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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Blue Island People Want Your Republic

I had called it Blue Nation in the last post, but realized that analogy was wrong, it gave too much credence to the thugs and punks at the protests. Instead, let us consider them the Blue Island people, because they live in little blue islands in the sea of Red Nation. Their numbers are not impressive, because they are enslaved by groupthink and incapable of independent thought. They react as their puppet masters dictate, but I had never considered them a threat to anything but the peace in their own blue island. That is, until a few moments ago.

I do know the Constitution, maybe that is all I know when it comes to politics; the real sewer that it is, but there is something I had hinted at in a post a few days ago that now seems prophetic, except in an opposite way. I had hinted that the electoral college was independent of the popular vote, though some states require that the electors vote as the popular vote dictates, that would be in response to an oath, that we all know by now means absolutely nothing in Washington DC. So, when I read this post by Tom Baugh, h/t WRSA, the words in my recent post came back to me with a bit of nausea. Combine that with this video from Patrick Dollard's site and there is a definite cause for concern, if not outright alarm considering this is coming from a former Attorney General and discount that as much as you want because he was a racist, bigoted, race-baiting Attorney General who never gave a whit about the Constitution, except how to subvert it, he was still the Attorney General, which means this is not an "off-the-cuff" comment, it is a suggestion to the Blue Island people. It is battle space prep. It is subversive, with all of the implications that entails.

So, we see the lines drawn between Red Nation and Blue Island people. We see the former Attorney General suggesting a repeal of the electoral college. The assumption is that a Constitutional Amendment would have to be passed to rid the Constitution of this provision, but if one were corrupt, as most of Washington DC is (do we have to go into how every bank was bailed out, but no borrower was relieved of their obligations during the economic meltdown caused by the banks and government?) there would be no need for a Constitutional Amendment, all there would need to be is a corruption of the electoral college vote to overturn the election.

Understand that Trump is right now being advised of this possibility, this stick, in order to corral him into agreement with the major power brokers in this Corruptocracy. I have written of a line between legitimate government that has been crossed many times and in many ways. But, it has never been so evident, so logical as it seems today. We may never know if Trump is swayed by this confrontation, but we will know if he is not. We will see the electoral college used not to save the union, but to destroy it. Should that eventuality come to pass, that the electors choose not to validate the election of the American people, through traditions that have never been violated, to satisfy the Blue Island people, well, the lines have been drawn, the opposition identified and the justification provided. 

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