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Lies of Omission
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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Fake News Sites and The Final Solution

With Google's determination to get rid of "fake news" sites, a few questions need to be asked: 1) who is Google to decide what is "fake" and what is not; 2) if Google has the power to take control of a public broadcast system, such as the internet, and manipulate it to enforce its vision of truth, does it not fall under the definition of a monopoly?

Google's arrogance is just one more example of why Donald Trump was elected president in the first place: a good half of the people of this nation do not want "fake" news such as ABC, NBC, CBS, New York Times, LA Times, etc. Just because these propaganda outlets exist in the population centers does not mean they speak for the population. Their silence and cover ups of Democrat politicians, "green energy" boondoggles, foreign policy disasters, aiding and abetting terrorist attacks through disguising the actual motivations thereof, failure to alert the nation of the dangers of jihadists infiltrating the refugee program have all lead to disdain and disengagement with these outlets.

Understand there is not one major newspaper; not one major television news outlet (not even Fox); not one movie studio; not one major university; not one television network comedy; not one television network news program that is decidedly pro-conservative, despite the fact that a good half of the population is conservative. All of this goes into the argument and if, with all of that, they still cannot effectively indoctrinate 80-90% of the population, it must be their message alone that is obviously false.

So, what is the definition of a "fake" news site? I would suggest that it is one that cannot gain the support of 90% of the people (because the truth is obvious); that is engaged in a political agenda; that hides certain facts from their audience. All of the conservatives know that there is not one "news" site that tells the truth enough to encourage their readership. The internet is saturated with Yahoo news, Google news, the alphabet networks .com, the major newspapers .com, and still, their lies and distortions drive half the population to other sites to get some balance, to find out what the news IS, because they will never get it from all of the other outlets.

So, what is it? The Drudge Report? The Drudge Report does not write news, it aggregates news from any number of sources. One can read New York Times articles (often only for the purpose of ridicule) on the Drudge Report, but it does not work the other way. One cannot read anything on the Drudge Report in the New York Times, unless it is another liberal rag article.

So, Google news and their ilk have well deserved the title "liberal rag" for specific reasons, because there is no news there, there is only an abundance of propaganda. These fake news sites trade articles and politically motivated headlines, which often do not even accurately depict the content of the article itself.

For whoever was unaware of the politically motivated news from all of these fake news organizations and web sites, the evidence and proof of their bias was totally exposed when they tried desperately to convince the people to elect an unindicted felon for president. Regardless of one's gender, or political affiliation, that should never occur and would not, could not in a legitimate news room.

Now, they are engaged in a cover up and distortion of the news to try to convince the population of the nation that there are organic protests against Donald Trump, forgetting, obviously, that he was just elected President of the United States by millions and millions of voters largely in repudiation of such "fake" news from the aforementioned outlets. That they present these PAID protesters as "angry anti-racists" is laughable when any Craigslist will show you the employment ad and rates of pay. They, having exposed themselves as propagandists, are dedicated to that role and openly encourage division, gleefully encourage destruction of property and perhaps even violent secession, which is, as a broadcast medium, an act of treason. So, they are already in a propaganda war against the red states and the populations thereof.

Now, when it comes to secession, fine. Let's all just divide up into our respective political territories. There is nothing sacred about this "union" as it was designed to ensure the liberty of the people which has, under Democrat or Republican leadership been obliterated. Let's start over, but we don't have to defame and discredit any political figure in order to do that. Let's just decide. Red Nation does not fear secession, in fact, it prefers it as much as the "diaper pinners". Secession is not a threat, so go for it. I will move out of Colorado and into a pro-gun, pro-liberty, anti-terrorism, anti-unregulated immigration, anti-"green" nation and, when the leftist states decide to violate every agreement we have between these new states, war will have to be waged and the final solution realized. Simple.


  1. I love America so much, I'd like to see 50 Americas rather than a single one homogenized and hobbled. Then I could find an America that suited me politically - as could everyone else, including the leftists. Yet commerce would still take place just fine, between all of them. I don't believe war would happen between them; war is what will happen if the states are not set free.

