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Sunday, December 6, 2015

That Is Not Who We Are

Blaming guns for the murderous impulses of terrorists is not who we are. We are Americans and we believe in self-defense. Lying prone on the ground hoping people will not murder us is not who we are. The sudden eruption of gun purchases, or at least the background requests in order to do so, was as American as it gets. That is who we are, we are not dependent on the government to protect ourselves or our families, we'll handle that.
When Americans recognize that the enemy is within the gates, they prepare to defend themselves, especially when it has become openly apparent that the government is complicit in holding the gates open for the enemy to pass through. The government is not on the side of the American citizen. It has been a long time since the government felt a duty to protect and defend the citizens of the nation. We are basically ATM's for their political supporters. If this were ever disputed it was made clear with the passage of the Stimulus Act, which did nothing else, but fund political supporters. Without our consent, they bailed out the banks, bought up toxic assets, purchased shares of bankrupt  auto companies. All they had to do was go to the citizen ATM and put us further in debt. That might be how Chicago politicians do business, but that is not who we are.
Now, they have dropped the pretense of caring and simply tell us to shut up and go away, but not before we pay our taxes. This is what happened during Obama's interruption of the Sunday football games and don't think that was on accident, either. The biggest ratings in television are the weekly football games. Where else would Obama get an audience? It was a capitulation that it was orchestrated between the end of the afternoon games and before the Sunday night game. Pathetic, but I don't think he really wanted to trot out his gun-grabbing agenda in front of the football audience. That was a miscalculation, in my opinion. Commandeering an audience might be the only way Obama can speak to more than a few hundred people, but it is not who we are.
The fact that his suggestion that anyone on the No-Fly list should be made to surrender their weapons was as unconstitutional as it gets. Of course, that has never been a deterrent to Barack Obama. His absolute disregard for the Constitution is so widely documented it barely justifies recognition. But, just as an exercise, I would like to point out that the deprivation of life, liberty or property without due process of law is patently unconstitutional, and that is not who we are.
We are a nation of laws, respecting individual life, liberty and property. We are a nation of citizens who understand that they have certain inalienable rights that no government can violate without the resentment of the people rising up against it. That is who we are.
We are not the type of people who watch the government invite terrorists among us, with no serious will or ability to properly vet them prior to entry and then sit back and wait to be massacred. That is not who we are. We know who is abetting the enemy, who is trying to use charges of racism to allow a further infiltration into our society of terrorists and we will arm ourselves against the threats the government has encouraged among us. That is who we are.
I am sorry we have elected a president who does not know who we are as a people and sends his minions out to publicize that we are something we are not, or are not something we are, but I hope I cleared it up.
Of course, I am not talking about Muslims in general, I am speaking of those radicalized Jihadists who are infiltrating our nation with fake passports from Greece. Fake passports our government agencies seem incapable of identifying as such.

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