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Lies of Omission
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Monday, August 15, 2016

There Is A Line

There is a war being waged in America, but only one side is fighting.  The progressives, or Marxists, or outright Communists have been waging war against middle America, using every diabolical means available, for decades, perhaps a century, but middle America is too busy just trying to survive to bother with them.  Like the day when Barack Obama declared ISIS to be the Junior Varsity team, middle America considers this war being waged on them as insignificant to their lives, too distant and too petty.  Yes, some useless and pathetic residual guilt is responsible for some of their acquiescence.

Yet, the Marxists have taken ground steadily, pushing and shoving against the pillars of traditional American culture until they have begun to rattle the foundations.  Still, middle America shrugs at these advancements, hopefully ignoring them, waiting for something to cause the Marxists to give up.  But, they will never give up.  They are not stronger than middle America, but they are more persistent and right now, they are aided by every structure of government, the media, entertainment, sports figures, or so it seems.  We will never really know the truth, because we get information from the media and they are liars.

The media covers up for crimes, preferring the lies of omission to the truth of objective reporting.  That is all really up to them, but they have become nothing other than Baghdad Bob, who proclaimed to Iraqi television that there was nothing amiss in Baghdad while American tanks rolled in the street behind him.  That is our media today and like Baghdad Bob, they are covering for their leaders: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  They sound as ridiculous as he did and are as transparent.

In decades hence, the media will be forced to wear the shame they should feel today, but that is another post for another day.

The crowds in the streets of Milwaukee are not their own masters at it might seem to them.  They are foot soldiers in a bigger battle.  The Marxists came for Russia and China, what reason would they have to bypass America?  How?  Through convincing the discontented that they could get satisfaction by attacking the enemies of the masters.  Time after time, place after place, it was all the same.  Barack Obama, perhaps the most notable Marxist of our time, with the background to prove it, is pulling all the strings.  It was clear when his Attorney General made it clear that the Obama Administration would stand behind Black Lives Matter no matter what.  That was the signal, in front of the whole nation that the administration was with them. 

So, this is what the Marxists want: America.  They will use Muslim jihadists; they will use discontented minorities from the inner cities; they will use IRS agents; they will use the power of the United States government; they will use the media; they will use sports figures; they will use relatives within the family. 

We are about to see the masks come off.  That is what this is all about, all of this unrest, all of these riots.  It is time for them to show middle America what progress they have made over the past century.  Of course, they have to make a serious push to get our guns, first.  They have to disarm the populace they intend to enslave.  Then they will offer the chance to live our lives as before, watching television, texting, facebooking, etc, all under the new standards and rules of communication, you understand.

There is a line where middle America figures it out and begins to fight back.  I don't know where that is, but it is there.  We saw it on 9/12, however fleeting it might have been.  Perhaps it is when they realize that their children will be beaten and killed to satisfy the bloodlust of a tyrant.  All I know is, if they do not see the line by then, it is because they are on the wrong side of it. 


  1. (((marxists)))

  2. Yep. That "line" will happen--sooner rather than later. The tempo, the beat, the quickening increases daily.

    Back in the day, when a criminal wanted something, you handed it over and they left you alone.

    NOW--the evil has "evolved." Today when you hand over your freedoms, property, and servitude, the devils want to savagely rape and then kill your women, enslave your children, behead or disembowel you, and film it all to get their jollies. Devils incarnate.

    The mainspring of American manhood is being wound tight. Days of tension and torsion has pent up a great cleansing power.

    When the mainspring snaps and lashes back, as it always has history teaches--the force unleashed will be Biblical. We are slowly, but surely, being awoken with a terrible resolve.

    And, being Biblical, it will dispense earthly justice, since mercy has not been sought by our enemies.

    THY will, and not my will, BE DONE!

  3. If we wait for "middle America" to figure out where "the line" is, it will be too late. The Soros Marxist-Mooslems aren't "waiting" on middle America, ......
    Samuel Adams was a "Revolutionary".."It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds". The problem is "We" are Counter Revolutionaries, and on Defense. I'm getting that Dien Bien Phu feeling.
    Well,.... based on the last sElections they may have captured the middle Americans already.
    At least the Confederates fought.

  4. There's only one way to fight collectivism, and that is to live your life as you choose.

    It's a choice, and every person either does it or not. The sticking point is that if you make a committed choice and you're a person of integrity, then you gotta stick to the choice...defend it, duh.

    Happily one of the bigger choices is choosing with whom you'll deal. Everything social is either consensual...or not.

    1. "There's only one way to fight collectivism, and that is to live your life as you choose."

      Getting rid of the collectivists is kind of an important step, too. If nothing is done to them, all those busily living their lives as they choose will suddenly find the seine net closing tight around them.

