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Monday, October 31, 2016

Don't Act Innocent With Me

CNN distancing themselves from Donna Brazile is an insult. Yes, it is good to see something happen as a consequence for bad actions, but this just stinks. It smells of CNN trying to convince us, now, after having slept with the Clinton's for 20 years, that they are still a virgin.

Which makes one wonder what is going on. There must be something pretty horrible in the winds with Hillary, something about the newly-found emails, that makes CNN want to now pretend to have just been a "news organization." Through lies of omission, CNN has been trying to rig elections longer than ACORN, so the bloom if off the rose already.

We know CNN is not trying to preserve their integrity, that boat has sailed. They must be trying to protect their future, so the question arises, how involved were certain CNN anchors and reporters in not only the Clinton campaign, but other, closer relationships that might be subject of future scrutiny, past the campaign and bigger than just smuggling questions to Hillary.

It is one thing to throw in with people with levels of integrity that dip into the negative territory, but once that is done, it is a very difficult thing to distance themselves the way CNN is trying to do. It is an issue in personal life and why so many of us in the patriot/III/Second Amendment group hesitate to swear fidelity to any single person or organization.

CNN must have gotten a heads-up on the 650,000 emails and it must be damaging enough that they can no longer support Hillary Clinton. They now want to be innocent of their constant campaign against conservatives and to reclaim "neutral" status. Well, I'm not buying the innocent act and neither should the Millennials they must be trying to convince, because anyone over 30 knows better.

As an addendum, if you are a Republican and you want to be mentioned favorably in the Washington Post, another bastion of news integrity that gave up the pretense long, long ago, all you have to do is criticize James Comey over the decision to release the information concerning the emails on Wiener's laptop and all of the Trump haters have unburdened themselves there. Because, it is not so much about Trump as it is anyone outside of the Republican/Democrat paradigm (read conspiracy).

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