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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Seeds of Hatred

It boggles the rational mind that so many could be so dedicated to nothing other than the preservation of the nation, of the rights of individuals and the respect for human life and be denigrated so thoroughly by those who call themselves humanitarians.

This is the trouble I have with liberals. There is no substance behind their professions of compassion. And it doesn't take much of a peek behind the curtain to see their true ambitions. They openly celebrate and even honor despicable people such as Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, an obvious and emphatic racist. They continue to give the Margaret Sanger Award to their most productive child destructionist and parts salesperson of the year with no shame.

They have injected into the American mindset the concepts of communism so thoroughly, some of it sounds American, because it incorporates Christian values of charity. The weakness in America is largely due to its Christian ethos, where all baser instincts towards dealing with the dismantling of a once great culture are smothered by decency. So, we stand by, watching the life-blood of our nation spill out over the continent, while we comport to the values of the Bible.

Even when our Christian faith is assaulted, our belief belittled by the masters of the media and our own government, we stand by. Now, as the Muslim faith is brought among us, built up in specific areas where Sharia Law is given precedent over our laws and our Constitution, there is only the whimper of Christian prayers.

Here again the liberals define themselves with irrational contradiction. As liberal politicians and citizens alike cry for the free importation of Syrian refugees and the voting block grows increasingly Muslim, all advocacy for women's rights seem like so much of liberal activism, which is only intended to tear down the Christian culture, but has no intention of replacing it with something valuable. Sharia Law and feminism are contradictions, they are diametrically opposed. The liberal intent appears to be to use feminism to destroy the Christian value of a generally paternal society and replace it with a Muslim value of paternal absolutism. If one has not spent time in a Muslim nation (as I have) they might not understand the degree of female subjugation that "paternal absolutism" suggests.

The only rational outcome of their support is the eradication of feminism and this support is led by avowed feminists. And, were this the only example of aims opposed to goals, it might be dismissed as an aberration, but it is infused in everything a liberal does. They use Global Warming as a club against coal companies that produce electricity and at the same time encourage the increased use of electric cars, further taxing an electric grid that teeters on collapse. On and on it goes, on every issue.

Their blind devotion to their masters lead them to defend the indefensible as a means of countering public opinion. Their leaders understand that public demonstrations, cheered on by a compromised press corps, can lead to the alteration of the American culture, a bending toward the Marxist model. They don't ask if the world being constructed around them is better than the old, or even to their benefit, only that it is asked of them and they comply. Because of this they have been largely successful in the destruction of the American culture. The majority have not yet thought rationally about what will replace it. They are fed promises of equality and harmony while they sow seeds of hatred and destruction, perhaps even genocide. Their masters know well what they are building and have not the humility or compassion to care.

That is not what is asked of those in this community of liberty, it goes against all that we believe. We take strength in our ability to confront lies and deception; to think for ourselves and arrive at the truth. When the smoke clears from the devastation, these are the strengths we will need to do what we must to restore the values that made this nation great with moral clarity.

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