    2. I believe it was Bill Clinton who "changed" the ROE in the Serbian conflict to include media outlets as enemy combatants. Sooner or later the same will have to be done here too. After all, those "talking heads" have to be held responsible for the lies they tell - just as you or I would.

    3. "Getting rid of the collectivists is kind of an important step, too."

      Yes and no. It's hardly irrelevant but it's also not where the focus should be. Otherwise, they already won. And okay, maybe they have; I know that's your belief basically. Not sure what you're doing then, though. Impossible goals are never rational.

      In any event, the point was covered..."then you gotta stick to the choice...defend it, duh." If that means getting rid of the collectivists, then that's what it means. If not, not. They can go live on Martha's Vineyard and die in an orgy of sacrifice for all I care. All things considered, I think I'd prefer that.

    4. Thank you for this article. What Jimmy said above is also spot on.

  5. I have said the same thing for many years. The LEFT is at war. All means are acceptable and may be obligatory given the circumstances, i.e. Lying, Theft, Murder, if it advances the cause. That is why they seem to have no shame. They lack the same frame of reference. They are on a war footing every day. Honest and decent people are not at war with their neighbors.

    Satan directs his children to do his bidding as he would do it, but they walk in our realm and among us every day.

    1. The LEFT is at war. All means are acceptable and may be obligatory given the circumstances, i.e. Lying, Theft, Murder, if it advances the cause. That is why they seem to have no shame. They lack the same frame of reference. They are on a war footing every day. Honest and decent people are not at war with their neighbors.


  6. Article is spot on, but I don't there is a line in the sand out there, and you forget education, indoctrination if you will.

  7. I have a sneaking suspicion those media Marxist ass-clowns have already been identified, cataloged and put on a list for future spiciness.....

  8. Interesting that you would point out 9/12 as a point when America started to fight back. 9/11 was clearly another attack but the accepted narrative was more propaganda. Americans didn’t, and still don’t, see what really happened, mostly due to the propaganda. But they don’t want to take the red pill either. I’m not sure there is a line or a temperature when the frogs will exit the kettle.

  9. Great post. BTW, sales of Glorious Hat are up. I think people are figuring it out.

  10. People are starting to wake up slowly. Have you guys been to

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  12. Thoughtful article, but the term "Marxist" is too specific. Suggest using "Authoritarian", which covers every persuasion.

    1. Too many letters for walmart folk.

      How 'bout 'controlist' or 'control freak.'

      Because they want to control:

      lightbulbs, softdrink sizes, buying red meat, guns, toilet flush capacity, bringing wolves to your ranchland, words, who you sell things (cakes) to, the car you drive, tobacco, prayers, your kid's school curriculum, the national forests, cow farts, public bathrooms, poptart shapes, raw milk, lemonade stands, flags, woodstoves, how much ammo you buy, your computer, your cellphone, your A/C,....

    2. Good points--I live in Canada and PM Harper tried to re-introduce the concept of limited government. MSM described it as "austerity". After a decade of personal demonization, the Conservative lost the federal election.
      My line uttered offhandedly to any liberal I ran into was that they should have won a majority.
      After all, the Conservatives did ban incandescent light bulbs.

  13. Hi T.L.,
    The America all these Marxists, Communists, Chi-Coms, Feral Humans and others of their ilk fail to realize is that the America they want to destroy is already destroyed!! Well we are waiting for the "Clincher" the next "Lexington-Concord" and Captain Parker saying,"If they want to start a war let it start here!!!!" Remember, Remington, Colt, Taurus, Hi-Point, Springfield Armory, Ruger I can go on..still manufacture and sell guns in the U.S.!!!! There are lots of guns out there!! I forget the Number but in the State of Wisconsin there were over --------thousand "Hunting Licenses" sold... Behind each license was a person with "at Least" one Gun!!! That made that State have the 7th largest standing Army in the world!!! we still have 49 more states to deal with!! These people really forget who America really is!!! Dick weed butt heads are in for a "Reckoning!!!!!!"
    Got Gunz .........OUTLAW!!!!!!,

  14. Just to show you how far gone this Country is all you have to do is look at the two "candidates" that are vying for the highest Office in the Country.The left has put forth the anointed one, who no real contender approached and the right has allowed the brashest loudest person in the room to take over.We are at a point in this Country when voting will not stop the downward spiral decline that the Washington rat pack has put us in.There is no one in politics that is going to save this Nation. The sooner you accept that the sooner you can prepare for what is coming next. There will be war and there will be bloodshed on both sides. The true question will be who has the resolve to finish the fight when it starts. Pay attention to what happens after the election and plan ahead. Build your tribe and hunker down it's going to get sporty.


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