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Lies of Omission
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Monday, August 22, 2016

The Screaming of the Barbarians

There is no explaining the events of the past several years.  When one considers the impossibility of current events, it only makes sense when confronted with the fact that a hostile and aggressive form of totalitarianism is afoot.  It is intentionally confusing and contradictory, pushing rational thought into a blind alley.

One finds oneself asking impossible questions: Why would feminists remain silent while the promotion and importation of anti-feminists known for the most severe forms of oppression goes on at an accelerated pace?  Why would homosexuals support the administration's full-throated support of regimes that routinely imprison, burn and toss homosexuals off of buildings?  Why would a president encourage the division of the races, inflaming old hatreds and new resentments with the potential to cause massive civil slaughter otherwise only known to places like Rwanda?  Why would the media assail and seek the punishment of a lying Olympic swimmer, yet defend with screaming silence the multitude of lies told by a presidential candidate, knowing all the while that her lies are exponentially more dangerous to individuals and society? 

Why, why, why?

The only answer possible is that it is a multi-frontal assault on peace.  It is an attempt to do exactly what it is doing, keeping the public off balance with daily insults to rational thought.  The people start to understand the connection of the president to the jihadists and Black Lives Matter encourages the burning of the suburbs.  The people start to understand the Democratic strategy of importing illegal voters and the president demands that transsexuals use any restroom they want. 

The only option is to avoid taking the bait of trying to figure it out.  Since the answer is a coordinated strategy to destabilize the United States and prepare it for one final revelation, skip to that conclusion and avoid the brain damage.  In trying to make all of the connections from one corrupt and diseased foundation to a political figure and declaring it illegal, one is just doing the work of the totalitarians.  Using good brain cells to find the entrance to the hamster's exercise wheel is counter-productive.

Yes, they are evil and devious enough to foment a race war to destabilize American society.  Yes, they are evil and devious enough to expose our children to pedophiles lurking in bathrooms, pretending to be sexually indeterminate.  Yes, they are evil and devious enough to import terrorists under the guise of humanitarianism to randomly commit acts of terror to frighten and disrupt society.  Yes, they are evil and devious enough to encourage racial animosity on the southern border for all of the reasons above.

It does no good to spend valuable time and energy trying to expose these acts.  They are doing it, they know what they are doing and those remaining on their side of the argument are anxious to see them succeed.  Time and energy would much better be spent preparing to defend oneself and their kin from the final revelation.  Your outrage is useless unless it is turned inward and used to bolster resolve.  Stop fighting every skirmish and prepare for the war.

Do not allow yourself to see these individual assaults as the battle.  They are probing tactics.  They are diversionary tactics.  They are designed to keep the enemy (you) off balance and blasting away at every snap of a twig.  Yes, these tactics are revolting, disgusting and insulting.  They are playing on your patriotism and your sense of decency.  They, these forces of totalitarianism, are trying to keep you outraged and swinging at shadows.  What they do not want you to do is to dismiss all of this as the screaming of the barbarians designed to intimidate the opposing forces.

The idea is to mark each insult and repugnant violation of decency and rationality as yard markers on the battlefield.  They are getting closer and closer so the only rational reaction is to sharpen the blades and load the rifles and wait to see the whites of their eyes.


  1. I see no lack of explanation for recent history perhaps because instead of writing, I have been reading

  2. What a piece...big issues. Vincent is right that it's not that tough to understand, but TL is right that it really doesn't matter.

    For rulers, war is absolutely essential right now. Internal, external, foreign, here, civil, can go down the list of looters and see that war is the only way out for them, even temporarily. That they WANT war is undeniable. And to the degree they get what they want, it's a certainty to happen.

    That's why I figure a rational guy better figure it all out, so he may know what war to join or not join, and how. And that in turn is why TL sees the underlying strategy of the Bad Guys---"It is intentionally confusing and contradictory, pushing rational thought into a blind alley." Sure, peeps make better cannon fodder that way; they always did.

