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Lies of Omission
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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sovereignty Is The Cheapest Asset

Implosion is imminent. Gold is up, stocks are down, (with much more room to drop) banks are slowly admitting their compromised positions with government paper and some have moved to stronger gold positions. Global recession has been on the map since China's economy started contracting. U.S. debt has soared and the paper the treasury issues is becoming devalued, but there is truly nowhere for it to go as our own economy slows. Oil has lost 70% of its value, taking the economies of the Middle East with it, though they have been able to stave off drastic cuts in domestic spending so far, it has come at a high price as they now try to sell bonds to institutions that are already holding too much government debt.

It must be obvious to anyone (if they aren't too busy taking selfies) that our indebted government has no intention of every repaying that debt. They will not repay China, or the UK, or Japan. The U.S. Government is a deadbeat. But, it has collateral. It has vast amounts of Western states it has occupied for over one hundred years.

The question one must ask oneself is this: What happens when the debt collector comes to collect?

One thing we can all agree on is that our government is full of cowards and negotiators. We know this because they have not stood up for principle when it came to Constitutional violations. They turned a blind-eye to scandals of the Obama Administration that would have brought down any other president, even with the traitors in the media providing cover.

It is no mere coincidence that the economic crisis of 2008 and this one arrive as a two-term president is leaving office. Some balls can only be kept in the air for so long, but on the eve of pinning someone else with the blame is as good a time as any to let them drop. But, this crisis might be much more severe and much more damaging than any before in history precisely because nothing substantial has been changed since the last one. The only true difference is that there are no more deep pockets out there to tap, except the private accounts of citizens and large corporations.

The U.S. Government's violations of the Constitution and the promise of a small federal government focused mostly on internal conflicts between the states and external conflicts with other nations have lead to the debt. Its constant meddling in internal state's issues and the desire to expand its power and control over everything have led it into every aspect of our lives.

The last economic crisis led to the Tea Party, which was a rebellion of middle-class individuals angered over the way the last economic crisis was handled, which was basically bailing out the banks at the expense of small businesses and individuals. There was no debt-relief to compensate them. There was no tax-debt relief to ease their conditions. So, average people rose up to challenge the powers that forgave every debt, but the ones they owed. Because they were decent people, they stopped short of violence. They worked within the system to elect different representatives and changed the House and Senate into Republican controlled institutions.

Promises were made for their votes: promises to de-fund Obamacare; to hold bankers accountable; to reduce public debt; to re-establish Constitutional controls over the federal government. They reneged on those promises and now they get Trump.

The Republican establishment hates Trump, they hate Cruz and struggle mightily to support anyone, Bush, Kasich or Rubio, anyone but Trump or Cruz. They want someone they can control when the next economic crisis hits, because they will need someone who will divert all funds toward their purposes and deflect blame away from those who most deserve it. This is not to say that electing Trump or Cruz will mean the end of their efforts, it will probably just put those efforts into overdrive to coerce them, if that is with whom they are forced to work.

Here's what will not happen: the people will not be forgiven of their debts or the taxes they owe.

They will be held accountable for every penny. Their assets will be liquidated to supply the insatiable appetite of their betters. Their labor will be needed as bargaining chips with the rest of the world. The natural resources of the citizen's land will be needed to pay for the excesses of the establishment. In fact, the establishment is not even that concerned that the United States remains an independent nation. They would gladly make an agreement with the UN and perhaps even China to "resolve" their differences by forfeiting sovereignty. Sovereignty is the cheapest asset they have with which to bargain away their debts.

The only ones left to pay for it all are the people. Many of these people don't understand or appreciate the values of this nation enough to understand the import of that agreement. They have become accustomed to slavery already. They crave the safety of slavery over the sacrifice of liberty. They will not stand up for anything. For all of the flag-waving and anthem singing done at every public event, there is no patriotism left in the United States, because it has boiled down to nothing more than a flag and a song. The principles behind them are meaningless to them.

But, what of those Constitutionalists, those patriots, those who do hold the self-evident truths to be the height of human accomplishment? They will be annihilated, because either they will be imprisoned or dead as they struggle for the righteous restoration of those principles. Perhaps those principles will die and the world will go back to the natural order of dominance and slavery, where higher principles of logic and liberty will be banished for good.

Understand one thing: every government agent, from local cop to the president is an author of the death of those principles and the death of liberty. When it comes your time to die for those principles, before you are enslaved to a foreign power, remember how proudly they sold them out.      


  1. Any chance that DC goes bust when the Dollar collapses? Do you really think that China would foreclose on the American West?

    1. Henry Kissinger made a statement years ago of Chinese troops landing in southern CA, to the cheers of the populace, on a humanitarian rescue mission.
      the Bureau of Land Mgt. has been seizing land in western states for a reason. Welcome to the USSA, Comrades.

    2. Mr. Longcore,

      In 2000 the Republican-controlled Congress gave Bill Clinton his HR 4444 on a silver platter. 4444 would give the Chicoms unfettered access to the US marketplace with goods made in Communist China by slave labor and exported to the USA. No tariffs would hinder their imports to America. Entire companies shifted their manufacturing to Red China. The only thing "American" about these products is the label insinuating the product is American.

