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Lies of Omission
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Thursday, January 28, 2016


I am in mourning, to some degree for Robert "La Voy" Finicum, a man I did not know, but felt a great kinship toward, but more for the fact that the inevitable Civil War that has been simmering for decades now is impossible to prevent.

The patriot/liberty community and the militias that have grown up out of the injustices of the federal government in the past have now been given a new martyr for the cause and proved all of our past indictments to be true. It is now an academic reality that the first shot fired in the new resistance was taken on January 26th at another government ambush.

Another generation of Americans will come to hold federal agents in contempt and the illusion of peaceful resistance has been once again shattered with the crack of a rifle. Victoria Sharp echoed the disillusionment of that new generation when she exclaimed "...they just shot him dead."

That's it, that's what they do. They make statements with lead. They do to the American people what they are trained to do to our enemies and criminals wielding weapons, not unarmed men just trying to point out the illegal occupation of state lands.

And, no, I don't care who it was that actually pulled the trigger, either state police, or federal agent makes no difference, it was on federally occupied land in conjunction and coordination with a federal government controlled action.

What made the Civil War now almost impossible to avert is the fact that so many blood-thirsty liberals jumped onto whatever social media platform it could in order to cheer on their instruments of violence.

We are at a crossroads now. It is no longer possible for federal agents to claim some sort of ethical superiority and it is no longer possible for liberals to hide behind their touchy-feely fa├žade. All has been exposed for the next generation of patriots who now get it. The stories they have heard since the 1990's are no longer just histories of a movement, they are now their stories, their histories and what they might have thought had taken place in a long ago time and place are now immediate and real.

I have been outraged by the actions of federal government agents for nearly thirty years, but now I have new allies among the younger generation who just witnessed the worst of federal government excess: the open murder of an unarmed man.

The occupation of the Malheur refuge was not an action I thought was a logical and clearly thought out movement, but I respected Ammon Bundy for his decision. I respect Ammon Bundy for his willingness to expose the illegality of federal occupation of Western lands and his dedication to the cause. I respected Finicum's clarity, reasonable arguments, dedication and intent.

All of that is moot, now, because it doesn't matter if I agreed with Ammon Bundy's tactics. It doesn't matter if I thought they should have stayed at the refuge, or done it differently.

What I know, is this: Ammon Bundy and his group decided to trust the feds and make the journey to a meeting in another county, crossing through occupied lands and the feds sprung their ambush, regardless of the fact that an innocent girl was in the vehicle. That did not matter to the feds one bit. It did not stop one shot from being fired into the vehicle. I think they sought a massacre and only God prevented it.

So, here we are, a divided nation with many more converts to the resistance and many more hardened positions on each side. All of the social revelations that must come will now come with a complete understanding of the younger generation as to how brutal and indeed criminal the feds are. They know what I knew a long time ago.

Yes, I am in mourning to a degree, because I know when the time comes, there is no reason not to respond to the call to arms.


  1. Agreed.

    Picking nits here...but I'm pretty sure Finicum and crew were armed with handguns. No long guns though.

    Regardless, sounds like they were bushwhacked. We may never know what really happened, but it certainly wasn't good.

    1. We can know if We put those involved on trial.

    2. So Zoomie, what if they were armed with any weapon at all ? What's your point ? Seems you're trying to put the onus of the shooting on the victims as though they had no rights to defend themselves.

      Are you implying with your "armed with handguns" comment that those citizens deserved to be ambushed and shot ?

    3. My point is that TL says at least twice here that they were unarmed, while multiple (non-leo) reports I've seen said they WERE armed with handguns.

      That's all. Don't try to make more out of my comment than what I simply stated. It was meant to be a correction of sorts.

      I don't play word games, and I say what I mean.

    4. The legal standard is that the shooter needs to reasonably believe that he is in danger of death or great bodily harm....and that's assuming that the shooter didn't provoke the incident...

  2. When the SWAT team killed my father in 1982, my first comment was,
    "you executed him ". That was in Barrow, County, Georgia.

  3. Nothing will come of the Finicum murder. No .gov thug will be charged. The media will keep from reporting the .gov shooting and 30 days from now those involved in the ambush will be high-fiving and patting each other on the back.

    Oh, and the keyboard kommandos will keep asking for "names".

    1. "Nothing will come of the Finicum murder."

      Thanks for sharing your decision, but there are 330 million other Americans for whom you don't get to speak. You seem to have finally gotten the rest; now get that.

      Hell, man...anyone who would even TRY to speak for Zoomie, must be off his rocker.

    2. Klein,

      There was no reason for this Zoomie character to make the handgun remark. Certainly not in the context that he made it, pretty much in the context of implied wrongdoing.

      Secondly....NOTHING will come of the Finicum murder. Horiuchi was never prosecuted for the fedgov sanctioned murder of Vicki Weaver and the attempted murder of Randy Weaver. The feds gave Horiuchi "sovereign immunity"; a license to kill. He would then ply his FBI sniper trade at Waco a short time later.

      I speak for myself. I also look at the teachings of history. There will be prosecutions or penalties visited upon the .gov tyrants involved in the ambush and subsequent murder of Mr. Finicum.

      As for you, you need to practice what you preach instead of always preaching to others your righteousness. You may garner some legitimacy.

    3. Clarification on my above remarks: "There will be NO prosecutions or penalties visited upon the .gov tyrants...."

    4. Federal agents and leo's working in the capacity as a fed cannot be charged for murder or wrongful death.

    5. Perhaps, that's why they commit it so often.

    6. Jesus guys, Zoomie was just correcting an error, not making excuses or creating some kind of implied wrongdoing. Don't read into a comment something that isn't there.