    OTOH don't give 'em more credit than they deserve. Societal sea-changes aren't usually intentional in that fashion. This is just a rare confluence of punk thugs hooking up with others who don't recognize them as punk thugs. Good people who see things as they are, will comprise the survivors.

    And never underestimate the idiocy of idiots---a ton of collectivists are going to kill a ton of other collectivists along the way.

    1. Keep in mind, many of the actors are unaware of their role in the overall strategy. Guys like Soros are aware, but most of the people who do his bidding are quite oblivious to the ultimate goal. The actors get license to do their evil without consequence. Remember Loretta Lynch stating publicly that she and the Obama admin had the backs of the BLM group.

    2. All good points. It's an inherent problem with going along with someone else's becomes a package deal. Even the Good Guys get caught in this trap...many will join a bandwagon for ostensibly good reasons and yet the wagon goes crashing anyway.

      The whole issue is a corollary to, "The battle has ALWAYS been Individualism versus Collectivism." It may well take a large gang to get the job done, but that gang better be populated by strong Individualists who can both create and achieve rational and good goals.

  3. "They are getting closer and closer so the only rational reaction is to sharpen the blades and load the rifles and wait to see the whites of their eyes."

    Like all thugs and despots, the only thing the leadership on the other side (Clinton, Obama, Soros et al) understand is what comes out the barrel of a gun. They have millions of pieces of 70 IQ cannon fodder. The leadership is the head of the snake. Cut off the head, the body dies.

    1. Point well-taken. As pointed out in another blog, the "disseminators" of Sauron's vileness is the MEDIA.

      Without a trumpet, bullhorn, or megaphone, the MEDIA ain't the message.

      Why do you think all tyrants vector their first strike is to grab the Radio/Tv towers and broadcast studios? any means necessary....

  4. I guess I am slower than most. Or perhaps just an optimist. Or was an optimist. It had been clear for some time that something was not right in America but I suppose that I thought that it was all just Obama. But how had he been elected TWICE. I suppose my real eureka moment came when the American people voted in majorities to both houses and absolutely nothing changed. Then I had to face the reality that we were no longer free and had no say in how we are governed. Some force, ideology, or something was controlling everything from behind the scenes. How the republicans acted in ways contrary to the benefit of America was confounding until the realization that they too were being bought and paid for by the same money controlling the opposite side. The parties had just become circus for the common man to give them an illusion of "democracy." So, we tried to effect change by the ballot box, to no avail. What options remain? Unpleasantness is inevitable. America remains the world's only hope.* It will be a battle we cannot lose if we hope to ever have the opportunity to live in freedom again. * I say all the above from a secular point of view. But, what we are witnessing is a spiritual battle. "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." We know God wins. But we best be sure that we are doing His will and the things He has called us to do. It is not a time to put your head in the sand.

  5. Back in the day, commies infiltrated all levels of public sector life - teachers, postmasters, gov't hacks - and began the long march through the institutions. It was and is remarkably successful, even though the parent died the strategy worked.
    Now, suppose our NWO overlords looked at that and said, "Let's kill Christianity and import Islamic folks, put 'em in power slots, and quick march through the institutions. The rubes need religion, and it's a big one. Once convert or die becomes the law of the (global) land, we get all the wimmens and the populace will be cowed into submission. We'll be like Saudi Princes!"
    Or maybe it's all just coincidence.

  6. Ref:
    1)George Washington's Vision
    2)Book of Revelation

  7. "The only answer possible is that it is a multi-frontal assault on peace."

    Oh, I think there are other possible answers, such as plain stupidity.

    Human beings do not seem to be driven by logic, very much. They are driven by carefully-planted worldviews. The government schools planted them, and the Ministry of Propaganda maintains them.

    Sometimes the worldviews fail, and the scales drop from our eyes. I believe this is happening now at an increasing rate. Wait to see what happens when the economy crashes.