    1. "I love America so much, I'd like to see 50 Americas rather than a single one homogenized and hobbled."

      That is beautiful. I think I shall use it:)

    2. The commies are not going to just go away. The states they occupy will never be entirely free. There would be war between the states, which is my point. I do not believe that we, as a people, can talk out our differences. A total eradication of the left will be necessary. Remember how the Tories were handled after the American revolution. Those that were not shot or hung, were shipped to Canada, or England. Fast forward approximately 227 years and we have Belarus, Russia, China and North Korea as final destinations for the left-wing scum.

    3. Sure.
      And 2 weeks after you moved to your "america by choice" state the communists would move there and start implementing their rules all over again.

      When these vermin start to notice there is a STEEP penalty for their behaviors then and only then will they cease. Even communists stop bothering others when their guts are spilled in the gutter along a dark rural road at 3am.

      Never forget, at their core they are liars and cowardly and will never face you one on one. YOU have the advantage in that regard but are you up to the task at hand?

    4. "I love America so much, I'd like to see 50 Americas rather than a single one homogenized and hobbled."

      Isn't this precisely what our founders had in mind? Sovereign states, autonomous, and free to do their own thing. The civil war curtailed this notion and the rest is history. Its a shame that we can't just get along with libs. But I know why we can't. I spoke with a lib one day about the issue of state sovereignty. The libs are control freak theives that thrive on other peoples money. Its all about them stealing from us. If we were to have sovereign states and no distributed federal income tax the leftist States would collapse into a heap of third world refuse. ---> And they know it. That is why they will never leave, or allow us to either. WAR is the only way. Sad but true.

  2. I too was from the once great state of Colorado. I left a few years ago after realizing that the state was going to go blue despite conservative efforts to "right" the ship. Considering the situation now, and the list is long, it is hard to believe that Rush Limbaugh's visit to Ft. Collins in the 90's actually took place. So much effort, so many attempts to resist the left's onslaught, but after looking at the voting map, it is obvious the major populations centers (except for El Paso county) have all fallen including the once great bastion of northern conservatism, Larimer county.

    I have news for those though that would seek refuge even in extremely pro right locations such as Wyoming, Montana, and South Dakota. There is no where else to go. Know what freedom looks like from there so far? Low wage jobs, broken economies, and a high cost of living. Same. As. Every. Where. Else. I'm not saying don't make a choice to go the hard road for peace of mind or that even living in the liberal areas out of convenience makes a conservative a sell out. I can hardly make my own way let alone judge another for what they must do for their own tribe's survival. What I am saying is that the encroaching tide will still find you. I've made my peace with God, I have no illusions about what's coming. Today it's fake news, yesterday it was faithless electorates, tomorrow it will be filibustering dems. Final solution doesn't sound so bad.

    1. Anon, theoretically, there would be migrations out and into these places. Why would a died in the wool liberal hang out in Texas when Nirvana is only a few hours away? With all of the exodus from and to, there would be jobs. Granted, there wouldn't be much outflow from states like Wyoming or North Dakota, but most of the liberals are college students anyway, but no matter how it rolls out, what will come is that no liberal has ever been able to abide by the rules, hence, eventually whatever treaties made with them will be violated and war is inevitable.

    2. "Why would a died in the wool liberal hang out in Texas when Nirvana is only a few hours away?"

      You would have to ask them, as I have no logical idea.

      I have seen what Anonymous mentioned happen twice in the past 20 years and it makes no sense to me.

      Seems, after they move into an area and convert it over time to their vision of nirvana and find living there is not *being done right* (too costly, too restrictive, etc.) they decide to move to another conservative area and try it all over again, maybe hoping for different results. That's my best guess.

      They don't seem to realize that MORE gov't is always wrong.

      I agree with anonymous that there doesn't seem to be anywhere to go where they will not infiltrate eventually. So it seems the permanent solution is to not pick up and move every few years but rather to eliminate the people that are causing the duress.

      Look, if a person tried to accost you directly in your home you would not think twice about destroying them, but if they use a proxy by way of gov't politicians and bureaucrats to do the same thing you are hesitant.

