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Saturday, December 3, 2016

A Message From The Crew of Lies Of Omission

I wanted to take a minute to do a little bit of housekeeping on Lies of Omission the film currently being produced by this odd conglomeration of liberty/2nd Amendment/freedomista/III% community, because it is not just myself and Pete who are producing it. This whole community is producing it. It is about the people in this movement, by the people in this movement, largely funded by this movement. To be honest, if this were a money-making scheme and we fancied ourselves as some sort of "film producers" we would not have done this film. Personally, I might have done something like LGBT Gun Nuts or something that would have been able to draw some traditional type funding. I might have done Famous People and Their Weapons of Choice. The truth is, documentaries don't make a heck of a lot of money and unless there are some big names involved or foundations signed on, there is not a lot of money available for them, but does that mean that we must be silent and let Katie Couric tell the tale? Also, the type of documentary we are doing is more expensive than other types.

Here's what I believe: the average person involved in this community is more thoughtful, intelligent, well-read, informed and bright than most of the "leaders" of other communities. We are all individuals, we are all leaders, with our own opinions, ideas and thoughts of how things should be done. The amount of good, reliable information is astounding, whether that be on the subject of bug-out bags, communications or political theory. Unfortunately, that also means that we don't agree on very much, which is what I think makes us strong, until we try to coordinate something.

The original idea for Lies of Omission came from the injustice done to this community by Katie Couric's fraudulent documentary "Under The Gun." What she wanted to do was to go out into OUR community, find some hicks that sounded stupid and put that on film to say: "See, can we really be safe when idiots like these have guns?" But, when she interviewed these people she didn't get what she wanted, so she had to edit it to make them look stupid. She is now being sued by the group she interviewed for $12 million.

Because there are so many smart people in this community, we have gotten some criticisms, which are always appreciated. As a writer, I understand that process and do not take it personally when people tell me I am doing it all wrong. It doesn't mean they are right about that, but there is always some good information passed along in the exchange. First of all, we have been criticized for the way we have done this. Typically, the funds are aggregated before filming starts. I agree with that, but we had to start the project earlier than we wanted to if we were going to include Mike Vanderboegh's point of view and get his story on film. That drove the timeline.

We got a lot of suggestions on who to approach for funding and since they had never asked who we had approached for funding, they didn't realize we had already gone that route, but here is the problem with following all of the advice we have gotten. The more famous the person we approach, the more they expect to be involved in the project. It is the relative anonymity of the people we want in the film that make it more impactful and personal. This is also why we have turned to the community for as much of the budget as we can, to keep it pure.

The one thing this documentary is not, is a hysterical, finger-pointing accusation, it is more of a reasoned, compelling argument for freedom, individual rights and an explanation of how they are disappearing and why they need to be defended. This is a message that the next generation of this battle is not being taught in school and even if it were, it would not be taught by people who truly understand the nuances like this community does. We are seeking a diversity of points of view to help drive the message home so that no matter where the viewer lands on the spectrum of beliefs, they will have a voice and a reason to consider the arguments.

Shortly, we will be going back out to finish the interviews, then we can get started on the most time-consuming and expensive part of the project, editing and post production. We do have some agreements in the works to help with that part of the project. We also have to work on distribution. If we were an established film company, or aspired to such, we might have distribution deals in place, but we don't so that will take some real effort, once we have a completed product.

One more thing I would like to express to the people who have given to this project. We are extremely grateful for the donations we have received, but we consider them a sort of investment in having a voice that is not offered to us, the community, by anyone. There is no spokesman who represents the breadth of our point of view. 12 Round Productions is dedicated to providing a voice, but does not pretend to be a spokesman, because that is not possible with this group.


  1. Well maybe if the Movement could actually set down more than a couple times a year together and actually build trust them things like this might be more achievable... JMHO

    1. So what's the solution to fix that TL...I've provided mine but few it seems want to make that effort so we are stuck in limbo... I think Springtime 2017 if Trump gets inaugurated will be one of growing and maybe people will finally wake up...Hope your well...

  2. Slow and steady wins the race....

    1. If it's just a race we were in I would agree but we are not...We are in a war for our very survival and if people don't grock that then the victor will be having turtle soup for dinner...

  3. First, thank you for all of the work you're doing on this much needed project. So far, I like everything I'm seeing, so I'm not one of the well meaning dissenting voices. I agree that this should be a calmly reasoned documentary, as hysteria and lies are the tools of the other guys. I also agree that it's worth the time and money to ensure high quality editing and effective distribution. A great documentary that nobody sees isn't helping anyone. I completely agree with the need to record Mike Vanderboegh's comments sooner rather than later. Mike had a unique and valuable perspective that needs to be heard by as many as possible.

    I know times are tough for many Americans but so far, I'm a bit underwhelmed by the financial contributions. Please keep us informed. If needed, I'll contribute more later to make this happen. Even if this documentary were to be viewed by only the preaching-to-the-choir crowd, it still has the potential to be the best bang for my liberty buck.

    1. Liberty, thank you for your comments. I know the donations aren't where they would impress, but there are a lot of things I am working on behind the scenes that I cannot discuss due to the fact that there is nothing to announce. However, I will say that we have enough soft commitments to ensure that the film gets made and distributed.

      But, that is the minimum to ensure that those who have entrusted us with their donations will not be cheated. Having said that, the only way to get anything other than that accomplished it will have to be a much better quality of film. Whatever donations we get up front, though, help to get the financing and backing on the back end, when there is a product.

      But, stay tuned because we are going to do a better job with a relaunch of the Fundrazr site as some people are willing to donate some items for perks. I am learning this crowdfunding business on the fly, so bear with me.


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