  8. Mr. Davis---
    This is an excellent essay on where we are now. It is a high protein mind meal. All of us who care about our country and want to sustain it for the good principles it represents are concerned and angered by the events going on today and the large numbers of people who are buying the line put out by the so-called ruling elites.

    I think that the first item that I want to bring up is that our history has gone through a number of cycles in our history. This is not new. We are in a crisis. Strauss and Howe wrote a book in the 1990s called the Fourth Turning, which was a cyclical view of history. Each cycle is roughly a life span of 80 years. In each life span there are four roughly 20 year spans of time,called Turnings, which they called the Awakening, the High, the Unraveling, and the Crisis, or Fourth Turning. The Fourth Turning is where we are now.

    The models have failed or are unsustainable and cannot be maintained. So for good or ill, we as a nation must go through this crisis. We will come out of this crisis, but it may be bad getting through it and we may come out a better nation, or we could come out in a very bad state that will take time to sort out.

    So we have to have the long view and the short view of where we are. In other words, we will have long term goals and objectives and short term goals and objectives.

    So now the question is what do we do now when facing this type of evil? It is bad, all right, when half of the people vote for evil despotic leaders that promise us the world, and cannot deliver sh*t, all in exchange for power.

    I think that this country is in a race with totalitarianism and bankruptcy. So the bottom line is that we must look into ourselves and find out what gives our individual lives meaning and happiness. Then it goes to our families, then friends and neighbors, and maybe our community. It starts from the roots and grows outward. It does NOT grow from sociopath leaders at the top down. We must build the capabilities of having thriving communities that can defend themselves at any cost. We must become mentally tough for the tough decisions ahead.

    I believe that the present systems today are not sustainable, and that they will fall. They are not sustainable. And this is a worldwide phenomenon. Our job is to get through the crisis so we can survive and thrive after the fall.

  9. The world has turned to caca. That much we know.

  10. A superbly written and thought provoking post! I do see the very same things as captured in this summery. I always thought that what I had seen in a few countries I lived would never happen in this country - the US. Sadly - it is no linger just taking place in far away countries. It sill boggles my mind how easy it is to manipulate good people into this absolutely evil scheme.
    What is more visible as one day after another closes always takes me back to read and rely on the Bible and God's Word. Long ago - thousands of years - when The Books of The Bible were written - it was then that we saw the future of today spelled out - action by action while describing the 'players' aka our elected and supposed leaders. We were warned back then about the evil we would face and sadly, it is here just as we were told.
    The best description of current events can be found in Timothy 2:3 and on. It begins:
    "But know this, that in the last days' critical times hard to deal with will be here......."!
    Knowing this I or we should not be surprised and yet - it still somewhat is disconcerting that evil could encroach so slowly but silently while many of are sidetracked by various issues in our personal lives and other reasons. I personally always see only the good in people but can no longer in good conscience continue to get blindsided by facts. Evil is on the move enabled by the destruction of morality and all-out attack on citizens who remain in that which is natural and approved by God.

  11. Why?

    You could save yourself a lot of trouble by simply postulating that the Left is heavily Malthusian.

  12. So this is where you went! Great piece. Excerpted here:

  13. Many thanks, Brother CM! Peace and Blessings to you from Ohio. Yep--we got your message. Locked and loaded we are--strong in Christ!

    As an old-timer, I recall the words of a pop song by Jerry Lee Lewis a few summers ago, entitled "Haunted House." Goes like thus:

    "Say yes, I'll be here when the morning comes
    I'll be right here and I ain't gonna run
    I bought this house and, you know, I'm boss
    Ain't no haint's gonna run me off."

    Our "worthy opposition" is just like the "haints," (evil ghosts and goblins) and they "ain't gonna run us off" of either FAITH--FAMILY--or FREEDOMS!

    Like my Daddy, a red-leg, learned in the last big "dust up" 1941-1945, he "Praised the Lord and passed the ammunition!" He taught me on his knee: "If God be for us--who can stand against us?"

    Our Blessed Lord saw Satan fall like lightening from Heaven--we will see these evils fall from us just a mite slower!


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