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Lies of Omission
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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Opportunities Lost

I took a few days and I went to Burns, Oregon. I did not connect with Pacific Patriot Network or Idaho III%. I attempted to contact these groups, but I had limited time available and they did not respond to my inquiries. I did not go out to the wildlife refuge as that was not my purpose. I simply wanted to make the human connection with these groups, to establish trust.

My intention was to respond to a call to action. I did so, but without being able to contact PPN, my ability to work in connection with their efforts was lost. I guess they did fine without my participation and I am happy that they did.

My experience illuminates one of the very difficult issues of this community. I don't mean to criticize either group, but if one puts out a call to action, but has no organization that is capable of responding to contact and therefore marshaling forces, they lose the advantage of trust. Obviously, I will not bother wasting my time responding to such calls in the future. Sure, they had bigger fish to fry and I assume, somewhere, they were busy voicing all of our concerns. For that I am grateful.

I made the best use of my time in Burns gathering intelligence. The first thing that stands out, is that Burns, Oregon and the wildlife refuge in particular are probably the worst places in the nation to engage in such an occupation. Logistically, it is horrible. There are about four or five ways into town, all of them exposed for long stretches of road with nothing in between. The land is open, offering little or no cover. The closest interstate is over a hundred miles from Burns. What few motels they had in town offered only opportunities to aggregate hostiles, making it easy to track down combatants. The wildlife refuge itself is a long drive down an isolated road.

I have criticized the initial action of taking over the refuge for many reasons and my assumptions proved true once I arrived in Burns.

But, I did what I wanted to do. I supported the call to action. I went there. I tried to participate in a show of force. I paid my respects to the memory of LaVoy Finicum.


  1. Well done, brother. A very unfortunate situation made worse by the lack of meaningful connection initiated by those in Burns.

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  3. The left is well organized and can dump large numbers of people to a location on demand. Pacific Patriot Network or Idaho III% and other groups need to work with an Opsec specialist and create methods for contact or they will never grow.

  4. As an American, I understand, at least to some degree, the rights I have as a citizen. And I am proud and thankful for the sacrifices that were made, so that I can enjoy the freedoms I now use today. But also as a Christian, my first loyalty is to Him and what His word says. I am not in the situation that those men in Oregon found themselves in. But, would I pull out a gun against a fellow countryman for a piece of land that I dont need to survive? I dont know.


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