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Lies of Omission
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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Survivors Must Decide

For conversation and thought. I have long been concerned about the direction, purpose and outcome of the liberty/patriot movement. We prep, we put up stores, we purchase guns and ammo, we, theoretically, walk our AOs and locate assets, people and articles that might be of use when local, state and federal government agencies inevitably fail, or are unprepared for the next crisis, or are likely complicit in that crisis.

We are still people with lives and families and investments to protect. Here is where I ask the reader to take a step back, to realize that the initial frontiersmen, those who came to America in wooden boats, to people who crossed through the Cumberland Gap, to people who settled out West knew the price of survival . There were no government services for a good period of time, no police, no fire department, no water works, no sewer. They had nothing, but what they brought with them or built on site. And, when these services fail, for whatever reason, it will be up to the true "adults" in this nation to provide for ourselves and yes, for others. It is the Christian thing to do.

So, these will be America's "dark ages," the days of chaos. This is what we all work to survive, this is why we build tribes and make cooperative defense agreements. To survive it, to make it through the difficult times when all sorts of realities long understood and embraced by our forbears become the new normal for us.

It is easy to be kind when kindness is not met with a brutal and inhumane response. Yes, help those in need, sick, injured or destitute, but within reason, without jeopardizing your security. Beware of those who are complicit in your situation as well as theirs. Be sure to help, where that help is appreciated and hopefully returned, but not where it is coerced, or demanded. These are tough decisions and tough actions, but those capable of them will be the survivors.

Face it, there will be those families, hungry, thirsty and in need of shelter who have not prepared when they had a chance; who were led by a man convinced that the largess would never end; who believed in the myth of benevolent government. They have not prepped, but they know well that you did and they want what you have.

If you are savvy and you made it through those dark times, when you have had to say no and back up the statement with force of arms, who now stand in a nation thrown into chaos and hear that they are working on another Constitution in the capitol, you have to ask yourself "who is working on it?" Is it you? Probably not, because while you were defending yourself, protecting yours and aiding those who have aided you over the past several months or years the others have been scheming to take advantage of the chaos to pursue their long-held goals of total control.

Those busily scheming were the ones who lived off of other people's efforts while they eliminated competing viewpoints until they were confident that they might develop their new Constitution with the assurance that there will be no dissent. Do you then let this process take place? And if not, what would you present as your demands and what would you be willing to do to ensure that those demands were met?

As important as survival is, it must have a purpose. To survive only to awaken to horrors greater than those that created the chaos in the first place is unacceptable. There will be that struggle as well, the struggle for who we are as we go forward. On what precepts will we build the new society? Because a new society will be built upon the ashes of the old, one way or the other.

If this loose community will mean anything, in the end, it will be how well we represent ourselves when they try to build something totally abhorrent to Western culture on the ashes of the fire ignited by collectivists. America, for all of its failures and excesses, once understood that a free people will naturally build, improve and innovate. Those efforts, whether intentional or not, inevitably produce
an advanced, educated and productive society.

When the rulers recognized themselves as "rulers" they tried to make that dynamic engine of commerce subservient to the Socialist model, to coerce industry to divided goals, to establish themselves as the gatekeepers to wealth, we, as a people, as a society, began to devolve. We went backward, poverty soared, debt multiplied and all to achieve what had already been achieved.

Now, as it is, everything society needs cannot be met because the gatekeepers choose who is aided and who is debilitated. Our advancements are not forthcoming. We cannot build the refineries we desperately need, we cannot build commonsense power plants, but instead waste funds on inefficient and largely useless power generation sources the gatekeepers have selected, that do nothing other than perpetuate the myth of "social consciousness." For some, this is a legitimate concern, for far more it is a pathway to that "gatekeeper" status that cements all power in their hands and they are dedicated to it.

