Lies of Omission

Lies of Omission
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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Fake News and How To Fight It

We are at war with the media, but more importantly, they are at war with us. By "we" I mean anyone who believes in the protections of the Constitution, who want to be left alone to live our lives without being constantly assaulted by our own government and the leftists; one group telling us how we are wrong one day and another group telling us how we are wrong the next day. But, all of it is driven by the media. It is the media that brings these issues to the national consciousness, who use the bully pulpit of television, radio and newspapers to beat us into submission. Worse, it is the media that withholds information from us about the government, about the destruction wrought by unfiltered immigration, about the usefulness of guns to reduce crime.

We are getting a warped message and have been for a long time, but it is different now. The media has been exposed as propagandists broadcasting the government line and making up its own news to convince "us" that we are warped and need straightening. It doesn't matter that most of us tuned out long ago. In fact, when the media started propagandizing (something I noticed in the early 80's) it fostered the alternative news that took root with the widespread use of the internet. They are responsible for the "fake news" they now have engaged in an all-out battle. It is "fake news," because it does not get its talking points from the government or special interest groups. Now, they want to censor these "fake news" websites.

The goals of the leftists are these: 1) bring the citizens under surveillance 2) disarm the population 3) propagandize the news 4) silence any opposition 5) execute the opposition. How far along are we? That's how bad we are losing the war. We cannot wait until step 5 to do something about it.

Then, there is the inevitable question: Mr. Davis, what have you done, sir, to stop this propaganda, to take on the media? Huh?

Well, okay, as a plea and an explanation I will say this: myself and CA at WRSA have invested heavily to produce a documentary featuring Mike Vanderboegh, Matt Bracken, Claire Wolfe, but we need help to finish it. There are more interviews to obtain with David Codrea, Larry Pratt and Bill Buppert. It is called Lies of Omission and it interviews these people about freedom, the Second Amendment, what caused them to get involved as liberty activists and this is to directly counter the falsified documentary "Under the Gun" by Katie Couric, for which she had to apologize for the editing practices as it falsely depicted gun owners responses to questions.

But, these things are expensive and we are not rich. We need the help of those who value truth and feel abused by today's media, but there is no money out there for this type of documentary. There is funding for documentaries about the LGBT lifestyle, social justice, green initiatives and every other liberal agenda item, but not for conservative, pro gun documentaries. I have reached out to every conservative organization I can and have gotten little response. So, yes, we need your help to get it done, but trust me, we have spent a lot of money already, so some help would be greatly appreciated.

Link to this post, send out a Tweet about it or put it on Facebook. People who have watched the trailer have helped, but they need to get to the indiegogo or the fundrazr sight to help out.

Thank you for joining the fight.   


  1. Wow!
    A documentary.
    Yeah, that will certainly
    back down and check the treasonous
    shitbags and communists
    of the wholly corrupted
    D.C. uniparty dictatorship.
    Yes, that's certainly going
    to get at them.
    Without question, its certainly
    going to have a significant
    impact on reestablishing the
    rule of law, and equal justice
    under the law, in our neutered Republic.

    cav med

    1. Okay, Cav Med, if that's where you stand, I get it. But, you obviously don't understand that the battle isn't even in DC. It is in the minds of people who watched "Under the Gun" and got their impression of you from that. Millions. Get it? No? Figures.

  2. Good job there, cav med. "Have wet blanket, will travel" your motto?

    Ever hear Orwell's(?) quote, "In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."?

    That's all these good folks are doing, offering the truth. And, it's not directed at the shitbags, but the open-minded younguns wherever they may be.

    You have someplace/thing more deserving of $25 bucks contribution? Let's hear it. You ready to defenestrate some corruptocrats? Go for it! I'll head up your fully-informed jury efforts.

    Your snark at these fine people and their hard work, however, only serves to highlight your own sorriness.


  3. I don't know who this "cav med" might be but in times of great stress, this is the individual that will make overtures to discredit a "multipronged" approach to stopping the "dumbing down", the "terrorizing", the "discrediting", etc. of the people that have done the courageous thing at the "ballot box" a couple weeks ago. We are all more committed and capable of putting the "Snow Flakes" that are demonstrating in the streets, as a group, in their place. However, the best way is to start with "Education". What has been done up until now is "Divide the Family"(by taking the children away from the parents, not by removal from the home but through the "Legal System"), "Burn the Books" (not with fire but by effectively destroying the Education System), and taking the useful idiots created to wage war on those that are able to remember what a "Free Society" really means. I think, now that we have engaged in the first battle to re-establish our Free Nation, we need to keep up the pressure as opposed to thinking that now it is "fixed" and we can go about our "Merry Way". Cav Med, you are not, likely, an idiot but certainly might be considered nefarious and delusional.

