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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Oregon: My Take

I have stayed away from the Oregon events specifically because I do not know the individuals involved. Ammon Bundy as well as all the Bundys were beyond reach at the standoff in Nevada (no, I was not there and my attempts to breach the communication barrier were not successful). This is likely the same thing. But, I would like to address the maelstrom of opinions surrounding this event.

Like most things concerning this patriot/liberty/militia community, there are conspiracies, betrayals and those types of accusations floating around. Stop it. Listen more than you speak. Think more than you write. This is Ammon Bundy's move, let him make it. Let's hope he has enough sense to make use of his stage for the cause of liberty. If not, we must decide what to do about it if it turns into another Waco. No more Wacos. Ever heard of that?

My opinion, from paying attention, is that Ammon Bundy should find a graceful way out of this. He has shown that there are those who will rally to the call. The Hammonds were his cause and this happens everywhere in the West, so I don't doubt the level of deceit and viciousness the Hammonds suffered at the hands of the feds, but they caved and turned themselves in. There is nothing left for Bundy to accomplish there. He has brought needed attention to the actions of the federal government and established himself as a leader, perhaps even a spokesman for the patriot cause. That's it. Without defending someone or something his actions have a lesser meaning.

That is only my opinion of the course of action Ammon Bundy should take. I pray for them all. But, should this go south, it is for us to understand and to react to it. It is in the federal government's hands as to how this will end. If there is one thing to keep in mind, all of this was started by the federal government and the bully tactics they have used with Western ranchers and farmers for the past several decades. This is the way they deal with a contract. If the rancher will not yield to their insatiable desire for "public" lands, they intimidate, fine and ultimately contrive charges to convict the rancher of some crime in order to obtain the land they want, no matter how long the rancher has used the land effectively.

The federal government does not get to tell us how to react to their next move. It is all part of the same thing. They have violated almost every one of the Bill of Rights and continue to do so. How they have the ability to sustain the 16th Amendment while violating all the others is beyond me, except that we have allowed it. They have spawned the patriot/liberty/militia movements by their actions at Ruby Ridge and Waco. They have given rise to the Tea Party by bankrupting citizens to cover the debts of banksters. They have spent this great nation into poverty (just wait). They fund the destruction of children and pay the salaries of those who sell the body parts. They have squandered the retirement funds in the Social Security Administration that many rely on for their livelihoods. What will they not do?

So, the ball is in their court. The reaction is in ours.

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