      I just want to live and let live but there is a class of people out there who's sole purpose in life is to make other people as miserable as possible though that is not their intent. Their brains are such that they think they are making things better for themselves and everybody else. never mind that their methodry always fails.

      Regardless, their assaults can only be successfully dealt with in one way, permanent elimination and none of us are willing to do that because the penalties are too high.

    3. "...but there is a class of people out there who's sole purpose in life is to make other people as miserable as possible though that is not their intent."

      It may not matter, but don't be sure it's not their intent. Between the "other-driven" motivation that nearly everyone has on all sides of the spectrum, there's also the key role that envy plays in all this. I'll be better if you're worse, so this theory goes.

      Lol they must treat happiness like wealth, only so much to go around.

  3. Mr. Davis,
    Again thank you for your efforts on behalf of liberty and Americans. I believe you are correct in your assessment and that violence could be forestalled for some time if there were a central location where good men and women could gather. I had this conversation with someone just yesterday. Imagine a popular movement in a couple of states announcing that they were going to begin looking into becoming free from this putrid corpse. Were there a Christian stronghold that patriots could set out for in earnest I believe you would see modern day wagon trains begin the trek immediately. Mordor would begin hostilities at all levels to prevent it, but it would be impossible. The commies have done an excellent job of infiltrating population centers of Red states however and there would inevitably be some heavy lifting required, but I think if it were encouraged on BOTH sides of the fence it might work. Those not wishing to stay in a conservative Christian area might be excited to move to CalMexifornia where they could pursue a life of dope smoking debauchery as the welfare state there implodes in the beautiful sunsets.

    In any event, this is perhaps one way to avoid bloodshed and I applaud your efforts in trying to get folks to see the light.

    1. Problem is the populace is still to comfortable and pain isn't great enough for them to even think about moving... Ive been trying to get people to move to areas that are conducive to Liberty for years also and few and far between have answered the call...A lot of people have just given up hope also which makes it even harder because all they want to do is whine and tell the masses there is no hope bring on the Apocalypse...TL your welcome in my AO anytime...

  4. In Texas we have THE TEXAS NATIONALIST MOVEMENT. 320,000+ of us so far. Texas has a Bullion Depository via Legislative Bill signed by Governor Abbot. Texas has a Militia. The Texas State Guard. BRING IT.

  5. Google has been playing by the rules of "content filtering", pretty much from their beginning. We tend to think of Google as providing the same search results to everyone, but that's far from the truth. Google builds a profile of you and then feeds you the content that it thinks you want. That sounds very handy, and it can help to provide the most useful results to everyone by individualizing the experience, but there's a dark side. Google puts us into our own echo chambers. Based on the search results we see, we tend to believe the world mirrors our beliefs, when we see the world only through Google's distorting lens of filtered content. It has a very polarizing effect on our society by convincing everyone that they're right and they're in the majority, no matter how fringe their beliefs may be. In essence, everyone's truth becomes whatever they want it to be, complete with external validation.

    As bad as that is, Google is now making it worse, along with Twitter, Facebook, and other left leaning Silicon Valley tech companies. Our content is not only individually filtered to be what these companies think we want to see. Increasingly, the distorting lens of content filtering is applied globally to everyone, to show us what these companies want us to see. The intent is to change how all of society thinks. They're creating their own new reality. Everyone shifts to the left, a little bit at a time. It's the post-internet version of reeducation camps.

    Search for Hillary Clinton and you're more likely to find fluff articles at "real" news sites like CNN and less likely to see "fake" news stories about her criminal behavior. That's what happens when Google decides what is real and what is fake.

    Early in Google's history, they adopted the motto, "Don't be evil." I think they genuinely tried for a short time, but it was all down hill for Google when they got the government contract to set up the Great Firewall of China. is the official Chinese search engine. Search for Tiananmen Square in the US and you'll see story after story of the Chinese people's struggle against their communist government. Click the Images tab and you'll see the iconic photo of the lone man standing in front of a tank. Do the same search on Google in China and you'll see Tiananmen Square tourist information and a little bit of history. For my money, that sort of pro-tyranny censorship is pretty damned evil.

