the face of power is useless. A military more focused on internal demons rather than external enemies is useless.

In the end, enemies both societal and military who are unidentified as enemies are left to grow stronger and more formidable, perhaps they grow strong enough to become indomitable. Our sources of strength, once embroiled in self-destruction to the point that they are unable to protect the society they were created to defend, become enemies themselves.

As is typical, when the sane are surrounded by the insane, insanity is normal and the sane are hunted down as dangerously insane. They are replaced in society by immigrants as hostile to the American tradition as the schizophrenic powers that encouraged the immigration.

The fact is, if you believe in the Constitution, the Church, or the strength of the military you are considered insane. If you believe in the courts or the media as defenders of your freedom, you are insane. If you are actively engaged in the destruction of any or all of these institutions of American strength, congratulations, you are considered sane in this schizophrenic society.

Today, we are a confused nation, a conflicted people undedicated to the core principles of the homeland and therefore ripe for conquest.

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