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Friday, December 4, 2015

Racism Cannot Stop Racism

When U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch spoke to attendees of Muslim Advocate's 10th Anniversary dinner she pledged to vigorously prosecute speech that "edges toward violence." Meaning, of course, when other than Muslims use speech that "edges toward violence," because "death to America" and "death to infidels" seems to pretty much cover speech that does much more than "edge toward violence;" it advocates for it.

All evidence suggests that Muslim speech has led directly to violence, but there seems to be no interest in prosecuting these violations of her policy. But, this is just another example of the Obama Administration's predictable and determined efforts to divide America; to set up different rules for Muslims and blacks from those that exist for all other races and religions in this diverse nation of ours. Defending and protecting terrorists and criminals is the priority as they are able, with a compliant and blind-folded press, to couch their divisive policies in the struggle against racism. Any real, objective reporting would reveal the openly racist stance the Obama Administration has always preferred.

I abhor racism. The very idea of hating someone based on their lineage is ignorant. There are horrible people of every race and religion. There are wonderful people of every race and religion. Written into the Constitution is a prohibition against corruption of blood. In other words, the sins of the fathers cannot be visited upon their progeny. The Obama Administration disagrees with this and, as far as I can tell, every aspect of the Constitution.

Loretta Lynch was just verbalizing the open policy of the Obama Administration that white people and Christians do not deserve equal protection under the law, because some of our forefathers owned slaves and have been responsible for the oppression of the black community over the past decades. I will not attempt to deny that these things have taken place, they have. But, turning the tables and therefore visiting oppression and degradation against whites and Christians does not end racism, it validates it, encourages it and institutionalizes it.

The question they really should be asking themselves as they go about their brand of racism that seems so normal and justified, is how will their rhetoric be viewed by Americans a couple of centuries hence, when whites and Christians are the minority and have been persecuted and brutalized over a century or two? I know it doesn't matter to them, as long as they get what they want, but to pretend that we are required to ignore their obvious racism is too much to ask.    

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