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Lies of Omission
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Saturday, September 3, 2016

When Black Lives Don't Matter

Black lives don't matter when Planned Parenthood is involved.  Most do not realize that Planned Parenthood was the outgrowth of Margaret Sanger's attempt to cleanse the American population of undesirables, especially blacks, whom she considered incapable of the type of "elevated" behavior  of educated whites.  But, Margaret wanted to rid society of all manner of undesirables, not just blacks.  To her, the mentally disabled, the weak, the unmanageable hordes must also be cleansed.  This is why Planned Parenthood started in the inner cities, where the poor, disabled and minorities were most often encountered.  Yet, Hillary Clinton is still proud to accept the Margaret Sanger Award.  And, she accuses Trump of being a racist.

Black lives don't matter on the streets.  Where 40% of gang members are under the age of 18, too young to legally own a gun, but the most likely to use a gun to kill another child. 31% of these gang members are black. This places two black lives at risk, the one who uses the gun and is likely to spend the rest of his life in prison and the one on whom the gun was used, who will likely die from the encounter.  But, there is no push from Black Lives Matter to remove black children from the ranks of gangs.  There is no protest from Colin Kaepernick to recognize, or criticize the involvement of blacks in gangs. Those black lives do not matter to either Black Lives Matter or Colin Kaepernick or they would protest, these gangs, criticize these gangs for putting at risk those black lives.

Black lives don't matter when it comes to education, where black males graduated high school only 59% of the time while white males graduated 80% of the time and the gap is widening, not shrinking. Where is the Black Lives Matter when it comes to education?  Should they not be acting like black lives really matter to something other than a reason to protest and call for the death of police officers? Aren't they, in fact, encouraging blacks to commit crime and therefore place themselves at risk of imprisonment where they are almost certain to become gang members and return to society not rehabilitated, but trained?

Black lives don't matter when it comes to jobs.  The figures on this statistic are hard to decipher, since the true unemployment rate is unknown due to its political implications.  Once a person loses unemployment benefits they are not counted as being unemployed, even though they are still unemployed.  This is how the unemployment rate has dropped while true employment has remained largely static. But, when wading through the disinformation of the Department of Labor we do discover that blacks are unemployed (their figures) at a rate of 13% compared to whites at 7.9 %.  Part of that is because black entrepreneurship is not championed and supported with only 3% of blacks being self-employed, but are over represented in government jobs.

Black lives don't matter when they are conservatives.  Black lives matter to me and I would like to see some of the successes of blacks who have become Supreme Court justices and Republican presidential candidates and CEO's championed and heralded by Black Lives Matter, but black lives don't matter to them when they are conservative blacks.

Black Lives Matter could be doing a whole lot more for black lives, if they were willing to embrace the success stories all around them, instead, they focus on the interaction between cops and criminals. To be sure, not all blacks who have been killed by cops were criminals.  Sometimes the cops kill innocent people, it is a fact that the white community understands better than anyone else since an innocent white person is more likely to be killed by cops than blacks.  Just ask Vickie Weaver, David Koresh and anyone in the Waco compound, LaVoy Finicum and Jack Yantis.  Oh, that's right, those innocent white people are dead at the hands of cops.


  1. The comeback to "black lives matter" used to be "all lives matter", but the correct statement - taking reality into the picture - is that "cloud peoples' lives matter". None of the rest of us matter to anybody but ourselves.

  2. Everything seems to be fine for those of us who are in our virtual "caves of Cappadocia"; we Christians have been shouted down and forced out of society (and some churches) ever since the publication of the Port Huron Statement in 1961 or 62.

    The 5th Seal; Revelation 5:9

  3. I'm curious about something here. Does anyone else see the irony in this situation where the elites use blacks (the downtrodden, innocent race, perpetually in need of the elites' advocacy, and protection) to search out and kill cops (the sector of the population that is supposed to deliver this "utopia" on a silver platter, and at the pointy end of a rifle, to those same elites)?

    I sometimes wonder if any of those involved come to think of the impossibility of the presupposed outcome, especially when the elites tend to view themselves as "the educated" among the world.

    It would appear that wisdom truly is relative.

    1. It's a longstanding strategy of Marxism for the elites to enlist the poor and stupid into activism. The Communist revolutionaries had no army, so they enlisted the "proletariat" to be their activist army. They just ended up working for their own enslavement. The pattern repeats as long as they can get away with it.

  4. Black Lives Matter is really "Black Votes Matter". The purpose of BLM is to scare blacks into the voting booth to vote for democrats. They do this through the selection of police incidents where a black person is killed. Then they incite riots and looting, and let the news media spin it so republicans are blamed. Its that simple. All of the brutality and mayhem blacks hoist upon themselves is irrelevant.

  5. It's a communist organization, and apparently world-wide now! Most blacks don't realize that this type of participation will push them backwards, not forwards! They have been raised with so much hate (that 'O' brought to the surface), they really believe all this destruction they are causing is progress - FAIL!!!!!!!

  6. SO! it isn't ALL bad ...........

  7. TL nails the obvious proverbial elephant calling out PP. Nothing less than a racial genocide. Nearly two generations of blacks murdered and nary a wimper from the black or white churches. And the Battle flag of the Army of Northern VA is a racist symbol. If it wasn't so tragic one would merely scoff at the Stockholm syndrome.

  8. If only main stream corporate owned media that couldn't tell the truth if they were paid to, (wait that's what they're supposed to do and not distract and change public opinion) shared this info because the globalist goal has always been depopulation. This includes Hitler style adding fluoride to our drinking water so poor families are dumb down and massive war such as world war 1 and 2 killing millions but how about planned parent hood. Their in the heart of every major city. Getting tax payer gov funded baby mills convincing young women to commit murder and kill off the best thing that could ever happen to them. Bringing a child into this world to love and care for and have them love you back. One of the greatest gifts in life is having children they are not a burden. People are just too selfish living in their sin and committing abominations. Margaret Sanger was a devil and is burning in hell right now.


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