    Our actions are based on our thoughts. Our thoughts are formed from our perceptions. Our perceptions are nothing but what we see, and that's increasingly controlled by Google et al as we migrate to the internet to escape the propagandists who took over television in the 1950s. There's a lag, but each new source of information is co-opted by big government propagandists. The FCC is on a long march to control internet content, much as they set the standards for what information may be broadcast through the airwaves. They keep granting themselves more power to regulate the internet.

    For those who would be our rulers, information is a weapon.

    1. Are there any search engines which do not engage in content filtering, and thus are a better alternative to Google?

    2. One way to combat that is to open a gmail account and sign up for leftist mailers. They are easy to delete, but also instructive to read. Know your enemy.

    3. One way to combat that is to open a gmail account and sign up for leftist mailers. They are easy to delete, but also instructive to read. Know your enemy.


      I've used Google very little in the past few years


  6. With even a modicum of objective detachment, it's funny to see Google directing people to "real" news sites, when these are the same sites that hammered us with their push polls and other pro-Hillary propaganda, now proven demonstrably false, that ultimately caused so many people to expect that of course Hillary Clinton would win. The outright lies from these "real" news sources is the primary reason that so many on the left are going insane after seeing a post-election US map that's a sea of red with a little bit of blue fringe decorating the edges. The propaganda from the "real" news sites didn't prepare them for the reality that smacked them in the face on November 8th. Yet, they don't blame the lying presstitutes at CNN, MSNBC, or any of these other "real" news sources that supply them with the comforting lies they need to maintain their smug delusions. They blame the "fake" alt.right news sites that were telling the truth all along.

  7. The ProgreSSives have no reason to let a peaceful dissolution occur because they are winning, even now they are winning despite the recent elections. Take a look at the Traditional States that have fallen, VA, NH, ME, CO, NV. Then in respect to this election, many Traditional States are "toss ups", NC,AZ,OH,LA,IA,MO,NE. While the former "rust belt" States did make a "seasonal adjustment" like PA, WI, MI.
    All of this in a close election with a faulty and obviously corrupt DemocRat, electing a populist Repub that may prove to be more ChamberPot than Constitutional Conservative. I gladly voted for Trump to gain more breathing time, and "hope for change", sheesh, I do hate that phrase.
    The actual lines of demarcation though are within the States, even NY, IL, MD, CA, WA, OR, CO have sections of Responsible Freedom. A peaceful dissolution will require a dissolution of the States into Rural vs Urban areas, and then even in these two broad categories there are overlaps.
    This will not end well, the Civil War was a clean, even peaceful breakup compared to what we face. And I don't foresee an 1865 surrender among gentlemen generals as a conclusion either.
    The only saving grace is the progreSSives are made up of many snowflakes, and are now rioting and BLM-DrugThugs killing their own in their own hoods.
    If they move any further out of their urban "safe zones", then it gets nasty, and even organized resistance will form as the Progs attempt to move further our of their zones.The corollary is we cannot safely remain in their zones either.
    In other words, no one knows how this evolves, just more conjecture, including mine.

    1. I agree, it will be a total shake up, half of California would morph into some of Nevada, half of Colorado would go to Utah and the other half to Kansas, but that it the whole point. When the blues are backed into the small physical areas they actually control, it will be a concentrated target-rich environment.

  8. "When the blues are backed into the small physical areas they actually control, it will be a concentrated target-rich environment."

    That has got to be one of the most profound and uplifting statements I have read in the last year. Thank you.

  9. Sir: If slice and dice is looming, we will not be made refugees. As a ground holder in the very last mile of Arapahoe county we are shown as blue. Not so...... We are agriculture not urban, and time is nigh for eastern Arapahoe and eastern Adams county to secede from our urban hives to the west. Our time, efforts and expenditures to better our holdings over the years will NOT be given up to those who do not appreciate nor know the rural culture. We stay, we fight and will prevail when the bedwetters unwittingly stroll out this way.

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