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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Anti-Christian is Anti-Feminism

I am working on a project that illustrates the issues surrounding the Liberty/Patriot community. So, I have been a bit distracted, but when I see the total oppression of Christians, it bothers me. Nowhere is this oppression more documented than in China. If you think this is just happening in China, you are misinformed. Despite the fact that our Commander In Chief believes that he is a Christian, no one has done more to promote Islam, than Barack Obama.

There comes a time, and I certainly have no idea when that time arrives based on conversations with other Christians, that the faith needs to defend itself, but I don't think I would be out of line to suggest that it happens now. The nation is being infiltrated by Muslims for a specific reason: to displace the voting habits of Christians. One must not think of Christian vs Muslim, when considering the idea of who to vote for, as there are no Christian candidates. The understanding must be that pro-Muslim candidates are necessarily anti-Christian, anti-republic and anti-Constitution, because whenever a large Muslim community exists, it invariably trends toward concepts of Shari law vs Constitutional law and that is a large societal chasm.

Those who have spoken of Women's rights, who now speak in favor of Sharia Law, or Muslim self-determination, (which is how it is always promoted) is ridiculous, it is contrary. A nation ruled by Sharia Law is anti-feminist. It is more than the equivalent of setting the Feminist agenda back a thousand years.

So, when I see Christianity being oppressed, I see the values of women being suppressed. How any of these so-called feminists can turn a blind eye to the oppression of Christians and believe that it is a good thing, is beyond rational conclusion. The opposite is true. How is it possible that in order to conform to a Democrat agenda, these so-called feminists can support the importation of Muslims, understanding the detrimental impact the Muslim society would have on feminism, is mind-boggling.

I have always known that in the last instance, liberalism would be at war with liberalism. To the extent that this has not happened is a manipulation of one sector or another, but it cannot last. Sooner, or later it comes down to "nut-cuttin'" time and agendas have to be squared. But, that will be the war that happens after they have done away with the Constitutionalists, the Survivalists, the Patriots.

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