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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Barack Obama the Ugly American

Every once in a while someone says something so outlandish and ridiculous that while I know everyone else will make similar comments to mine, I can not stop myself.

Today, Barack Obama, in Paris, France, stated that shootings like the one in Colorado Springs just doesn't happen in other countries. No, Barack, in other countries they shoot 130 people, like recent events some place far, far away like Paris, France. You might have heard of it. That is the sort of thing that happens in other countries and why we do not want people who might do that to us to come here.

But, let's take a look at what happens in "other countries."

In Mexico, if one runs afoul of the Narco-statists, they get their hands and heads chopped off and left in the dirt. They get kidnapped and ransomed back to their families for as much as they can get, so they can buy some of those weapons that the Obama Administration so infamously funneled to the Narco-statists.

In Syria and other Muslim nations daughters are stoned to death for flirting with a boy, but those deaths are not totaled up, because they are accepted and even expected of the father to do so.

In Syria and other Muslim nations suicide bombers walk into mosques of their hated rivals Shia/Sunni and detonate their belts.

In China Christians (and I know you don't consider Christians even quite human) are slaughtered for no other reason than they are Christians. Their churches are burned and the congregations disbanded or killed.

In most Muslim nations speaking openly about one's Christian beliefs to others is to invite the charge of promoting a religion other than Islam and the price for that is one's head.

I understand that Barack Obama considers the United States the most base and horrible place one could have the misfortune of living. I understand that Barack Obama has been busy fomenting a race war in every way he can, just to "stick it to the man" which, by the way, is technically him. I understand that (though to this day he claims to be a Christian) he does not consider Christians worthy of support in nations all over the world where they are being persecuted. I understand that though he claims to be a Christian, he does not allow them into the nation as refugees, even when they are from Syria or Iraq, preferring only Muslims. I understand that though he claims to be a Christian he is all too willing to send Christians, who have escaped Iraq and sought asylum in the United States, back from whence they came.

What I don't understand is what difference it could possibly make if he were a Christian. Though I have no evidence that Barack Obama is a Muslim, when I look at his actions both in favor of Muslims and against Christians it is really difficult to see what technically being a Christian would matter. It is not the fact that he is a Christian that is valuable, it is whether or not he, as a Christian, would protect Christians across the globe from the sort of persecution they currently suffer.

While Barack Obama considers living in the United States, even as the president, the worst fate that could befall a human being and that there are things that happen in the United States that do not happen anywhere else in the world, it is actually a point of fact that things that happen in the rest of the world do not yet happen here.
We do not have "honor" killings. Lutherans do not enter Catholic churches and blow up themselves and as many of the congregations as they can. We do not kidnap tourists and ransom them back to their families for fun and profit. But, these are all things that come from those "other countries" of which Barack Obama is so enamored. But, give him another year and he might yet accomplish it a similar society.

I really do wonder how the families of those so horrendously slain in Paris think of his clever stab at his political opponents. I wonder how they see him, now that he has made his point. I find that he has done nothing other than confirm every European stereotype of the "ugly American" when he can so glibly belittle the lives of so many French citizens to make a specious political point.

And, what was the point he was making, exactly? That Planned Parenthood should be able to continue their yard sale on baby parts? That anyone who finds that despicable and horrifying is a backward rube? And no, I do not support the actions of the individual, but maybe, when the government funds this abomination and stands behind it they are perhaps more at fault for the unfortunate carnage than the perpetrator himself. 

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