  4. I seem to remember something about "our Lives,our FORTUNES, and our Sacred Honor..........."
    I'm in.

    1. That is exactly what I have done, several times, this is the only time I have ever asked for help. I have put on Patcons at my expense, I have organized DC actions at my expense. So, for all who do donate, I can't thank you enough. Vanderboegh isn't doing interviews anymore and I don't want to let his last words just die out without trying to bring them to the young minds that are starting to see the problem with the media. We need to continue to put the pressure on them. So, thank you.

    2. Was this nation discovered? was it founded?
      Or was it the gift of the birthrite promise? A Promise on His part fulfilled. And as history repeats, we again have lost our way.

  5. While I applaud the idea, and the effort in support of it, I'm actually in The Biz, and personally I'm a nuts-and-bolts guy:
    Granting your premise, say you get this thing done, the way you envision, and it's in the can, ready to launch.

    To whom?

    And then what happens?

    Those are serious questions, not simply easy sarcasm.
    cf. "The Lion Tamer Skit"
    It's going to take more than a hat, sir.

    OTOH, going a step back, simply making a documentary requires little more than a decent HD camera, quality sound recording equipment, a tripod, and a PC to edit it. And the time and will to do it all. In other words, about the price of a decent AR with optic sights; no more, and no less.
    So what's the sticking point there?

    1. How, we will enter into film festivals and will be denied by some but maybe not by others. We will work on a distribution deal, there are some folks I might approach, we are also seeking co-prod deals with folks with a larger footprint than we have, plus it is much easier to market an actual thing rather than what we have to do now, which is market an opportunity to help fund it.
      Simply making a bad documentary takes the things you mentioned, but we are visiting with the interviewees across the nation which takes travel, boarding, meals. It takes time to get B-roll and permissions and a good sound person is important and if you want it to look good, you need more than just a director and a camera person, you need someone who understands cinematography, you need original music, especially where you are doing an unpopular conservative documentary.
      We aren't just filming ourselves here, we are presenting an argument through questions and answers.
      I'll take you on your word that you're in the biz, but creatively, to do it right, it is more than just pointing a camera at people who talk. The "PC to edit it" that was fast enough to do a quality job and run the editing programs at a decent speed cost $2500 by itself, that's not software, that's not including the subscriptions, nothing. So, your estimate of a decent AR is a bit off.
      But, I am willing to answer any questions about the budget. We want good editors, not like me or Pete. This is a professional film, not a video. And, it isn't some hysterical, panting accusation, it is a reasoned, compelling argument for freedom.

    2. in your sidebar has not been owned by me in some time! All you are doing is promoting current ownder's project. Do please remove.

  6. Truth is treason in The Empire of Lies. Thank you for your effort to spread the message of freedom. I'm in for $50. I greatly respect the people being interviewed in this documentary, and I hope there is some clever method to get this message in the hands of those who need to see it. Maybe something like hijacking the televised coverage of a presidential address or the Superbowl, ala the movie Used Cars. :-)

  7. When I went onto their website Indiegogo, I noticed the average donation of donor/money was about $70, so I donated $75.

    As for the "conservative" groups out there, reminds me of the "patriot" groups from the 1980's and 1990's. Self loathing cowards with big mouths and no guts. Always misleading younger and gullible people with "theories" to silver bullet the IRS, ATF, etc.

    I am broke or I would donate again.

    1. Thank you for your support and you went above and beyond for the cause.

  8. Okay, I have just gone on and added a Benjamin at each site, again. I did so when you first started this, anonymously. And I will do more. When I first saw this, I thought "What a great idea, surely with 90 million gun owners, the NRA and GOA memberships, this effort can raise 200 grand with a bunch of $100 donations". What a shock to now see, with a couple of weeks left, that about $4500 on both sites has been accumulated. Jesus, people! There are thesis project films by snowflakes at safe spaces getting that much. Fifty or a hundred bucks is what you blow in ammo at the range one afternoon after work. Come on, don't listen to the naysayers like CavMed. This project merits your support.

  9. Just watched the trailer. Looks like solid work. I can't do much, but I'll donate what I would have spent on my next couple of boxes of ammo. I don't think we're getting out of this without a shooting War, but at least we tried. Thank you for your efforts.
    Semper Fi.

  10. Sir: Do you folks have a hard address for a donation by mail? Will then donate the old fashioned way.....Soapweed

    1. Yes,
      12 Round Productions
      1414 Hawk Parkway, H2
      Box 153
      Montrose, CO 81401

      Thank you for asking, I should have put that in there somewhere.

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