They are saboteurs and we cannot allow them to win. The only way to prevent them from achieving their goal of absolute power over this great nation and its people, is to have a plan, a strategy to emerge from the chaos with demands for the rights that allow for that freedom to create and innovate. Anything less is a loss, not just to you and yours, but to the world. Without the shining light of liberty the world is a dark and miserable place.

Be the adult, be the light, be the voice. This is a multi-level battlefield and everything is on the line. The survivors must decide who we will be.


  1. Each person will decide who he or she will be. Each person DOES decide who he or she IS. This is an inviolate fact and we are here because of a 5,000-year-old attempt to deny it.

    This is what it means to have an objective morality, even as 99% will shriek that such a thing is impossible. All ethics are individual ethics and all good ethics follow from the identification of facts.

    The maddening thing to me is how simple it is, not complex. Socially, there is only a single fundamental distinction...consent or thuggery, and every single instance is an individual choice. This is why I personally choose to be a Consensualist and understand that in this world, it may very well take physical defense--against those who choose to be thugs--to maintain that choice. I'd prefer others would likewise choose to deal and trade by consent, but that's THEIR choice. Gotta abide gravity too.

    1. As you say, Jim, each person decides who they are, but on a national level it is a collective decision. For many nations that decision might well be made by one person. That is the friction today, many of the people have chosen to be different from what the collective has decided. Hopefully, as that balance swings toward liberty I might not have to die to defend who I have decided to be.

    2. Once again you parade your philosophical illiteracy. You have described SUBJECTIVE morality, not OBJECTIVE. Objective morality requires a non-arbitrary standard and is not "personal choice." Actions are choices and are certainly personal. but when imposing the morality from a merely personal (subjective, relative) standard one cannot claim this is an objective standard.

      Morality is about OBLIGATION and has a quality of "oughtness" to it. We OUGHT to do certain things and we OUGHT to refrain from doing certain things. There is a personal quality to this, but it is not arbitrary. These standards come from our Creator whether or not you choose to admit it. Obligations do not come from physical molecules, it is not something that "evolves". Morality requires a non-physical (ie immaterial or spiritual) component. Rocks aren't "good" or "bad", they just are. We don't describe one animal killing another animal as good or evil...they are just acting on their nature. When I watch my cat catch a mouse and "play" with it (slowly killing it), he either eats it or doesn't; neither choice is objectively "good" or "evil" nor is the killing of the mouse itself. He is a cat, there is no morality to his actions. Morality is a quality of persons, not animals.

      Mankind can readily come up with SUBJECTIVE morality. Hitler did it...but you know, at Nuremberg there was a strong belief in an OBJECTIVE standard, that the Nazis did not get to re-write the moral code. Your beloved "I am an anarchist and nobody has the right to tell me what to do" may seem morally correct to you, but what is the basis for saying that someone else's statement "I want to be the boss of you" is morally wrong? You may not LIKE it, you may argue against it, but you have no basis to say this is more than a personal preference. I would say that my Creator does not give someone the right to take my possessions as HE made this moral code. Objective morality comes from His nature.

      Okay, now bring on your usual ad hominem and bow before your NAP. I happen to LIKE the NAP, but without God one can make no claim about objective morality.

    3. Wow, that was a shock; I just came by to wish TL a good holiday. Didn't even read it through, but I will. Ad hominem, you say?

      Anyway TL, we can go over collective decisions another time. Hope you and yours had a great holiday. Fear not, AD (you got a name?)...I'll be sure and get to yours. It gives me something to look forward to, so thanks.

    4. While you're waiting AD, you can try to come up with an obligation that you have that you didn't choose to be an obligation. One will suffice and you'll impress the shit out of everyone. Choosing an obligation that you believe God, or maybe something else, put upon you, is itself a choice. Hopefullly that's obvious, but I don't wanna go too fast for you. You work on that, and I'll continue to look forward to reading your screed.

    5. No obligation that you didn't choose yet, Apolo Doc? Maybe tomorrow, eh?

      "Subjective" doesn't merely mean "personal." Objectivity is personal too. ALL things cognitive are personal. That's why only you think your thoughts, or hadn't you noticed that?