      The traitors to this country sat in the Congress and the West Wing 16 years ago. American citizens did nothing about it then. They will do nothing to protect what little we have left, now.

      America is done. It is now what many refer to as fUSA....the former United States of America.

  2. DC wants the dollar to collapse, they want social unrest, they want to change the terms of the original contract (Constitution). It is done with this little experiment. We don't even know how many of Bush's and Obama's "policies" were actually dictated "to" them, rather than "by" them.

  3. My question too, Russell. I can't see China given that option. But, there is probably more than one way to foreclose.

  4. Hi T.L.,

    Thank you for sharing this, it needs to be yelled from the rooftops and every open window across the land!

    I don't know if you're familiar with former Navy SEAL Matt Bracken; author of the "Enemies Foreign and Domestic" trilogy but he gives an excellent peek into what you just discussed in this essay. Here's a link to a huge excerpt from the third novel (the characters of Phil Carson and Doug, a former soldier turned freedom fighter share about "how things came to be" in the fusa):

    Matt does describe how the regime in his novel is planning to 'settle debts/accounts" with European debt holders by giving up the West thru a military action codenamed "Operation Buffalo Jump".

    I'd like to get your take on Matt's thoughts.

    There is no voting our way out of this nor is it possible to 'walk it back''s too late for that.

    Yours In Liberty!
    Steve Kristmann, Arizona

    1. I read the excerpt and liked it, I like the direction Bracken is going with it. I had not read any of his work before, though I knew of him, of course. His perception of an Article V convention is about the same as mine. The only part of the Constitution that is currently being enforced are the parts that empower the government and none that empower the people.

  5. What is remarkable is that our Betters have outsourced all means of their safety and strength to others. They don't want a nasty, violent gun in their possession: they feel much more removed from danger with a "professional" in charge. Of course, the professional is only there being a guard dog when the salary and pension are intact. Remove the two carrots on a stick, and the guard dog lays down and takes a nap. Staying fit enough to fight and win any war? Not our Betters. They may be hanging at the gym five days a week-but drinking probiotic smoothies, walking a treadmill, and getting a massage won't keep the bad boys at bay. This is why they give lip service to the Military. What our Betters want is something that has no involving risk for them, either mentally or physically. Those of us on this side of the hood know that there is no such thing. Hell, getting weeds pulled in the garden involves risk. So, I don't fear pajama boys and girls.
    Keep a list, and be ready. We won the first war, and wrote the rulebook. We will have the opportunity-soon, to put out a large print edition. Just remember, those that do not stand with us are the enemy. Act accordingly.
    -Stealth Spaniel

  6. "The Republican establishment hates Trump, they hate Cruz and struggle mightily to support anyone, Bush, Kasich or Rubio, anyone but Trump or Cruz."

    A gallant attempt to make Cruz look like an outsider. I'm not even sure Trump is. He will fit the ruling class role as well as anyone else. He and the establishment will come to an accommodation.

    "Perhaps those principles will die and the world will go back to the natural order of dominance and slavery..."

    It never left that order. The Whiskey Rebellion is proof of it.

    However I think you are being far too defeatist. People can learn from the past, or from their experiences. There will soon be Hell to pay, but when we come out of it we will make fewer mistakes than we have done before. In the next Whiskey Rebellion, the next Washington will be shot. Centralized government will be extremely unpopular, when people discover what worthless bums they are.

  7. Bonneau, I'm glad to agree with you re: Cruz. Cruz is an establishment hack beholding to Goldman-Sachs. But beyond that, he IS not a natural born citizen. Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5, USC. Cruz is as POTUS ineligible as his Cuban compadre Rubio and "the one" who taught them the USC doesn't matter....the illegal sitting in the West Wing....barry soetoro-obama.

  8. I'm torn. Whether to be pleased to hear my own thoughts and conclusions independently arrived at by another person; or to be shamed, disgusted, and terrified that this is such a likely (almost inevitable, really) end.

    If I had the objectivity and perspective of temporal distance, it would seem very fitting ... apropos.

    It is, after all, how the "United States of America" was begun. It is the argument put forth, by those former colonies most indebted by the War of Independence, to disparage the Confederation and proclaim the necessity of complete union (with its attendant cession of sovereignty).

  9. hmm was with you all the way until this: ...'Understand one thing: every government agent, from local cop to the president is an author of the death of those principles and the death of liberty. When it comes your time to die for those principles, before you are enslaved to a foreign power, remember how proudly they sold them out.'
    All of them?
    '... proudly they sold them out.'
    You paint with too big a brush. You couldn't be more wrong.

    1. Sounds like someone is trying to justify their tax payer funded pension.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I'm with TLD on this one. As the lefties used to say, "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem." Now, is there any chance that some of them might defect from the ranks when TSHTF? Sure. Will I trust them behind me? Not so sure.

    4. Careful, fellas. Don't cut off your nose to spite your face.
      In war (even "cold"/non-violent/not "open" war) one thing is most important. One thing. And there's one best way to get that thing.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

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