    7. "this Zoomie character"

      You're a hoot, Dan; maybe living in a cave does make sense. As to prosecutions of the, of course there won't be. What makes you think that's the only thing on Earth that can happen? You're still alive, aren't you? How 'bout you speak for yourself and let others speak for themselves...think maybe that could work?

  4. Anyone can see two things armed or not LaVoy had his hands in the air and even after being shot in the side he stil tried to raise his R arm back up when he was shot in the back, now you can say I can't see it that clear, that's because that part is pushed out of focus almost looks like it happened when they zoomed in but I want people to notice the timeclock in ULH corner no matter what the picture in or out of focus the clock should be clear but if you push it out of focus with software to hide something you push everything on screen out of focus. any first year film editer could see this.

  5. Never support the FBI narrative. This was NOT a traffic stop. It was an ambush. If you look at the FBI released film, it shows an Officer/Agent, emerge from the woods and shoot Robert Finicum in the back. He obviously was pre-positioned. That spells ambush. Let the FBI lie all they want to, just don't by into it, or spread their propaganda.

  6. I've heard someone say that while his hands were up, that maybe he got shot, causing his hands to go down momentarily to waist area...I doubt we'll ever know...meanwhile, where's the "hands up, don't shoot" crowd? I bet if "we" go downtown and start rioting and burning shit, we'd be shot down, not given a 'safe space to express ourselves" you?

  7. I noticed that this
    video has edited out
    the footage of him "yelling
    and charging at the police."
    All bloody sarcasm intended.

  8. Thanks,'re always a voice of reason anyway, and thanks for focusing on the man. It's where the focus belongs, always.

    It's not the Good Guys who are at a crossroads though IMO. We've known what we believe forever. Most people just got snookered into thinking someone else, or even crazier something else, might relieve them of the responsibility. As is getting clearer by the day, life just doesn't work that way. Never did, never could.

  9. Where are Stewart Rhodes and the rest of the oft vaunted "Oathkeepers"? Not a peep from them since the drone video showing Lavoy Finicum's cold-blooded murder at the hands of their "brothers" was released. Why have they not been publicly and vociferously leading the charge to have those responsible for Finicum's death brought to justice (hung by the neck until dead)? I'll tell you where they are; they are hiding behind that damned "thin blue line". "Oathkeepers" my ass! Come on Stewie, grow a spine and prove me wrong!

  10. Regrettable on so many levels. This entire debacle should be infinitely instructional for those with eyes to see and ears to hear… IMHO; voting, protesting etc. are a time waster, a worthless endeavor because the fix is in.

    Someone like Trump comes along and you can just about see the hope dripping off of him. I am not fooled into believing he or anyone else [especially not Rubio or Cruz] will change things.

    What they do is prolong the inevitable. They give people false hope with empty rhetoric that they have no plans on following… This kind of hope is counterfeit. DHS is a para-military arm of the White House, TSA- a joke, BATFE- incompetent and untrustworthy, NSA- spying on the US, The CIA is pretty clearly a tool for global destabilization. And I’m sure there are acronyms we’ve never heard of that do not have our best interests at heart.

    It is a Ruse. Similar to Kissinger in the early 70s with the Vietnamese. He engineered their re-supply and troop buildups by holding peace talks that no one expected to go anywhere, allowing the VC the opportunity to come back and kill our guys. A ruse.

    Political maneuvering with a goal of keep you and yours from doing what must be done. A false assurance of relief and security. They all lie and they all have the same goal. It has nothing to do with us and everything to do with the one percent.

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    1. Trump may buy us time, and if so, that's a good thing. I for one am not nearly ready as I wish I was. Are you?

    2. Time for you to read Patrick Henry's speech again. Buying time and trying to avoid the inevitable is not going to help.

  11. The media continued the "hands up, don't shoot" meme in the Michael Brown case long after it was proven false. Now there is a real case of a victim being shot by LEO's while raising his hands, but the media are uninterested. Because Finicum didn't look like he could be Obama's son.

  12. There were two women in the backseat. Over 100 rounds were fired into the vehicle after the cowboy was killed. There is a 12 minute audio with one of the women on Youtube on the Mark Conners News Channel.

  13. As a southerner I am only too aware of the predation of the United States government. That government murdered over 500,000 of my people; through warfare, disease, and outright starvation.

    In the 20th century, presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy authorized massive invasions of two southern states, Arkansas and Mississippi. In the later case, over 30,000 combat troops were mobilized and staged, the largest on US soil since 1865.

    We're preparing to remove the United States government from our lands.

    As the US government's "troops" become filled with Sodomites and other detritus, we think their effectiveness is being reduced.

    The US government conspired with the Oregon State Police to murder Robert Finicum, they will eventually be required to pay for that mistake. The men of Oregon will take that payment.

  14. Some of my general thoughts beyond what has already been printed/stated:
    This whole sad event should be a wake up for those in the 'movement' to wit, there are way more of 'them' (LEO of various colors and the general public) than those in the movement (hard to overcome pure numbers),
    Narrative: who controls it? and who has the means?
    Push against the Leviathan and you will receive massive 'push back',
    The 'general public' (fill in the blank on this one) really doesn't give a shit about you and yours as long as they are safe and snug - only when the great vast heard of sheep feel equal pain will the conditions be ripe for a 'movement' to take off ....
    Who exactly can you trust? and in that trust who/how many can you muster to support you (directly)?
    And last (at this point), when 'they' come for you, who exactly will take a final stand with you?
    Points to ponder ............

  15. Publish the names and data and photos of those involved in this ambush. Let these individuals know what it means to live in fear.


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