      I gotta say, it was a bit of a disappointment finally reading your comment in its entirety. I thought maybe you had something to say and maybe I could affirm or correct. Not much there, though. Maybe when you come up with that obligation that you have that you didn't choose, we can pursue it. I'm guessin' it'll never happen.

      You yap about obligations that we didn't choose, and yet you'll produce not a one. Gee, I wonder why that is. Must be everyone else's obligations, huh?

  2. I tend to be suspicious of plans, because people who plan for me usually have their own interests in mind, not mine.

    However, given that we should have some sort of target to be shooting for, I suggest Panarchy. Let people live in the polities they choose, and let them experience the consequences of their choices. Do not impost your choice on them, and resist at all costs them imposing their choices on you. For example, if some people want a communal existence, no one should stop them - even if you think they are stupid to choose it. As long as they are not imposing on you, it is none of your business.

    1. "Impose", not "impost", of course. Need edit capability...

  3. Why wait for collapse and fix it then?

    1. What do you think I have been trying to do for 20 years?

    2. Your efforts and their level of success has everything to do with the hearers, not the preacher.

      It is a hard thing to herd cats, but that is the nature of cats. -55six

    3. We wait for the collapse because if we were to fix it now, the very act of fixing would bring a collapse. The corruption is so virulent, so pervasive and interwoven in the body of government if not the fabric of governing that to "fix' it, one must replace it with a more functional model. At least after the walls have fallen, a new and better Freedom and Liberty can be devised and implemented.

    4. Further, It's not just government, It's the banksters, Big business, Military industrial war machine financed by the banksters, the FDA, Big Pharma... etc. etc. etc... ad nauseam....

    5. Keep y'er powder dry and aim small, miss small. Right?

    6. What is arising in America has a fascistic bent toward business and free markets. It has a Marxist bent toward individuality. It has a Maoist bent toward free expression in new media. It has flat out state control in old media. Throw in Global warming Earth worship, political correctness and a sort of weird self-loathing leading to a desire for self-destruction by some in the chattering classes and I don’t know what to call it or what it will be called. When this is said and done the thing that evil is erecting around us in the United States will be called a whole new “ism” I suspect. This "ism" will NOT let you keep your private property. Many think we can live from stored food and work 10 acres while reconstituting both a pysical and legal framework. Looking at the "isms" that have happened to other peoples I'm concerned those with this plan will be killed early on. Look back in history at the hundreds of millions killed for the glory of the state while these "isms" take hold. These things will not allow you food and 10 acres. I pray the .mil continues to wake up but the state will be able to find several million people that will kill and take for it's glory anyway. Just a concern I have for some who are not in their local, state and fed reps faces now. I think We could still repent but it doesn’t look like that is likely to happen. Never discount God though.

  4. Your thoughts and words have much merit. Yet will there really be a scheming political class left to try and make their Utopian constitution and bend us to their will after a collapse? I actually kinda doubt it and the reason why I doubt it is there in your own words.

    Here is where I ask the reader to take a step back, to realize that the initial frontiersmen, those who came to America in wooden boats, to people who crossed through the Cumberland Gap, to people who settled out West knew the price of survival . There were no government services for a good period of time, no police, no fire department, no water works, no sewer. They had nothing, but what they brought with them or built on site. And, when these services fail, for whatever reason, it will be up to the true "adults" in this nation to provide for ourselves and yes, for others. It is the Christian thing to do.

    The world as we know it now, with the control the political class possess is still built on the sacrifice and values you mention above. Once it all falls apart it will need those very same values to build up again. What we have today is an unnatural state of political allies and political power that cannot sustain itself. Culturally and racially speaking over half of the people currently living in the US cannot survive here without government help. In a collapse scenario they will have little power remaining and it will be all down hill for them after that.

    All that being said however you are still 100% correct we need to make sure the adults and those with the old frontier values are heard when the rebuilding begins.


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