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Lies of Omission
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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Anti-Christian is Anti-Feminism

I am working on a project that illustrates the issues surrounding the Liberty/Patriot community. So, I have been a bit distracted, but when I see the total oppression of Christians, it bothers me. Nowhere is this oppression more documented than in China. If you think this is just happening in China, you are misinformed. Despite the fact that our Commander In Chief believes that he is a Christian, no one has done more to promote Islam, than Barack Obama.

There comes a time, and I certainly have no idea when that time arrives based on conversations with other Christians, that the faith needs to defend itself, but I don't think I would be out of line to suggest that it happens now. The nation is being infiltrated by Muslims for a specific reason: to displace the voting habits of Christians. One must not think of Christian vs Muslim, when considering the idea of who to vote for, as there are no Christian candidates. The understanding must be that pro-Muslim candidates are necessarily anti-Christian, anti-republic and anti-Constitution, because whenever a large Muslim community exists, it invariably trends toward concepts of Shari law vs Constitutional law and that is a large societal chasm.

Those who have spoken of Women's rights, who now speak in favor of Sharia Law, or Muslim self-determination, (which is how it is always promoted) is ridiculous, it is contrary. A nation ruled by Sharia Law is anti-feminist. It is more than the equivalent of setting the Feminist agenda back a thousand years.

So, when I see Christianity being oppressed, I see the values of women being suppressed. How any of these so-called feminists can turn a blind eye to the oppression of Christians and believe that it is a good thing, is beyond rational conclusion. The opposite is true. How is it possible that in order to conform to a Democrat agenda, these so-called feminists can support the importation of Muslims, understanding the detrimental impact the Muslim society would have on feminism, is mind-boggling.

I have always known that in the last instance, liberalism would be at war with liberalism. To the extent that this has not happened is a manipulation of one sector or another, but it cannot last. Sooner, or later it comes down to "nut-cuttin'" time and agendas have to be squared. But, that will be the war that happens after they have done away with the Constitutionalists, the Survivalists, the Patriots.


  1. Liberalism is a mental illness.


    1. Obama is hiding a dark secret that just came out and this effects you!

  2. " there are no Christian candidates."
    Could you please explain that phrase? I've read & re-read that line, and cannot consider it as true, as stated.

    1. I to read that and am confused because I believe their are Christian candidates....

  3. Brother TL, God bless you for speaking the truth. Yes, it is really time for Christians and other concerned citiznsa to stand up together and refuse to listen to lie . We must demand that the media stop lying about the immigtation of hundreds of thousands of young muslim men throughout Europe and soon America if we do not demand that our Congress R's and D's stop the president's plan to use of tax dollars to bring people, many of whom hate us and want to convert our culture to and islamist society with shria law.

    If you think that most if not all of these individuals immigrating into Erope and America are loving, kinds, people who want to join America and live by our laws your are seriously uninfir==ormed. Please google bill warner; robert spense; brigitte garbriel; ayaan hirse ali; pamela geller; glenn beck; kurt schlichter to name a few conservatives who are truth speakers and they will inform you with the fact and their research and evidence for their claims of caution not yo fall into the trap of believing the media and other uninformed citizens or liers.

    Pastor Franklin Graham has just disassociated himself from the republican party with good reason, the GOP failed to stop the budget that continues to fund Planned Parenthood after we finally learned that they have been selling body parts of aborted babies and we now know, or need to know that these babies ripped from their mother's womb are trown in the dumps by Planned Parenthood. And republicans and democrats passed this budegt. In addition, this budget funds immigration of ndividuals from muslim countries without veting them. our so called government has lied again about veting muslims coming into the country. Interesting that America is not rescuing Christians from muslim persecution and toreture, rape and slaughter throughout the midleeast and africa.

    Wake up America, you and I need to learn the truth and demand that this budget be stopped and I do not care if they already passed it, congress need to stop, reject it, impeach obama and them rewrite a budget that is Constitutional.

    I agree with Brother Graham and suggest that we all reregisteras Independents and vote only for those who share our Christian and Constitutional values and priciples. I will pray for revival and restoration of our Constitution and our God-given liberties.

    Stop the media and politicial lies and vote and impeach/recall anyone who lie in the future. We must get educated and educate our neighbors, family, friends, coworker and everyone else we meet and talk with. Our primary focus needs to be on restoring our Constitution and Rightful Liberty.

    If you drink, watch sport, hunt, dance, sing, play cards, etc. reduce the focus on all other activities and increase our activities around supporting only Christians and other decent citizens who walk their talks and watch them to make sure they are consistently defending the Constitution.

    Faithful Christians and other concerned citizens join together to support Liberty. While I encourage each of us to get right with God, some may not choose this direction and I resect you and you freedom to choose another path; however, we must be for freedom or against it, there is no sitting this one out. It will get real soon and we must know which side we stand on Liberty or tyranny.

    As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Amen... Peace.

  4. The reality is you are correct. However you are not seeing things from the Feminist/Liberal/Multi-Cult perspective either. From the point of view of a feminist there is no danger from muslims because the feminist laws they have managed to force through will protect them. The daddy state will shield them without asking for anything in return and feminist dogma clearly points out men are all rapist, violent murderers etc. anyway so one set is just as bad as another. That same dogma also believes Christianity is just as oppressive, if not more so, than Islam and they have already protected themselves from both. Christianity in fact was the original oppressor of Women in their mind so it is a more proven evil than Islam regardless.

    What feminist and their liberal allies need right now more than anything is warm bodies that will continue to vote femocrat against the ancient oppressor known as White Christian Men. The feminist and it's big government protector need warm bodies more than anything else. Lots and lots of them. They need 100 million or more to even have a glimmer of a hope to fund the massive daddy state in welfare, public pensions (same as welfare really) and the make work government jobs made to give feminist financial independence.

    They need these warm bodies to replace the millions of aborted babies and those which were never conceived because the would be mothers were focused on their careers. For White Men to fulfill this need would also require White feminist Women to have babies and that is more evil than inviting in the trash of the world. Besides all peoples and cultures are the same anyway so Islam will be no different than Christianity and in fact is known to support them overall politically anyway.

    To feminist Islam is the lesser of the two evils AND brings with it immediate benefits in the form of political power and solves the problem of our low birth (or child survival rate) from the feminist revolution of the sixties.

    1. Very few in this country have lived with an ongoing, systematic threat. America has no idea what it is facing. Those who would encourage importing peoples determined to end them and their children's way of life are living in a fantasy that knows not what humans are. They deny human history.


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