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Sunday, November 6, 2016

No Legitimacy, No Peace

Okay folks, you have seen the circus, it is time to decide whether you are an American or a subject of corruption and, with tail neatly between legs, are willing to accept masters who act like Roman Emperors, casting bread to the peasants, who are too weak and too timid to do a dang thing about it. Yes, I am talking to law enforcement, too.

Is this it? The President calling for illegals to VOTE? Is that who we are willing to be? Are we too scared to do something about this lawless cabal occupying the highest seats of our government and make no mistake, whatever government we have allowed to exist is OUR government.

I have heard no outrage from the Republicans about this disenfranchisement of the tax-paying, uniform-wearing, producers of wealth in this nation. Nothing. No word. No outrage, no denouncement, no pronouncement that the House and Senate will take this encouragement of electioneering and invalidation of the vote to task once the Congress reconvenes. This is betrayal and treason on a grand scale.

I hold, that no matter what has gone on in the past, a single, tax-paying voter who is disenfranchised by an illegal vote is an act of invasion, it is an act of aggression against the American citizen. It is actionable. It is indefensible.

For the longest time, I have hesitated to make such drastic and seemingly (even to me) desperate and hysterical statements, but every once in a while some events transpire to encourage even the level-headed and rational to reject this assault on everything this nation was designed to be; everything held dear by a liberty-loving populace. That there are Democrats who continue to stand behind their candidate, when few Republicans would, is a signal that despite illegality, our fellow citizens are willing to destroy all that America is supposed to mean in order to simply "win."

Win what? Win against other Americans? Win against the rule of law? Win against legitimacy of government? Win against proper governance? A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for the rule of the jungle, the rule of might over right and if that is the intent, is it not our duty (us conservatives, who do not participate in vote-rigging, election tampering, or disenfranchisement of our fellow citizens) to bring forth our troops to deny this tactic of denial of the public intent?

It is one thing to have an election go against one's interests, to turn out in a disappointing fashion, it is another to watch the very heart of the republic carved out by traitors with no regard for laws or legitimate elections. Any election that is not legitimate, i.e., when legal votes are diluted by the votes of those who are dead, no longer live in the district, or are not even legal residents of the nation, or district in which they cast votes, there is no legitimate election at all and no legal government can come from such an election.

In that event that a President encourages illegal voting, as we have today, facing us on Tuesday, then we no longer have a legal government, not a legal federal government, not a legal state government, not a legal city government and any action intent on overthrowing that illegitimate government is not an act of treason, but an act of patriotism. One cannot be guilty of insurgency against an illegal government imposed by an illegal vote.

I am not calling for an overthrow of the legitimate government, I merely expect that when a government is recognized as no longer valid due to the actions of those highest in office, it is the duty of the patriot to rectify that error.

We can be comfortable in our assessment that should the Democratic Party candidate win the election that it is by no means legitimate, but the result of the dead, the dispossessed and the illegal votes cast that that outcome is foisted upon our great nation and our great system to deny the rightful and legal citizens the outcome that should rightfully have been theirs. It is democracy denied. It is treason.

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